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    Chapter 139: Scheme (1)

    It had been seven days since Chun Yeowun had passed the sixth test. It was now three years and seven months since the first day of the Demonic Academy. From the over one thousand cadets that first entered, there were now only sixty-four cadets remaining. Just like other times when the Heirship Competition was going on, this time too had trained many talented warriors.

    56 fourth stage cadets.

    7 fifth stage cadets.

    1 sixth stage cadet.

    This was the best result in recent history of the academy, with still five more months left for academy to be over. But competition-wise, it was entirely different from what had happened from the past. This was because of Chun Yeowun, who was not from any of the six clans. In most cases, princes from each clans would have passed the fifth test and will be competing against themselves to create their own forces but five princes were expelled from the acadcemy already. Chun Yuchan, one of likely heir to the throne had expelled already, and Chun Kungwun, rising rival to the Wise Clan, had his arm cut off and walked out of the academy. With ten cadets who were related to the Sword Clan also leaving, there were now a total of fifty-three cadets left. Eight cadets who joined Chun Kungwun within the academy changed their side to Chun Muyeon, and now Muyeon’s forces had total of 26, most number.

    Only candidates left within the acaemy were now Chun Yeowun and Chun Muyeon. With five more months to go, it was now the beginning of final competition.

    At the northwest of the academy, there were many cadets gathered in large open space. It was cadets who were members who supported Chun Muyeon as the heir. But there were no Chun Muyeon here. One who had the most influence aside from Chun Muyeon was Mu Jinyun, from the Wise Clan and Guk Shin from a top-ranking clan. These cadets were gathered to talk about how to terminate Chun Yeowun, biggest obstacle that was in place in front of Chun Muyeon.

    “We didn’t have any order from the Prince himself. Is it okay we decide on what to do on ourselves?”

    Mu Jinyun then shook his head at one of cadet’s question.

    “No, it’s not that the Prince did not give us order. He had placed me to do what it takes in place while he focuses on his martial art.”

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    ‘Did the Prince made him to work on his behalf?’

    After being influenced by Chun Yeowun who had passed the six thest, Chun Muyeon was trying hard to train his martial art on the training room. Maybe this was a right choice. Chun Yeowun was now within top ten ranks of the Demonic Cult. Wise clan was still top ranking clans outside the academy, but Chun Muyeon was now left far behind in terms of competition, so if he were to compete, he needed to at least become a superior level warrior and pass the sixth test.

    “While the Prince focuses on his training, we have to be prepared on our side. We can’t let Chun Yeowun be or we might lose our chance forever.”

    Chun Yeowun was becoming powerful as the days went by. If they weren’t able to take care of him before the remaining days, there was a chance Chun Muyun will not win the competition.

    “Jinyun, you are right but how are we supposed to fight the one who killed the leader of the Poison Clan? Isn’t it better to recruit those ten cadets who did not side with anyone yet?”

    Other cadets nodded at Guk Shin’s words. Within the academy, there were no one who can defeat Chun Yeowun, even if it included everyone. He had become so powerful that combined forces of everyone can barely hope to make a scratch on his body.

    “Who said we need to fight Chun Yeowun himself?”


    “How are we compared to his forces?”

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    Mu Jinyun asked and it was Kyo Mingsu who answered.

    “In terms of forces, they have three established grandmasters: Mun Ku, Ko Wanghur and Bakgi. I’m not sure about the rest as we aren’t sure about if they took the test, but as far as we can see, there would be at least three or four more grandmaster level warriors in their group.”

    Kyo Mingsu’s guess was accurate. Hou Sangwha, Wu Sojung, Ja Wumin, and Che Takim had become grandmasters, but they had not become established yet and couldn’t take the fifth test.

    “But we have two established super master level warrior here, and six early stage of the grandmaster level, and the rest of us are at the end stage of the master level. So we are equal or a bit higher in terms of power against them.”

    Chun Muyeon’s members were comprised of high-ranking clans that averaging skill level was higher. Mu Jinyun had become established grandmasters recently but didn’t take the fifth test yet.

    “…I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but this kind of power balance doesn’t matter.”

    Ki Chan, a cadet who used to be under Chun Kungwun, jumped in. He had experienced Chun Yeowun overpowering nineteen cadets including Chun Kungwun with the absolute power. Others were also powerful but if they couldn’t do anything about Chun Yeowun, this theorycrafting was useless.

    “Hah! Are you scared already because you were beaten once?”

    “Ugh, you too saw what monster he is on the sixth test.”

    “Yes, I know. That’s why we have to deal with him with plans.”

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    Mu Jinyun spoke confidently and everyone became curious. Just three days ago, he didn’t have any plan at the time, but it seemed he had come up with some plans.

    “Guk Shin, it is important we recruit remaining cadets too. We have to recruit Sama Chak and Huan Ya at least.”

    These two members were from top-ranking clans, the Samu Clan and Ghost Illusion Clan that everyone wanted. Their fathers were Sama Yi, the 9th Elder, and Huan Yi the 11th Elder. But Chun Muyeon did not actively recruit others unlike Chun Yuchan or Chun Kungwun, so they didn’t do anything until now. But things changed.

    “If we can take them in, we can come on top.”

    “…I’m not sure about Huan Ya though.”

    Guk Shin frowned. Huan Ya was from highest-ranking clan, but there was a reason other princes didn’t recruit him. He had terrifying faces and dark and gloomy aura about him that no one wanted to come close.

    “We can’t choose what to take or not at this point.”


    “I heard Chun Yeowun is busy training in the private training room in recent days. He rarely even comes to dinner.”

    “You’ve done some research.”

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    “Yes. Information is a vital key to the victory.”

    “Now is the best chance. We’ll cut down Yeowun’s arms and legs and go after him at the end.”

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