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    Chapter 137: Hidden underground treasure (7)

    “Open the door to the treasure room.”

    All three guards flinched at Lee Hameng’s order. They then turned to Yeowun with a shocked look. They had figured they will never see the metal door being opened until their time was over at this place.

    ‘This young man defeated an elder?’

    Chun Yeowun had a pale white face with coldness surrounding him. With the body restructuring, his skin had cleared up and blood points were now invisible that he just looked like a noble who didn’t learn any martial art. If these guards who were super master level warrior couldn’t feel anything at Yeowun, it meant that Yeowun was surely at the superior level.

    ‘To think I would get to open this door…’

    The leader of three guards took out the key from his pocket. Yeowun then glanced over at the metal door that had three keyholes. One was held by instructor for taking care of logs, one was held by the guard and last one was held by Lee Hameng.

    ‘So, you need all three keys to open this door.’

    It was heavily guarded, even more so than the fifth floor to the library.

    “I’ll count, sir. One… two… three!”

    At once, three people placed their keys and turned in unison on the count of the guard. At that moment, the wall on both sides of the door trembled and the metal door divided up into half and opened the way in.

    It was closed for so long that the thick and ragged old metal door creaked severely as it opened through. Cold air began to seep out from it. Outside was always cold, but the interior of the library was usually warmer. But this place was different. It was very chilling.

    ‘What is this smell? Leather?’

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    It was a weird smell. It smelled a bit rotten, but had mixed smell of medicine. A lot of smells were mixed, but it was not bad compared to the black liquid Yeowun found from the Demon Seal Cave. The guard then lit the fire up on the wall and brightened the interior.


    Yeowun gasped with astonishment. The wall of the interior had a faint glow of blue light.

    “It’s cold pearl stone.”

    The instructor whispered to Yeowun. The cold pearl stone was the stone that wielded coldness within it. This was why the interior of this room was cold.

    “Follow me, please.”

    Lee Hameng took up the fire and walked inside toward the corridor. As they walked in, they were soon at large five-sided room. On the other side to the corridor was a large table also created with cold pearl stone, that had a human arm and leather that seemed to be human skins.

    “What is this place?”

    This treasure room was not something Yeowun had expected.

    “This is the second purpose.”

    Lee Hameng then pointed at the table and offered Yeowun to go closer. Yeowun had cut down many right arms of princes so seeing an arm wasn’t all that weird, but seeing it preserved like that was what made him feel weird. As he walked towards it, the smell of medicine became stronger.

    ‘Was it worked on to have it from being rot?’

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    It seems the arm or skins were processed to preserve it. And when Yeowun got up to it, his eyes shook.


    He didn’t know when saw from afar, as the arm was lifeless and bony, but the arm had full of scars. And all other skins also had sharp wounds over it. It was a scar left from a blade.

    “Blade… markings?’

    Blade markings weren’t simple. All of it had sharp energy within it. Yeowun now had very advanced skills to simulate after coming up to the superior level. Yeowun closed his eyes and saw a figure unleashing the unique blade skill that caused these injuries. Unlike the sword skills that had mixes of slash and stab, the blade only had formation made from slash, but it was very unique.

    ‘This is impossible… how can such a blade skill exist?’

    Yeowun tried fighting it with his butterfly dance, but he wasn’t sure if he can defend over then two formations. If he wanted to fight this, he needed counter sword skill of Sword Demon or the formation from Sword Force of the Sky Demon.

    ‘This is like an entirely different level of blade skill.’

    Yeowun then opened his eyes again. Focusing longer might have put him in a trance. Lee Hameng then got up to him and spoke.

    “Can you see what this is?”

    “…Is it the right arm of the Sword Demon?”

    The arm’s hand was shaped as if it was holding someone. From looking from the fingers, it was sure to be holding a sword when it was cut off. Lee Hameng became astonished and spoke.

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    “Yes, that is correct. It is the right arm of the Sword Demon.”

    “And these skins?”

    “These are skins from the Lord and guards who were killed 500 years ago.”

    “…Blade markings from the Blade God.”

    So these arms and skins were preserved to leave the blade markings left by Blade God. Yeowun was shocked to see this preserved at the underground floor to the library. Yeowun then glanced around, and saw bookshelves at one side of the wall that had three books.

    [True Demon Sword Art]

    [Twenty Four Demon Sword]

    [Analysis of the Blade God’s Blade Formation]

    The True Demon Sword Art was legendary sword skill left by Sword Demon. He had two apprentices, but was known to not giving them his own sword skill. But this was where Sword Demon’s relic was at. He wasn’t sure what other two books were, but these were certain to be left by Sword Demon also.


    Chun Yeowun then realized the reason for this underground treasure room’s existence.

    “So, this place was to find the successor to the Father Chun Ma, and also to find true apprentice that will succeed the will of the Sword Demon.”

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    Lee Hameng then smiled.

    “Yes. To be more precise, it is to train a future warrior who might be able to counter the blade skill of the Blade God.”

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