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    Chapter 135: Hidden underground treasure (5)

    The death of leader of the Demonic Cult was not something to be considered lightly. Demonic Cult officially announced Blade God as an enemy and traced him down. The enemy was someone that no one really knew who he actually was.

    “Only surviving cultist said the killer introduced himself as Blade God. That was our only clue.”

    The Blade God who had killed Chun Muhey, the Right Guardian, and entire Guardian forces disappeared after the incident. Many cultists were dispatched to look for him but they couldn’t find a trace.

    “It was two years ago when he reappeared.”

    The place he appeared was the capitol for the Force of Justice. It mountain where the Sorim Monastery was located, where all martial art had begun that no evil force nor cult can go easily.

    “And surprisingly, Monk Kong Wun, one of another top five warriors of Wulin was killed there.”

    Death of Kong Wun, a respected figure for all people of Yulin brought a shock to everyone. All the Force of Justice began to search for this mysterious killer. Over two thousand warriors from the Force of justice searched through to find the Blade God, but was only left with over hundreds of deaths.

    “How did he do that?”

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    “It was after two years when the Blade God reappeared again.”

    When the Blade God reappeared, he went after another top five warriors, the strongest warrior of the forces of evil, Yuk Jingkem. And because of the last incident where he was tracked, Yuk Jingkem’s body was found ten days after his death.


    “So it was now apparent that Blade God was after warriors from the top five of Wulin.”

    With three out of five being killed, Blade God’s name spread through the entire land. People of Wulin was now considering the Blade God to be the most powerful warrior above all. The only one who left within those top five was the Chung Ming of the Martial Clan, and the Sword Demon.

    “Sword Demon was certain that he will come for him.”

    When Chun Muhey was killed, Sword Demon had checked on blade wounds left on the bodies. Sword Demon was a powerful warrior, but the blade tracing left on these bodies showed the Blade God to have unimaginable power and was sure he can’t defeat him. Sword Demon thought he needed to fight against something equal to, or stronger and chose the tracing of Sword Force of the Sky Demon to do just that.

    “Elder Council who couldn’t bear to lose even Sword Demon agreed on allowing Sword Demon practicing his sword against the tracing left on the pedestal.”

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    ‘Oh, so that’s why there were counter sword skills!’

    So, tracings were left by Sword Demon to train himself so he can fight against the Blade God. But what’s still a mystery was that all sword movements that made up of counter sword skill was comprised of ordinary sword movements, which was not understandable just by listening to Lee Hameng’s story.

    “Sword Demon’s guess was accurate.”

    After exactly four years, Blade God had appeared at the Demonic Cult.

    “So, he killed Chung Ming too.”

    “Yes. The Sword Demon was the last in line.”

    Blade God, who now wielded the title of the top warrior of Wulin, had come straight to the castle of Demonic Cult and challenged Sword Demon. And the result was a tie, as known to everyone.

    “It was a tie, but the Sword Demon had suffered great consequences. He had lost his right arm.”

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    “What happened to the Blade God after that?”

    “After fighting against Sword Demon for three days and nights, he had disappeared and never returned.”

    Blade God’s appearance was over after that. There were rumors revolving around whereabout and what he had become after that, but there was only one thing that was certain. Blade God was the only one who had earned the top seat with the blade.

    “The cult changed after that.”

    Sword Demon, with losing his right arm, walked down from the seat of Vice Chief. And with that, Chun Muha, now sixteen years old daughter of former Lord had become a new Lord. It was the first female Lord, and leaders of the cult took its chance and spoke to change the long ritual, as they will not be able to have successor through the old Demon Lady system.

    Chun Muha, who did not have much power as she was still just a young girl, couldn’t object the elders. So, the ritual that continued for 300 years was finally disposed and brought the new clan system. Chun Muha took a total of five husbands, with two being apprentices of Sword Demon who later founded Wise clan and Sword clan. Other three were apprentices of first to three elders, each from current Blade, Poison and Lust clan.

    “Sword Demon, after retiring from his Vice Chief position had created the Demonic Academy to train future warriors.”

    The place where the Sword Demon chose to create the academy was the place where the prison cave and the Demon Seal Cave, where Chun Ma’s truth was hidden. Why did the Sword Demon choose this place above all other places? Lee Hameng, after finishing every story looked at Yeowun straight into his eyes.

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    “Do you know why I have told you this story?”

    Yeowun have thought about for a second and asked.

    “…Are you trying to say Sword Demon’s purpose for creating the Demonic Academy here wasn’t just to train future warriors?”

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