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    Chapter 136: Hidden underground treasure (6)

    Lee Hameng smiled, proving that Yeowun’s answer was correct.

    “Yes. He had two purpose. One of it was to find the real successor who will succeed the truths that Father Chun Ma had found through his swords.”

    “If that was the reason, why did he created the academy here?”

    Yeowun didn’t seem to understand the reason and Hameng continued to explain.

    “When Sword Demon retired, elders now took control of the cult.”

    Sword Demon had to be Vice Chief against his will, but he was still a loyal cultist. He couldn’t succeed the Sword Force of the Sky Demon fully, but he believed that there will be a future member of the Chun family who will truly succeed the secret left behind Father Chun Ma. Sword Demon then believed he had to protect the prison cave and the Demon Seal Cave and created the Academy so that no clans could think to have their hands on.

    “Sword Demon had left works to guardians before his death.”

    It was to tell Guardians, who knew all the truth, to take turns to be chief of the Academy and when they find someone who succeeds the truth of Father Chun Ma, to help him to become the Lord. Sword Demon’s hope had not come to true for 500 years and it was now only an old legend that stayed within the guardians.

    “And while I stood beside the Lord, I have seen his Sword Art of the Sky Demon countless times within the battlefield. Do you think I will not recognize the sword skill you used?”


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    When Lee Hameng first saw the Sword Force of the Sky Demon that Yeowun had used against Hou Jinchang, he was so shocked. It was sword formation more accurate and powerful than the current Sword Art of the Sky Demon. He thought maybe this was the true finding of the truth of the sword left by Father Chun Ma, that Sword Demon had spoken of. But he couldn’t reveal all this to Chun Yeowun yet, as he couldn’t be sure yet. There was a possibility that Yeowun was just taught by Chun Yujong, the current Lord.

    ‘Let’s keep an eye on him.’

    And when he saw Yeowun using the sword formation again against criminal from the evil force, he was able to confirm it. Chun Yeowun was the true successor who guardians had waited for so long. And it was long wait until Yeowun was to pass through the Demon Seal Cave and pass the sixth test. Lee Hameng asked again in shaking voice.

    “Let me ask you again, Prince. Did you succeed the truth of Father Chun Ma?”

    ‘Ah… I guess I can’t lie then.’

    Yeowun, who now was told of truth behind the Demonic Academy, couldn’t avoid answering. He then nodded at the question and Lee Hameng’s eye turned red and shouted while bowing down on the ground flat.

    “Left Guardian Lee Hameng, at service of the true successor to Father Chun Ma!”

    Chun Yeowun was the person that Guardians had waited for 500 years. He couldn’t hold back his excitement and happiness. Yeowun, who became surprised at such a reaction suddenly became curious at one thing.

    “Left Guardian, can I ask you one question?”

    “Of course.”

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    “…Can you stand up first?”

    “Yes, sir.”

    Lee Hameng then got up and knelt on his one knee again. It was as if Hameng was considering Yeowun as his master. Yeowun felt weird to see Left Guardian, who only kneels toward the Lord, kneeling at him.

    “You said there were two purposes for creating this Demonic Academy here. What is the other purpose?”

    “That’s… it’s better I let you see it for yourself.”

    Lee Hameng then brought back the energy barrier that cut out the noise and guided Yeowun outside the office. Lee Hameng then guided Yeowun to the library.


    The instructor who stood guard at front of the library was shocked to see Chief Lee Hameng’s appearance and bowed.

    “Chief, welcome.”

    “Instructor Sung. Long time no see.”

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    “Yes, sir. But why…?”

    It was weird to see Lee Hameng who never visited the library to come together with Chun Yeowun.

    “We are going down to the underground treasure room.”

    “Huh? Y-you mean… did he pass the sixth test?!”

    Lee Hameng nodded and the instructor turned to Yeowun with a shocked look. All other guards who were there were also shocked and turned to Yeowun. It was only natural, as only those who passed the sixth test were allowed to enter the underground treasure room. As far as they know, there weren’t any who had passed the sixth test in the past 70 years. The instructor who had worked in the academy for less, thus had never had a chance to open the door to the underground treasure room until now.

    “C-congratulations Master Chun! I-I mean Elder Chun!”

    If Yeowun had passed the sixth test, it meant he had defeated one of twelve elders. He was a Master just about a month ago, so it was surely very fast ascend to the top.

    “Can you open our way now?”

    “Y-yes, sir!”

    Lee Hameng asked and the instructor guided them in. As they entered the library building, they turned to the right and found a hidden staircase down to the underground.

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    ‘So, there was an underground floor.’

    He was told before the sixth test about the existence of such a place, but it was true. As they walked down, there were thick metal door and three guards at grandmaster level standing guard.

    “Welcome, Chief.”

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