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    Chapter 138: Hidden underground treasure (8)

    The Sword Demon did not take in any apprentices. Two warriors that he taught sought after power and ambition, rather than the understanding of the sword. The reason for the Sword Demon teaching these two warriors was to train warriors who can protect the young daughter of the deceased Lord. But these two eventually forgot their purpose and began to pursue their ambition. This disappointed the Sword Demon and he denied accepting these two as his real apprentice.

    “You said the Sword Demon fought the Blade God and tied?”

    The Sword Demon was the only one who survived after fighting against Blade God. He had lost an arm in result, but the Sword Demon put a stop to Blade God’s undefeated record and made him disappear.

    “There is one thing the Sword Demon spoke of before he died.”

    “And what is that?”

    “The Blade God disappeared in the middle of the fight. The Sword Demon said that he just said he tied because the Blade God disappeared.”

    While fighting, the Blade God cut off the Sword Demon’s arm and stopped the fight to disappear.

    “The Blade God said he will return, so the Sword Demon waited three days for him to return, but he did not return afterwards.”

    The Sword Demon was worried of Blade God’s return as he had lost an arm and used up too much of his energy that made his martial arts to deteriorate. But even after fifteen years when the Sword Demon died, Blade God did not appear. But the Sword Demon was worried that Blade God or his descendant might reappear and died while worrying for the future of the cult.

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    “And 500 years had passed. I don’t think Blade God’s descendant will appear again, but I hope you can counter the blade marking left by the Blade God and continue on the will left by the Sword Demon.”


    Lee Hameng bowed again and Chun Yeowun nodded. the Sword Demon who was worried about the cult even in his dying bed, was truly a loyal cultist. Lee Hameng then walked out of the treasure room with a smile.

    ‘I will give you the key to this place. You can get out from inside without a key, but you will need this if you come back in.’

    Unlike other library floors, this underground treasure room was free to enter anytime Yeowun wanted. But Yeowun did not need to return here or stay long time in this place. When Lee Hameng left, Yeowun quickly scanned all three books that was left by the Sword Demon.

    ‘The Sword Demon’s true skill book. I am lucky.’

    The True Demon Sword Art had the core elements of the Sword Demon’s sword skill, that had unique sword movements that required flow of energy.

    ‘It’s better than martial art of six clans… but…’

    It was not much better than Sword Force of the Sky Demon nor the counter sword skill. Yeowun thought maybe teaching this to one of his members who use sword might be a good option. But for the Twenty Four Demon Sword, it was a new sword skill that the Sword Demon created by countering three Sword Force of the Sky Demon’s formation.

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    ‘This is amazing.’

    The counter sword skill was created to counter only the Sword Force of the Sky Demon, but this was entirely new sword skill created from that counter sword skill as a base that was very powerful. This sword skill was the creation that the Sword Demon tried to use it against the Blade God.

    ‘Analysis of the Blade God’s Blade Formation.’

    This was record of analyzing the blade markings. Demon Sword have tried hard to counter the blade markings even until he died, but the recordings didn’t see much advancement. It was only natural. Yeowun then walked up to the table where arm of the Sword Demon and skins were left.

    ‘I’m sorry to say this, but if he had fought longer, he would have lost.’

    Every cultists admired the Sword Demon. Lee Hameng too said he continues to follow the will of the Sword Demon, so Yeowun did not say this. But the blade formation left in this preservation was beyond imagination.

    ‘This is almost equal to the power of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon!’

    The blade formation left by the Blade God was as powerful as Sword Force of the Sky Demon. The blade formation left on the arm was almost as powerful as fourth formation of Father Chun Ma.

    ‘Let’s check it. Nano, start the augmented reality.’

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    [Activating Augmented Reality on the user’s sight.]

    Yeowun’s eye began to shake and white lines were created, showing augmented reality in Yeowun’s vision.

    ‘Nano, can you scan the markings on that arm and create a 3D image?’

    [That is possible, Master.]

    ‘Simulate the blade markings left on the arm and let it fight against fourth formation of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon.’

    [Yes, Master. Activating duel simulation between two formations.]

    White lines began to take shape into two human figures. Two figures each with blade and sword then began to fight against each other. Two powerful attack collided against each other and the result came quickly after. Just by one movement, the Sword Force of the Sky Demon’s fourth formation countered Blade God’s blade formation, but was pushed back three steps. The accuracy of formation was better with Sword Force of the Sky Demon, but the power of Blade God’s blade skill was more powerful.

    “This is amazing!”

    Yeowun was astounded. This gave him a conclusion. The blade skill left by the Blade God was as powerful as the Father Chun Ma’s sword skill. But if the blade marking left on the Sword Demon’s arm was the last formation of this skill, then it was weaker than the Sword Force of the Sky Demon and if there was something beyond this that was more stronger, than it was probably only martial art that might be that can counter Sword Force of the Sky Demon.

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    ‘Counter the blade skill? No.’

    The Sword Demon left this to find someone who can counter this, but for Yeowun, he had Nano who could simulate the formation left on the arm accurately. Yeowun smiled.

    ‘Blade skill equal to the Sword Force of the Sky Demon… this is best that can happen.’

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