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    Chapter 141: Scheme (3)

    A total of twelve cadets gathered at front of the wall toward the torch fire. They were cadets from Chun Yeowun’s group. It was cold winter night, so some were staying close to the fire to keep warm, and some were flowing their internal energy to keep up their body temperature, even if it was a bit of a hassle.

    “Is Master skipping dinner today too?”

    Ohjong mumbled as he warmed his hand over at the fire. Yeowun had not been together for the past six days already, aside from a brief breakfast. Yeowun told them that he had something he needs to train, so he might skip dinner.

    “But he ate once in two days.”

    Hu Bong spoke and Ko Wanghur nodded.

    “We didn’t see him at dinner yesterday, so maybe he’s already at cafeteria.”

    Unlike the whole group, which waited until everyone gathered and went to the cafeteria almost at the end of dinner time, they usually saw Yeowun when he finished eating and was on the way out.

    “Ugh, we can have dinner with him if they come out a bit faster.”

    Hou Sangwha, Bakgi, and Jin Guuk were still missing from the group. They have been waiting for twenty minutes already, so Mun Ku didn’t look too comfortable as she rubbed her face with her hands. Ko Wanghur grinned.

    ‘He wasn’t like that at first, but now he likes master as much as Hu Bong do.’

    Hu Bong was the first servant so that was understandable, but it was quite weird to see Mun Ku, a member from the highest ranking clan, to be acting like this. It almost looked like if Mun Ku liked Yeowun as the opposite sex.

    ‘He’s strong but he looks too weak.’

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    It sometimes felt weird to see Mun Ku’s thin arm and small body that almost looked feminine.

    ‘Hmph. What am I thinking.’

    Ko Wanghur figured he went too much on his thoughts and shook his head. Hou Sangwha soon came out, followed by Jin Guuk and Bakgi walked out as the last.

    “You’re late again.”

    Mun Ku mumbled and Bakgi looked away awkwardly. Bakgi was always the last to come out so Mun Ku ranted on him a lot. Hu Bong had gave up on Bakgi being late.

    “Well, he’s faster than yesterday. Let’s go eat now.”

    As they began walking down to the southern road, Ko Wanghur who was walking up on the front suddenly stopped. Not only that, the other Six Swords also stopped as if they sensed something.

    “W-what is going… huh?!”

    Before Jin Guuk can finish his question, over twenty cadets came out of training room building and blocked their ways. After looking at the faces lit under torches, Ko Wanghur frowned. The young man standing at the front was Guk Shin.

    ‘Guk Shin? Then…’

    They were members of Chun Muyun. They never had clashed directly until now, but if they were blocking the way with arms, then it sure meant they were up for no good.

    ‘An ambush…’

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    On the way back to his dorm after finishing the dinner, Chun Yeowun was blocked by four men.


    Yeowun knew very well who these men were. It was Kingpo from the Sword Clan, Hang Yujik from Lust Clan, Bu Yankang from Blade Clan, and Baek Churku from Poison Clan.

    ‘I thought they left together.’

    Kingpo had his chest bone crushed from Yeowun’s hands so Yeowun had thought he had left the academy with Chun Kungwun who had lost an arm. If there was a member from the Loyal and Wise Clans, then it meant all members from six clans were here. And from their hostile atmosphere, it was easy to guess why they were standing in front. Yeowun looked at them and spoke casually.

    “What do you want?”

    Baek Churku glared and shouted.

    “Chun Yeowun. You think we will not come to you for killing our elder and destroying Jongsum’s internal energy!?”

    Baek Churku was who had the most grudge against Yeowun. After Chun Jongsum’s internal energy destroyed, Churku had been training hard to look for a chance to avenge. And then Yeowun had killed Churku’s grandfather Baek Oh, which made him furious.

    “You seek what doesn’t belong to you, peasant. The seat of the Lord does not belong to you.”

    Bu Yankang from Blade clan pulled his blade and began to walk up to him. Only Kingpo who was injured recently was hesitant. Hang Yujik also took out an instrument-looking sword out. Yeowun still didn’t look tense.

    “You think four of you can defeat me?”

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    “Hah. Only one of us is enough to beat the likes of you.”


    It seems they were certain that they can defeat Yeowun for real. Yeowun was sure that none of them had become at the supreme level, but what was giving them such confidence?

    ‘Foolish peasant boy! I waited for this time for a long time!’

    Baek Churku glared. Just about thirty minutes ago, Churku had seen Yeowun eating the spicy soup entirely and was excited. The soup had the poison that he crafted with all of his knowledge and power.

    ‘You wouldn’t even guess how hard I worked on that poison.’

    Baek Churku had worked a long time to set up traps for Yeowun. He knew that Chun Yeowun was not someone to be messed with in terms of martial art, so he had found a way to poison him.

    ‘You can poison him?’

    ‘But how?’

    Bu Yankang or Hang Yujik weren’t convinced that there was a way to poison Chun Yeowun who even endured Baek Oh’s terrifying poison, but after hearing the scheme, they decided to join.

    ‘Maybe you managed to push out poison after becoming the supreme level, but you won’t be able to push out the one that’s already gotten into your body!’

    Churku had worked so hard to bribe to cooking staff to poison Chun Yeowun. With the promise of fortune and support from the Poison Clan, the worker had created a spicy soup that had a strong smell to hide the poison within it.

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    ‘Poison was in the scoop.’

    Even if Chun Yeowun had a lot of suspicion, it wasn’t likely that he will become suspicious that a worker might poison it. Churku thought it almost failed when Yeowun tasted it with the chopstick, but Yeowun ate it all after. The poison’s effect was that after about ten minutes, it scatters internal energy so it can’t be pulled up and the second poison will kick in after to melt Yeowun’s veins and organs so he will die.

    ‘I did it!’

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