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    Chapter 147: Worth of a heir (1)

    In the 500 years of history of the Demonic Academy, it was the first time that members of six clans all died in one night. Bodies were sent to their respective clans the next afternoon. It was sure that the situation will become worse, so the letter was also delivered that suspect Chun Muyeon and Mu Jinyun will be arrested in prison cave until all elders and the Lord returns to the cult.

    And at the Chief’s office on the first floor, Hou Jinchang and Lee Hameng were talking.

    “It was amazing.”

    Hou Jinchang spoke and Lee Hameng nodded in agreement. These two already knew that the true culprit behind the killing of these four cadets Chun Muyeon nor Jinyun.

    “It will be hard to recognize who’s behind just by looking at the body.”

    Even Lee Hameng thought of Chun Muyeon when he saw the tracing left on Baek Churku’s body.

    ‘I am curious myself.’

    Repeating the same formation just by watching it once was not something anyone, not even warriors of the superior level could do. And Right Sword Left Hand was one of top special skills within the Wise Clan. It was likely that the clans would come to have grudge against themselves from this incident.

    ‘Even the Lord barely had them weakened of their powers.’

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    As Hou Jinchang said, it surely was amazing scheme. This was only method that can be done within the academy, as there were no other way for these members to gather in one place.

    ‘The fruit is ripe.’

    The fruit that Lee Hameng waited for a long time had now completely riped. Yeowun couldn’t think straight from his anger before, but now he had earned the cold heart that really befitted his worth.

    ‘We will now have the true Lord that the Sword Demon waited so long.’

    It wasn’t sure how things will unfold from here, but it was likely that all six clans will less care about Chun Yeowun from this. And if five clans were to fight against each other, it meant Yeowun’s plan was successful.

    “I guess bodies and letters arrived at each clan now.”

    It has been hours since these were sent to respective clans. Hou Jinchang then looked out to the west side of the window and spoke.

    ‘”The Poison Clan might make problems soon.”

    As for the Poison Clan, they had lost the prince, leader of the clan, and even the future leader of the clan. It wasn’t sure what they will try to do now.

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    At the mansion located at west of Demonic Cult, there were many leaders of Poison clan all dressed in white mourning robes. These members who were in process of the funeral for their leader Baek Oh who died eight days ago, were looking at the casket that just arrived in reddened eyes.

    Inside of the casket, there was the body of Baek Churku, pale without blood. Their fury to see another death in their family even before finishing up the previous funeral made them infuriated.

    “Churku! NOOOOOO!”

    Lady Jo screamed and wailed in front of the casket of her own son. No one came to comfort her, as all of them just looked at the casket dumbfoundedly. It angered them so much that Baek Munsu, Baek Oh’s eldest son, gritted his teeth and spoke.

    “I can’t hold back any longer! I was going to wait until we finished Father’s funeral, but this has gone over the line!”

    Now even his son had died. There were no one who can ease Baek Munsu’s anger who had lost his son. Only blood of vengeance was going to ease him.

    “Wise Clan…!!!”

    All leaders of the Poison Clan knew that it was Wise clan that was behind reason of Baek Oh’s death. Baek Oh, who decided to refuse to accept that the sixth test changed his mind in just one day after Lady Mu from the Wise Clan visited them.

    “You are right! We shall not play puppet to them any longer!”

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    Baek Chau also shouted angrily. Their anger was now focused solely on the Wise Clan. Munsu looked at each of the leaders and shouted.

    “We must cut the head of that woman. Only then, we will have our father and Churku rest in peace!”

    That woman, meant Lady Mu. All of them remembered what happened eight days ago. On the first day of Baek Oh’s funeral, Lady Mu visited them. And to the leaders who knew that it was Lady Mu who changed Baek Oh’s mind, Lady Mu taunted them, accusing they weren’t doing anything to avenge Baek Oh on Chun Yeowun. Of course, they couldn’t forgive Chun Yeowun either and it was the midst of a funeral that they didn’t make it any problem, but it had now gone out of the line.

    ‘You have gone too far, Wise Clan!’

    Baek Churku’s sign of death was from internal damage and sword wound left by Right Sword Left Hand from the Wise Clan. And considering the letter sent by Lee Hameng, the suspect was no doubt Chun Muyeon, the prince of the Wise Clan.

    “We have to strike them now!”

    “I agree. We have to take them out when half of their power is missing.”

    All the leaders agreed. With the 1st to 8th leaders out of the cult’s castle right now, five clans aside from the Poison Clan were missing of their half powers.

    “Brother. They will think we will be busy with the funeral for Churku. We must not lose this chance.”

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    “You are right.”

    Baek Munwung’s idea was right. Even Baek Munsu thought it was very reasonable. Munsu then ordered for preparing Churku’s funeral and secretly ordered all forces of the Poison Clan to spread around the cult to gather at midnight. They had been weakened severely due to the Lord’s oppression in the past three years, but without the first Elder Mu Jinwon, it was best chance for them to wipe out the Wise Clan.

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