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    Chapter 144: Scheme (6)

    At the back of Hou Jinchang, there were over forty instructors armed and ready. They all looked tense. Chun Muyeon and Mu Jinyun were established grandmaster level warriors. The only one who can fight them one on one was Hou Jinchang. The reason why all of them were brought here was the possibility of Muyeon or Jinyun refusing to be arrested.

    ‘What is going on?’

    Even Chun Muyeon couldn’t understand what was going on. This was first time he was experiencing such happening in three years and sixth month time in academy.

    ‘If they are armed, then they expected us to resist.’

    From the look of the instructors outside, it seemed situation will get worse if he resisted.

    “Yes, sir.”

    Muyeon then pulled back the sword he held, for his training. With Muyeon taking the order, Mu Jinyun also had to follow his brother.

    “Good choice.”

    Two of them were then brought out of the training room with over forty instructors circling them. Outside the building, few members from Chun Muyeon’s group looked at two being taken away with dumbfounded look. Within them was also Guk Shin. From the looks of their serious face, it was sure they knew something.

    [What’s going on?!]

    Jinyun quickly sent a telepathic message. Guk Shin then replied with something Jinyun didn’t even imagine.

    [I-I am not sure exactly. But the instructors are saying that they have found bodies within the academy.]


    Jinyun became grim. What was going on? Killing someone within the academy was against the rule, so that should not have happened. And even if bodies were found, why were they being taken away? Jinyun wanted to ask more but he couldn’t do it anymore as they were being taken away. When they got to the front of the building, there were two instructors standing at the entrance.

    “Instructor Hou.”

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    “I have the suspects. Chief?”

    “He’s at the site of crime. He told to bring suspects there.”


    Jinyun’s face turned grim. He wasn’t sure why he was being taken, but it now was sure that Muyeon and Jinyun were was being considered as a killer.

    “Take us there.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    With two instructors leading the way, all of them then turned to the dormitory area of the academy. The place they went were dark alleyway behind the dormitory. There were about twenty instructors there already, and the area was lit up brightly from torches that these instructors held up. Almost all the instructors were now here.

    ‘Is this the smell of blood?’

    The air was cold, but thick smell blood filled the area. At the middle of where twenty instructors were standing, Lee Hameng was looking into something. There was a total of four bodies scattered around.


    Jinyun’s eye shook. These were cadets who said that they would ambush Chun Yeowun. It wasn’t sure why they were found as corpses.

    ‘What happened? Why did they die?!’


    Hou Jinchang spoke and Lee Hameng got up. His face was distorted with fury. Lee Hameng walked up to the group and stood at front of two cadets.

    “Master Chun Muyeon. Leader Mu Jinyun.”

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    “Yes, Chief.”

    Chun Muyeon and Jinyun both bowed politely. Lee Hameng spoke to them furiously.

    “I’ll cut to the chase. Is it both of you? Or is it just act of one person?”

    It was very direct. Jinyun was shocked to hear Hameng’s question on who was behind this. If they were found as bodies, then only one who can be behind all this was Chun Yeowun. But they were the one who was being called suspects.

    “C-chief, I am not sure what you are talking about.”

    Hameng’s eye raised.

    “…So, you will lie.”

    “No- we are…”


    Chun Muyeon interrupted Jinyun and spoke.

    “Me and Jinyun was in the training room, and was just brought here. We do not know what is going on, so we truly do not know what you are talking about.”

    Unlike Jinyun, Muyeon was still keeping calm. Lee Hameng then gestured them to follow him. As they walked through instructors circling around the site, they saw first body with one of its leg melted, and an arm cut off.

    ‘Hang Yujik?’

    It was body of Hang Yujik, from the Lust Clan. The sign of death was from the loss of blood, but his face was turned black that it was sure that he was also poisoned.

    ‘A poison? Why?’

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    Jinyun became confused. If the plan worked out, then it should have been Chun Yeowun who should have been poisoned. But it was Hang Yujik who was poisoned instead.

    “Did you see it?”

    Hameng then brought them over to another body.


    Kingpo, dead with kneeling on the ground, was still had fearstruck face. There were sword penetrated into his chest, which was broken pieces from the sword from the Lust Clan. Just by looking at this, it looked as if Kingpo and Hang Yujik were killed while fighting each other.

    ‘…Something went wrong.’

    Jinyun then realized something had gone terribly wrong. If looking from these bodies, there were no signs of Chun Yeowun killing them.


    Hameng then pointed at the body placed at about fifteen steps away.


    Jinyun almost vomited at the sight of the body. Third body had his head half crushed, with blood and brain spilling out from it. But the top clothes of the body were pulled out, and on back of it had eight hand marks over it.


    Jinyun felt sweat running down his forehead. Chun Muyeon too seemed to have been shocked by the palm marking on the back. There was no way they would not realize what that was.

    ‘Eighth Formation of the Energy Hand!’

    This was one of Wise Clan’s martial art, the Wise Energy Hand fourth formation. They now realized what the situation was.

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    ‘But how can that be…! So, this was why we were considered to be a suspect!’

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