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    Chapter 146: Scheme (8)

    Muyeon closed both eyes and sighed. He told Jinyun to be quiet, but Jinyun broke at the end. But Muyeon couldn’t blame him either, as if he were to be expelled at the crime of killing cadets, then he was going to lose the competition anyway.

    Lee Hameng then signed instructors to stop from coming. Jinyun then thought he had gotten a chance.

    ‘I have to explain so that we will look the least involved.’

    Lee Hameng looked at him without any word and Jinyun began to explain what had happened, with slight change with it. As these cadets were already dead, he decided to blame all guilt upon them.

    “…So, I declined as it didn’t seem like a fair competition. Think about it, Chief. What good does it do if we kill them? And if our Master Chun is expelled, then we lose to compete in the competition. We found out they were dead when we came here.”

    Lee Hameng, who heard the story, looked weird. He didn’t seem to raise any question at all. Jinyun then continued on to the next step.

    “Please call Chun Yeowun and his cadets and question them! I explained everything! We are innocent!”

    Jinyun also had an alibi that he was not involved. He was with Chun Yeowun’s members at the time so if they testify that, then it was going to be proof.


    It wasn’t why Jinyun met with Yeowun’s members, but he thought it was fortunate. But Lee Hameng who heard this didn’t react to his expectation. He shook his head and spoke dumbfoundedly.

    “You think I am a fool?”

    “Huh? I’m not…”

    “Do you think such nonsense will be enough?”


    “Who do you think found these bodies?”

    “I-isn’t it the instructors?”

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    “Elder Chun, the other Masters, and Squad Leaders found this crime site and reported it to me directly.”

    “T-that is absurd!!” Jinyun spat dumbfoundedly. How can one who did this report this, pretending he not done it? Jinyun now became so angry and raised an objection.

    “Chief! It’s Chun Yeowun, who’s the real suspect! Why-”

    “Why am I a suspect?”


    Jinyun and Chun Muyeon then turned to the sound. Through instructors who circled around, Yeowun came between them toward the inside.

    ‘A criminal came to the crime spot! Is he crazy or reckless?!’

    Jinyun was shocked to see Chun Yeowun. But when Yeowun walked in, all instructors bowed at him and shouted.

    “Elder Chun!”

    “Elder Chun!”

    Over seventy instructors all bowed instantly and Jinyun was lost for words. He knew that Yeowun had passed the sixth test and became an elder, but he still thought Chun Yeowun was still the same cadet and a boy born from a mere servant.

    “Show your respect.”

    Lee Hameng spoke, and two of them became grim. They were bound to do this, but it felt weird. As two of them hesitated, Hameng became furious.

    “I told you, to pay respect.”

    Muyeon bit his lips and bowed.

    “Elder… Chun.”

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    “Ugh… Elder Chun.”

    They didn’t think the day would come when they will have to bow to Chun Yeowun, who they thought was merely a peasant.


    But it was how the cult worked. Mu Jinyun brought his head back up and Yeowun looked at him coldly.

    “Leader Mu. So, are you saying that Poison, Blade, Lust and Sword Clans set up traps for me and I killed all of them?”

    The situation had gone very wrong. If Jinyun were to agree, then it meant that he was saying the elder of the cult was behind the killing. When Jinyun became silent, Yeowun turned to Lee Hameng.

    “Chief, can you tell me how these bodies were killed?”

    “Of course.”

    Lee Hameng snapped his fingers, and instructors gathered bodies into one place. The instructor who brought the body of Hang Yujik began to explain.

    “Hang Yujik was cut down of his arm from Bu Yankang’s blade formation, and was poisoned by Baek Churku.”

    The instructor who brought Kingpo then spoke.

    “Kingpo was killed by Hang Yujik’s sword penetrating into his heart.”

    At the two explanations, Chun Muyeon’s eye shook. He just thought this incident was done for Yeowun to blame on Chun Muyeon.


    And the instructor who brought Bu Yankang explained further.

    “Bu Yankang… had his internal organs damaged from possibly the Wise Energy Hand and his head was crushed, leading to his death.”

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    And for the last body, Lee Hameng spoke himself.

    “As for Baek Churku, he died from Right Sword Left Hand, a special art from the Wise clan.”

    Hameng then turned to Muyeon, who was reddened, gesturing that Muyeon was the one who was behind this. Yeowun nodded and turned to Muyeon and Jinyun.

    “This is strange. So, are you saying I know how to use all these poison art and other martial arts?”


    Jinyun was lost for words. No bodies had a trace of any Chun Yeowun’s martial arts.

    “From what I can hear, it sounds like five people killed each other while fighting. Isn’t it?”

    ‘Chun Yeowun…!!!’

    Chun Muyeon’s eye became large and glared. After hearing from the sign of death, Muyeon had guessed something and now confirmed that his guess was correct.

    ‘He’s trying to make the five clans fight each other!!’

    He just thought Yeowun did it to push out Muyeon from the competition. But that wasn’t the reason. Yeowun’s real target was not only Chun Muyeon. If these bodies were sent to their respective clans, then each of the clans will think of the killer looking from the tracings. And for Blade and Poison Clans, they will be furious at the Wise Clan who seemed to be behind the killing of their members.


    The scheme that Muyeon had planned had countered and hit him back hard. With this incident, Chun Yeowun successfully removed his last rival at the competition and made all five clans fight with each other. Muyeon had never seen someone with such terrifying strategy aside from his mother, Lady Mu. This was beyond the level of just a simple scheme.

    ‘….!!!! Chun… Yeo…wun…!!!!’

    With everything revealed, Mu Jinyun knew what was now going on but he couldn’t say anything either. They knew the truth but their hands were tied. They couldn’t understand any of these tracings or martial arts used to kill these cadets. It was Chun Yeowun’s perfect victory.

    Lee Hameng then ordered the instructors.

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    “Arrest these two and place them in the prison cave!”

    “Yes, sir!”

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