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    Chapter 148: Worth of a heir (2)

    And at midnight, the time was now two hours past the time when Baek Munsu decided to attack. At the large courtyard of the Wise Clan’s mansion, the courtyard that was as twice large as the Poison Clan’s, was filled with the smell of blood. There were countless bodies all over the place. The Poison Clan’s vengeance had started, but the result was unexpected.



    Old man with white hair made a middle-aged man fell on his knee. Man wanted to resist, but the powerful energy pressed him down easily. And as torches were lit, the man’s face was revealed. It was Baek Munsu, with both of his shoulders drenched with blood. Munsu couldn’t raise his head up as he scowled in pain.

    ‘Dammit… how did this happen?’

    Baek Munsu gritted his teeth. At the courtyard that was lit up, all bodies had masks over their head. These were warriors from the Poison clan. Among them, were Baek Chau, Baek Munwung, and other leaders. All of them were killed. Munsu was hard to believe on what just happened.


    Baek Munsu when he was ready, ambushed the Wise Clan’s mansion immediately. He thought the Wise Clan would not be ready for any ambush from the Poison Clan. But as they snuck into the courtyard and walked in, they couldn’t find anyone. Baek Munsu then realized it was a trap and tried to retreat, but it was too late. Arrows wielding internal energy fired upon warriors of the Poison Clan and killed half of them easily. Right after that, warriors from the Wise Clan appeared and attacked them. Baek Munsu and the other warriors fought valiantly, as they were enraged with anger but the situation turned upside down with the appearance of the old man and woman with a veil over her head.

    ‘I can’t believe this…!’

    Munsu looked up to see the middle-aged woman with a red veil over her face, cleaning her sword of sticky blood. It was Lady Mu, the first wife of the Lord. Munsu thought she was just merely the wife of Chun Yujong, but she killed Baek Chau and Baek Munwung with her own sword. It was an attack of two grandmasters, but they stood no chance. Not many in the cult knew of her true power.

    “You… you hid your skill!”

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    “Oh, so you can still talk? I didn’t hide anything. Nor that I shown to anyone either.”

    “You dare…”

    But before Munsu can finish, her sword swung, cutting off Munsu’s neck. His head fell to the ground and Mu spat on it.

    “I won’t waste any more time talking with you.”

    Lady Mu’s sword then began to burn with the smell of blood boiling. All warriors of the Poison Clan had poison within their blood. As Lady Mu raised white qi over her sword, the blood began to boil and let out purple steam and turned sticky.

    “It’s dirty.”

    Mu then cleaned her sword off with a cloth piece and a middle-aged man with a long beard walked up to her.

    “Lady Mu, we are finished cleaning off these rats that entered our courtyard.”

    “Good. They always play under my expectations.”

    Lady Mu knew that the Poison Clan was going to ambush them. After receiving the letter that Chun Muyeon was sent to prison for being suspect of killing others, she guessed this will happen.

    “I thought I can use them further… what a shame.”

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    “But Lady, do you think the Blade Clan will stay quiet?”

    Bu Yankang were also claimed to be killed by Chun Muyeon. Lady Mu shook her head.

    “Without their elder’s order, they will never come.”

    Unlike the Poison Clan who had lost their elder, the Blade Clan still had their elder alive so they won’t be going to move without their leader’s order. It was different from the Poison Clan who had lost so much.

    “Yes, sir. Then we will send someone to the academy tomorrow and retrieve the Prince and Jinyun.”

    With being a suspect of killing another cadet, Chun Muyeon and Jinyun were going to expelled anyway.

    “Hmm… No. Let them be.”


    “Muyeon needs to learn.”

    “But we can’t…”

    “I know my kid. He became arrogant and was fell to the enemy’s trick. He needs to learn from this. I wanted to teach him that being on the Lord’s seat isn’t easy, so it’s a good opportunity.”

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    The middle-aged man didn’t speak any further as he knew well Lady Mu wasn’t likely to change her decision.

    “Yes, ma’am.”

    “But first, we have something to do.”

    “Order anything.”

    “Find out everything about that dirty peasant. Use every of our power to do it. I don’t care what you need. Starting from the Guard Jang, to all cadets who were expelled. Use everything.”

    “Yes, ma’am.”

    And when the middle-aged man disappeared, the old man walked up. He was worried about Lady Mu, who seemed calm, but was actually very unhappy ever since she received the letter from Chief of the Demonic Academy.

    “Are you okay?”

    “Of course. Hmph. He got on my back this time, so I’ll make him pay. I can’t let him be as he…”

    ‘He has become too dangerous.’

    She didn’t say the last part out loud. Chun Yeowun had reached the superior level and now shown the ability to make a perfect scheme. She was uncomfortable to accept that she had to deal with the Poison Clan by herself because Yeowun had played tricks on them.

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    ‘…He’s not someone Muyeon can deal with anymore. I have to deal with him myself.’

    Her face was hidden under the red veil, but her eyes glared ominously through it.

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