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    Chapter 142: Scheme (4)

    Churku told the other cadets that his plans worked. He knew that Yeowun will lose his internal energy and slowly die, so they ambushed without hesitation.

    ‘I need to make sure.’

    If Chun Yeowun had lost his internal energy, then it was probably possible to defeat him alone, but it was the first time Churku used poison against superior level warrior. There was a chance that the poison might kick in late because of the high level of internal energy, so they gathered. They were four grandmaster level warriors. There was no way for Chun Yeowun to survive this. Churku then began to speak what Yeowun did not know.

    “Hah. Let’s see if you can keep that smirk on your face even when you end up at the medical room along with your friends. Oh, of course if you can survive here, that is.”

    “What? What are you talking about?”

    Yeowun’s eyes narrowed at the word. He had thought he was only one targeted, so he didn’t think his members were also targeted. But with these people here, who would attack his members?

    ‘Did they side with the Wise Clan members?’

    Yeowun then thought that if there were members from four clans here, then it was likely that they also sided with another remaining clan.

    ‘…If Chun Muyun is up, then it’s dangerous.’

    Chun Yeowun became grim. Churku, who figured that Yeowun was scared, grinned. Yeowun reached to his back and pulled out the White Dragon Blade. There was no time for him to waste.

    “I don’t have time, so let’s finish this fast.”

    “Finish?! Ha! You cut down my sister’s arm, so I will cut your both arms!!”

    Hang Yujik from the Lust Clan shouted furiously and charged against Yeowun. As he swung his sword, the string from between his swords plucked, making a unique energy wave. It was a way to make the enemy’s ear ring, and open the room for attack. The sword swung at Yeowun’s arm to cut it down.


    Hang Yujik’s eye became widened. Chun Yeowun, who should have lost his internal energy, easily swung his blade and destroyed Hang Yujik’s sword.


    “I said I don’t have time.”

    Chun Yeowun then disappeared and shoot past Hang Yujik, cutting off his arm. Yujik declared that he will cut down Yeowun’s arms but instead it was he who got his arm cut off. Yujik screamed in agony and fell down to the ground and rolled.

    “H-how can this be?!”

    Churku’s eye began to shake in terror. It was not Hang Yujik losing his arm that shocked everyone. It was Yeowun’s White Dragon Blade that wielded clear blue force qi over it that made them shocked.

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    ‘I thought he was poisoned?!’

    ‘How can he use force qi?!’

    Even if Yeowun had withstood it with supreme level power, it still should have scattered his internal energy that should make him impossible to use force qi. Kingpo and Bu Yankang glared at Churku.

    “I-I saw him eat the soup!”

    “Huh? You talking about this?”

    Yeowun looked at Churku’s shocked face and reached out his hand on the air, right above Hang Yujik on the ground and gestured to twist. And in his hand, black liquids began to seep out and dropped down to Hang Yujik.


    Hang Yujik’s thigh that came in contact with the liquid began to burn, with smoke rising from it. It was pure poison itself.


    Yeowun looked at them with cold eyes and declared.

    “You thought this trick will work on me?”

    When Yeowun tasted the soup with the chopstick, he ordered Nano to analyze it quickly.

    [Detected poison that can disturb the body energy and scatter it.]

    The suspicion started with the cooking staff’s weird attitude. Yeowun just checked it just in case and his suspicion came to be true. This meant that the soup was poisoned intentionally. He thought if he should not eat it, but changed his mind.

    ‘If I don’t eat this, whoever did this will know that I found out. Nano, can you collect the poison and keep it from spreading over my body?’

    [Yes, master.]

    After collecting the poison with Nano’s ability, Yeowun ate all the soup. And the poison was now extracted this way.


    Hang Yujik screamed in pain and the other three cadets were shocked beyond imagination.

    ‘It is impossible! He kept the poison inside him and sent it out?!’

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    Pushing out the poison from the body was possible for most experienced warriors who studied in poison art. But doing that while poisoned in such poison that can scatter internal energy was impossible even for Churku who was a member of the Poison Clan.

    “H-how can you…!”

    “I don’t have time to explain.”

    Yeowun then disappeared and appeared at the back of Bu Yankang. It was so fast that they couldn’t even see Yeowun moving. After learning the Step of Wind God, unique walking skill from Great Guardian Marakim, Yeowun had gotten much faster.

    “Yankang! Watch out!”


    Kingpo shouted and Bu Yankang quickly turned around to unleash the defensive blade formation of the Blade of Illusion. But he was given no time, as Yeowun was already on his back. Yeowun’s hand unleashed powerful chop movements and struck on Yankang’s back.


    Yankang spat blood as he was struck with a total of eight strikes over his back and was thrown away. The power difference in internal energy was too great so he couldn’t defend himself with the energy barrier either.

    Bu Yankang who fell on the ground flinched and passed out.

    “Just one formation?!”

    Kingpo was shocked and began to take steps back. He knew Yeowun was powerful as he fought him while ago, but this was even worse then he imagined.

    ‘Dammit! I shouldn’t have listened to Churku!’

    This was the same as before. Chun Yeowun without being poisoned was a monster himself.

    ‘I barely got out of the medical room…!’

    IT was likely that he will be sent to the medical room again. Even if he wanted to run, Yeowun was too fast that he couldn’t even hope for running away. But Yeowun, without coming after him or Churku, walked over to Bu Yankang instead. But the hostility was weird. Yeowun glared down at Bu Yankang and raised his foot over at Yankang’s head.

    “W-wait! Chun Yeowun! What do you think you are doing?!”

    “You think I will let you go with an arm forever?”


    Yeowun stomped and Yankang’s head crushed, with blood exploding out from it.

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    “B-but how…!”

    “H-he killed Yankang!”

    Kingpo and Churku’s face turned pale. They didn’t imagine Yeowun will crush a person’s head. The level of martial art did not matter here. Kingpo lost energy to stand from terror and slumped down.

    “It’s your turn now.”

    Yeowun then turned against them. The terrifying atmosphere came through.

    ‘Is-is he really going to kill us?’

    This was different from what Yeowun did until now. He always withdrew from killing other princes, but it seemed he was not going to limit himself anymore. And with Yeowun unleashing his internal energy, Kingpo felt terrifying sheer power that made him give up.

    ‘N-no… I can’t run away from him!’

    There seemed to be no way to run. But unlike Kingpo who was shivering with fear, Churku who was determined to turn things upside down shouted quickly.

    “Y-you are crazy! Are you not afraid of fury from the six clans?!”

    “Six clans?

    As Yeowun reached out with his hand, something on the ground brought up, and from Yeowun’s energy controlling it, it hovered over the air and shoot through at Kingpo.


    Kingpo, who was dumbfounded and shaking had something striking into his chest. It was Hang Yujik’s broken sword.


    Kingpo painfully fell to the ground and Churku shouted in fury. Yeowun replied coldly.

    “If I was afraid of them, I wouldn’t even start this.”

    His eyes had no fear or hesitation. Churku bit on his lips and cursed Yeowun.

    “You have made a grave mistake. The six clans will not let you live!”

    “…Hah. We’ll see about that.”

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    And with that, Yeowun’s body charged against Churku.

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