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    Chapter 143: Scheme (5)

    After about thirty minutes, Yeowun who took care of four cadets from six clans, quickly ran through to find his members. If what Baek Churku said was true, then it meant his members were in danger. And if Chun Muyun attacks them while Yeowun wasn’t with them, then they were not going to easy. Yeowun needed to move fast. And as he moved through, he felt the energy.


    Yeowun felt many energy sources coming into his direction quickly. And soon, Yeowun found those who ran through toward his direction.


    “Prince Chun!”

    It was Yeowun’s members. With their body steaming with heat from internal energy, it was sure that they have been looking for Yeowun as well. As expected, Yeowun’s members have been searching around from the training room, and was now toward the dorm room.

    “Ah… you’re okay. Thank goodness.”

    Mun Ku sighed in relief as she checked that Yeowun was safe. Other members seemed they were relieved also.

    “Master, are you okay?”

    Ko Wanghur asked and Yeowun became confused.

    “That’s what I need to ask. Weren’t you guys attacked by Chun Muyeon’s group/”

    What Churku had said was not just a bluff. If Yeowun was really poisoned, then it sure was the best chance to get rid of both Chun Yeowun and his members. Ko Wanghur was surprised.

    “How did you know that?”

    But all of Yeowun’s members were unharmed.

    “But it wasn’t an ambush. Members from Chun Muyun came and offered us to join them.”

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    Guk Shin and members from Chun Muyeon’s group did not attack them. They offered them a deal, saying that Chun Yeowun will never become an heir as he wasn’t from six clans, so it was better to follow Chun Muyeon.

    ‘Ko Wanghur. I heard you are a loyal man. But you must be rational. Even if Chun Yeowun is powerful, he is still under the protection of the Demonic Academy. If he leaves, then he will have to face all six clans and other high-ranking clans. Do you think that is possible?’

    ‘But Prince Chun Muyeon is a wise man, and will be willing to take you all. Please don’t be a fool and choose Chun Yeowun.’

    Guk Shin and Mu Jinyun claimed that Chun Yeowun couldn’t do anything against the might of the six clans. But no one under Chun Yeowun was afraid of six clans. Hu Bong who got angered by these cadets talking down of Yeowun shouted.

    ‘Bah! Stop giving us that bullshit.’


    ‘You think I will still go with the Wise Clan? And you are just calling the name of our Prince, when you should address him as ‘Elder Chun,’ remember? Master Guk?’

    Hu Bong spat and both cadets were lost for words. Hu Bong was actually right on that one.

    ‘…How dare you speak to me like that, weakling from mid ranking clan?’

    ‘You want to have a go against that weakling then?’

    ‘What did you say?!’

    ‘Guk Shin, we aren’t here to fight.’

    Guk Shin became angered, but Mu Jinyun stopped him. Ko Wanghur also spoke to them with a frown.

    ‘Don’t think our master is alone. We are ready to die for him anytime.’

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    ‘…So, ‘Elder’ Chun Yeowun has some men. This makes me more tempted to recruit you, Wanghur. We’ll be waiting.”

    Mu Jinyun, who clearly said he didn’t intend on fighting Yeowun just told Wanghur to think it through and left.

    “He just left?”

    “Yes. They wanted to make us join them, but that’s all they did.”

    Yeowun was ambushed, but his members weren’t harmed. Yeowun’s eye narrowed. It was hard to understand from a simple thought, but…

    ‘Members from four clans ambushed me to kill me, but the ones from Wise Clan only offered to recruit…’

    After thinking about it multiple times, Yeowun finally came to the conclusion.

    ‘…It’s a scheme.’

    Mu Jinyun, after being left alone, was now talking with someone in the training room. It was Chun Muyeon, Prince of the Wise clan. Muyeon’s clothes were drenched in sweat from his long day of training. Jinyun spoke to him with a grin.

    “I did as you told me, Brother. So no matter what happens to Chun Yeowun, we have nothing to lose! Hahaha!”

    “We have to be careful. He endured the Poison Man’s poison.”

    Surprisingly, Muyeon who were said to have entrusted every work to Mu Jinyun, knew what was going around. This was why Muyun’s members were confused. Chun Muyun was not a type who can give all of his authority, even if the person was his brother. It was especially so at the matter of competition.

    “Well, if he dies you will be the winner of the competition. And if he doesn’t die, then he will have the anger of four clans. Isn’t it?”

    If Yeowun were to survive, it was likely that he would not let his attackers go easily. It was attacking four members from each respective clan at once, so it was likely to bring more impact.

    “Hahahaha! This is the best scheme!”

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    Whichever happens, it was a plus. And even if Yeowun was to survive, they had something to say. They can say that the Poison Clan offered them, but they refused to join the dirty tricks. Chun Muyun analyzed his power coldly. He knew that the combined power of his group was still no match for Yeowun and his members. If that was the case, then it was needed to borrow power from others.

    “This is truly a strategy! I learn new things from you every time, Brother!”

    All of this was a competition. For the Wise Clan, Churku and the other three cadets did their job to hold back Yeowun enough. And with hearing everything, Muyun waved his hand off and spoke.

    “You should go now. I’ll return to my training.”

    “Yes, Brother. Then…”

    That’s when someone pounded on the thick door of the training room. It wasn’t just once.


    The door should have a sign posted outside that said it was in use, so there should be no one pounding. Muyun nodded and Jinyun went to the door and opened it. As it opened, with many torches, Senior Instructor Hou Jinchang revealed himself.


    But he wasn’t alone. There were many other instructors standing outside with their swords out, ready. It seemed they were ready to fight if needed.

    “Uh… uh- what’s going on?”

    Jinyun figured out something was going wrong and asked, and turned back to Muyun.

    “Hmph. It’s good that you two are together.”

    “Huh? Instructor, I don’t follow what you are saying…”

    “We have order to arrest both of you and bring you to the Chief’s office. I want to do this easy way, so please don’t resist.”

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    Hou Jinchang spoke as he also pulled out his sword.

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