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    Chapter 140: Scheme (2)

    Guk Shin and other cadets were dumbfounded at that word. Even if they succeed in taking care of Yeowun’s members, it just felt like they were angering the demon.

    “Are you insane? Two princes lost their arms while trying to attack his members. Chun Jongsum who attacked Bakgi were even destroyed of his internal energy.”

    Chun Yeowun was famous also due to his infamous deeds. Everyone who fought against him were all severely injured that made everyone to become fearful. Even Guk Shin feared Chun Yeowun.

    “You are a coward too.”


    Guk Shin frowned and Mu Jinyun smiled.

    “We will not fight him by ourselves.”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “He is a monster, like you said. We don’t need to fight him ourselves.”

    “Are you saying there is someone who will fight him?”

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    Guk Shin became surprised. It seemed even the Chief Lee Hameng was not going to defeat Yeowun anymore. Then who out there might be willing to attack him?

    “Hmph. There are four people who hate him more than anything.”

    As Mu Jinyun spoke the names of four cadets, others became surprised and confusing. They knew these four was still within the academy, but didn’t think they would hold the grudge for so long.

    “Wow. If that really succeeds, then it might really give us a chance.”

    “Yes. We’ll cut his arms and legs while he’s busy.”

    “If he’s not going to stop us, then we can do it. When will we start?”

    If it wasn’t against Chun Yeowun, Guk Shin was confident to defeat anyone. He wanted to fight Ko Wanghur the most.

    “We will do it next dinner time. I already talked with those four cadets. But it is better if we can let Sama Chak and Huan Ya join us before.”

    “Sure. Let’s go try to recruit them now then.”

    The next day in the late afternoon, Chun Yeowun was busy training in a private training room. He had found sword skills left by Sword Demon and tracing of blade formation left by the Blade God and acquired a total of six blood formation from it. Chun Yeowun was very happy at acquiring such powerful blade skill, but there was a problem. The blade marking didn’t have energy flow. Without the flow of energy way, it wasn’t possible to perfect the formation. For the True Sword Demon Art left by the Sword Demon, he also left the breathing skill and the path of energy flow, but the blade markings were just markings. But Yeowun wasn’t disappointed.

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    Three years and four months of training didn’t only grow Yeowun. After analyzing through all saved martial arts, Nano was able to simulate and create a path of energy flow that can make each formation to be used with its utmost power. Even if the created path wasn’t what the original creator intended, it was created from Nano’s analysis so it was either equal to or better than the original.

    Yeowun’s White Dragon Blade moved weirdly and created countless blade swings that shoot through the air with a strong impact. It was quite different from Butterfly Blade Dance that focused on being quick. Each blade movement came from a weird angle that was hard to connect from one to another, so mere movement was powerful enough to cut down the enemy in just one formation.


    After finishing up the formation, the floor of the room had many tracing of blade marks. He didn’t even use any qi, but the power unleashed from the blade attack was so powerful that created such markings.

    “Hahahahaha! I did it, Nano!!”

    Yeowun didn’t laugh out loud usually, but he was so happy to successfully use the formation in perfection. He had tested every energy flow Nano created in the past eight days and finally found the one that worked best. It finally allowed him to use the first formation of the Blade God’s blade formation. If the Sword Demon saw this with his own eyes, he would have been shocked.

    [I will now start analyzing for the path of energy flow required for the second formation.]

    Nano then began analyzing the second formation. Yeowun who had gone over the same formation hundreds of times in a day became exhausted and sat down to recover his internal energy.

    ‘Oh… I’m hungry.’

    His energy was restored but it did not solve his hunger. It was now almost dinner time, so Yeowun decided to finish today’s training here and left the training room. The winter season brought the sun to go down faster so it was very dark outside. Yeowun went straight to the cafeteria. Inside of the cafeteria was bright, but there were no crowds anymore, as not many cadets were left. There had been over fifty workers within the cafeteria in the past, but the number of workers also went down to twenty.

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    Yeowun smelled spiciness within the cafeteria and saw a large pot of red soup that had meats, mushrooms and various vegetable that filled the entire cafeteria with its smell. It was a very spicy soup that made ones that eat sweat from the heat even in such cold winter.

    ‘I wanted spicy food!’

    Yeowun then went up to take the bowl and a young worker filled the bowl from the large pot and gave it to Yeowun. The worker, however, shook his head tremendously, maybe due to the heat from the bowl. Yeowun became curious and looked at the worker. He seemed he was tense and sweating severely.

    “…Are you okay?”

    “Oh, Uh- yes. I-I’m okay. It’s just too hot to be in front of this pot all day.”

    The worker then gave the bowl to Yeowun. The heat from the pot was surely hot, but it felt weird and Yeowun thought it strange. And there was one who was watching Yeowun carefully at the corner of the cafeteria. He was also taking the soup, but his eyes did not pull away from Chun Yeowun. He saw Chun Yeowun sitting down with a confused look as he looked down at the soup.

    ‘Did he find out…?’

    He then saw Chun Yeowun tasting on the soup with his chopsticks. After tasting the soup a bit with his tongue, Yeowun frowned. But soon after, he began holding up the bowl and began to drink down the soup. The man who watched him grinned.

    ‘There we go!’

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