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    Chapter 133: Hidden underground treasure (3)

    Chun Yeowun was shocked from the changed attitude of Lee Hameng.

    “I am not sure what this means, sir.”

    “You have passed every test of the academy, so I must now address you properly as the rightful prince and the son of the Lord.”


    Yeowun had passed all tests, so he was not a cadet anymore. All princes of the Lord had the right to become treated with respect, but he was only treated as mere cadet because that was the rule of the academy. Chun Yeowun was still dumbfounded and Lee Hameng continued.

    “It was rule of the academy… and I wasn’t certain until now, so I apologize for just watching you until now, prince.”

    Yeowun wasn’t sure what Lee Hameng was talking about. Lee Hameng then brought up his head and looked at Yeowun and spoke.

    “I am sure you are confused. Let me ask you frankly. Did you learn the founding of truth left by Father Chun Ma?”

    Yeowun became grim. He didn’t think Lee Hameng will talk specifically about that.

    ‘…So he knew.’

    He had used the Sword Force of the Sky Demon in front of everyone two times when he fought Hou Jinchang and when he fought the criminal from the evil force. That was the only sword skill he had that he can defeat his enemy at the time, and was sure no one will recognize it.

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    “I am not sure what you are talking about.”

    Yeowun decided to lie about it first. He wasn’t sure if he can trust Lee Hameng yet, as he was the Lord’s close advisor. Yeowun didn’t even tell his secret to his members, so he couldn’t just reveal to Lee Hameng yet when he wasn’t sure if Lee Hameng was his ally or foe.

    “Oh, I see. It is certain you can’t trust me yet.”

    Lee Hameng thought for a second and bowed to speak seriously.

    “I, Lee Hameng, Left Guardian of the Great Sky Demon Cult swear an oath to support Prince Chun Yeowun for the competition for the heir to the throne. As a proof, I ask you to hold my medal that shows me as a guardian.”

    Lee Hameng took out the red medal from his pocket and gave it to Yeowun politely. It was the medal that proved that Lee Hameng was a guardian.

    ‘Left Guardian… supporting me?’

    Yeowun was shocked. This was not just simple support being given from any other members. This was huge that will shock every cultist.

    “Please, take it.”

    Yeowun hesitated for a second and spoke.

    “I am sorry, but I am not sure how I can trust you, a trusted advisor to the Lord.”

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    Guardians were those who always followed orders from the Lord directly. They were not allowed to join in the competition outright and were only allowed to support the Lord and the Heir if chosen. So with that in mind, it was hard to believe what Lee Hameng was trying to do. This suspicion made Lee Hameng glad.

    ‘He has become very careful. He is very worthy.’

    Even if Hameng was in the same shoes, he would have been suspicious. Lee Hameng thought he needed to explain further.

    “You are right. I am Left Guardian. Technically speaking, I am not in a place to support anyone. But I have something I must prioritize above everything else.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “We, guardians are bound to accept one who succeeds the truth as a real Lord.”

    “You mean…”

    “The truth left by Father Chun Ma who has created our cult.”

    Lee Hameng wasn’t lying. He took a deep breath and continued.

    “You must keep what I’m going to tell you as a secret.”

    Guardian family protected and supported the Lord for the entire history of the cult. Three families, divided up from Great Guardian, Left Guardian, and Right Guardian, were the founding families and always sided with the Lord starting from Father Chun Ma, to current Lord Chun Yujong. Unlike them, six clans weren’t there when the cult first started. It started with two apprentices of Sword Demon about five hundred years ago, but Guardians were there since the beginning.

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    “Oh, wait. Right Guardians were only born five hundred years ago. They are ‘shorter’ in their history.”

    ‘Oh, so Teacher’s Guardian family wasn’t there from the beginning.’

    This was because Right Guardian died five hundred years ago, that required a new Right Guardian entirely.

    “Not much know this.”

    Guardians were one of few people who knew most secrets of the cult.

    “And there is a secret that we Guardian families have kept it since 500 years ago.”


    “The Sword Art of the Sky Demon that every Lord learns is not the real sword skill left by Father Chun Ma.”


    This was shocking news. Yeowun was shocked. If what Hameng said were to spread, this was enough to dismantle the entire cult.

    “Then you mean…”

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    “The true sword skill that was taught to Lords were stopped.”

    About 500 years ago… the Demonic Cult did not have a Lord to have many wives at the six clans to create successor. The Lord at the time was given woman chosen by the Dark Fire within the Giant Altar at the shrine, woman who was called as the Demonic Lady. At the time, only the child born from the Demonic Lady was allowed to become the future heir, so there was no reason for a specific clan to rise in power.

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