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    Chapter 145: Scheme (7)

    The clear sign of the Wise Energy Hand made them become a suspect. But the problem was that they weren’t the ones who did this. They had to explain.




    Jinyun spoke out that it wasn’t them, but Muyeon stopped him from doing that.

    [It’s a trap.]

    [A trap?]

    […There is skillbook for the Wise Energy Hand at the fifth floor of t he library.]


    Muyeon was quick to recover from the shock. He was the one who set up this scheme in the first place, so it was apparent as to who was behind killing of these cadets. But he was surprised at two things, as he never saw Chun Yeowun killing ones that attacked him like this.

    ‘So, he don’t need to care anymore?’

    And second thing he was shocked was that Yeowun had become very cunning. He didn’t think Yeowun will take this as a chance to strike back. Just by one formation of the Wise Energy Hand made Chun Muyeon become a suspect.

    ‘…He is really dangerous.’

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    If they were to spill the truth, then they had to say that they were related to this whole incident. Muyeon had to explain calmly that he wasn’t involved in any of this.

    [I’ll take care of it, so be still.]


    Muyeon looked down at the body. Luckily, only thing left on the body was palm trace of the Wise Energy Hand.

    ‘Chun Yeowun, you made a mistake.’

    The fifth floor of the library was open for everyone who had passed the fifth test. That meant anyone had chance to learn that skill.

    “You saw that? Then off to the last body.”

    Lee Hameng then took them to the body at farthest place.

    ‘Brother is always right… let’s keep calm.’

    And Jinyun, who thought he had to keep calm instantly frowned at the last sight of the body.

    “W-what is this…?!”

    It was dumbfounded. The last body was Baek Churku. He was also unclothed on top part of his body, that had tracing of two formations.


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    Even Chun Muyeon became grim. On the left chest of Churku, there were tracing of red swollen mark from palms, and from right chest to the stomach, there were sword markings. The reason why both Muyeon and Jinyun was shocked was simple. Left was the fist formation from the Wise Energy Hand and the right sword trace was left by the sword formation of Wise Demon Sword. Muyeon clenched his fist hard.

    ‘Right… Sword Left Hand…’

    This was final step of martial art in Wise Clan, that only the first elder Mu Jinwon and Chun Muyeon had learned within the Wise Clan. Only time that Muyeon showed this was from the battle for yellow tag three years ago, and now it was on the body. Lee Hameng then looked back at Muyeon coldly.

    “You have anything more to say? Master Chun?

    The Wise Clan was the top clan even within six clans. Mu Jinwon, the first elder, had learned to use two martial art over on both hands, and was ranked second within the cult in terms of power. With both martial art needing to be used on both hands, it was hard to learn this. Even within the Wise Clan, only Chun Muyeon was the one learned this other than Jinwon. Muyeon head showed he had acquired this in front of everyone for the yellow tag three years ago.

    ‘Right Sword Left Hand?’

    Lee Hameng recognized this immediately w hen he saw the body of Churku. Warrior like Lee Hameng was easy to see what martial art was used to leave the trace.

    “So, Master Chun. What do you say?”

    Only one who can use Right Sword Left Hand was Chun Muyeon within the academy.

    ‘What did you really do?’

    Chun Muyeon couldn’t focus on what Lee Hameng was saying. He was too shocked and confused at the trap set out from him that he couldn’t even guess.

    ‘He used the martial art that he just saw once? This is impossible.’

    He knew Chun Yeowun was behind this. But how can he remember one formation that Muyeon had shown for brief moment three years ago? That was impossible even for the First Elder Mu Jinwon.

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    ‘…There’s no way out.’

    All of this was set up by Yeowun, and it would only make Muyeon look funny if he claims Yeowun have memorized the formation from three years ago and used it. It was so perfectly set out that there were no way out.


    And with every evidence pointing Chun Muyeon as a suspect, Jinyun lost his cool and broke.

    “This is a trap! Master Chun had been inside the training room for the entire day! How can he possibly kill them?!”

    It was of course, very true. But even then, there was no way to explain these tracings left on the body. Lee Hameng spoke to Jinyun coldly.

    “Trap? What trap?”


    If he had to explain, then he had to explain everything that had happened here. This was going to reveal that they were related to these schemes, meaning they will suffer in one way or another.

    ‘No way. If Brother gets expelled, then Chun Yeowun will become victorious automatically!’

    Jinyun gritted his teeth. He had to stop his brother from being expelled at all cost. Jinyun then decided to choose the alternative so that they can suffer less.

    “Chief! We are not responsible for these deaths!”

    “It’s nothing if you don’t have a proof. Instructors, listen!”

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    “Yes, sir!”

    As Lee Hameng tried to order instructors to arrest them, Jinyun quickly shouted.

    “Chun Yeowun! I-it’s him! It’s his doing!”

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