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    Chapter 132: Hidden underground treasure (2)

    ‘Well, whatever the case this is now a declaration of war.’

    The war was to start the moment Academy was to be finished, but now Yeowun had cut off the head of one of the leaders of the six clans, so all the six clans were to now be wary of Yeowun.

    ‘But he used the poison to kill Chun Yeowun under everyone’s watch.’

    Yeowun had every reason to kill as it was Baek Oh who tried to kill him first. And with the witnesses present, there was no way this will come back to Yeowun. But it was sure that the Poison Clan might do something.

    Chun Muyeon, from the Wise Clan clenched on his fist so hard that his nails stuck into his fist and turned away.


    His members, who almost shouted with excitement from such an outstanding feat, quickly followed Chun Muyeonn out from the training ground. And just like everyone else, Lee Hameng was also astounded.

    ‘He cut the head off from Elder Baek with his Poison Man state…’

    Lee Hameng wasn’t sure he himself would be able to do that. It was only four years. A mere boy without any knowledge of martial arts now had become so powerful that he was now on top five ranks of the cult.

    ‘Are we really going to have the Lord who will succeed his advancement?’

    It made Hameng come to chills. Soon, with the poison all fading away, instructors came up to the training ground to clean up Baek Oh’s body. It was the leader of the Poison Clan, so they needed to be extra careful. With Sama Yi’s agreeance, Lee Hameng stood up and shouted at Chun Yeowun who was standing on the training ground.

    “Master Chun Yeowun, congratulations on passing the sixth test!”


    Every cadet cheered and roared with shouts. This was the first sixth test passed in seventy years. This was an outstanding achievement. Chun Yeowun too smiled with this and his members all ran up to him on the training ground. Ko Wanghur, with his nose and eyes red from tears, shouted.

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    “Master! Congratulations!”


    “Do we need to call you an elder now?! Haha!!”

    Ohjong spoke teasingly and everyone laughed with excitement. And as every Yeowun’s members were rejoicing, Sama Yi came down from his stage and was looking for someone.

    ‘Left Guardian, can I meet with my son before I go?’

    ‘Sure. You can.’

    Sama Yi had to go out of the academy as his job to be a witness was done, but he asked Lee Hameng to be allowed to meet with his son.


    Sama Chak also wanted to say goodbye to his father, so Sama Chak quickly ran up to Sama Yi.

    “You have grown well, my son.”

    Sama Yi had heard that Chak had passed the fifth test from Lee Hameng. This was already a great feat that Sama Yi wanted to compliment his son of. And when they greeted with each other, Sama Yi sent a telepathic message to his son.

    [Chak… did you find a prince you want to side with during the competition?]

    [Oh! So you wanted to speak about that too!]


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    [I had something to tell you before you go.]

    Sama Chak then seemed to be hesitant so Sama Yi spoke first.

    [Go ahead.]

    [Father. You told me to find someone from six clans, and I tried… but I’m sorry.]


    [I thought about it long and hard, but I want to side with Prince Chun Yeowun.]

    Before entering the academy, Sama Yi had explained about princes that Sama Yi wanted his son to side with. It was Chun Muyeon and Chun Yuchan. These two were talented genius that were likely to become the future Lord. But while spending time as a cadet within the academy, Sama Chak found himself being interested in Chun Yeowun instead. He hesitated due to his father’s advice, but he didn’t like Chun Muyeon.


    And unlike Chak’s expectation, Sama Yi was smiling.

    [I am proud of you, my son.]


    [You have the same thought as me.]

    The reason Sama Yi spoke to Chak was because he changed his mind after watching the sixth test. This was the first time someone passed the sixth test in seventy years. And with the result, it was certain that Yeowun will now become the 12th Elder at least. If Yeowun who was not even in his twenties were this powerful, it was hard to imagine how powerful he will be in his later years.

    ‘We don’t need to side with six clans.’

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    The Samu Clan was already one of highest-ranking clans along with the Demon Dragon clan. And Sama Yi, who was already an elder, didn’t like the idea of being under the six clans.

    ‘Prince who is not from six clans!’

    This was a great ally to have. If Yeowun was to become the heir, then it was sure to bring change to the cult from the current six clans system.

    [I agree with your thought, son. Prince Chun Yeowun is a worthy man.]

    [Oh! Then am I to do what I want?]

    Sama Yi smiled.

    [You may. Oh, and he might even become our future family, so make sure you look after him.]


    Sama Chak frowned. It seemed his father was thinking of having his sister Sama Young as the wife of Chun Yeowun.

    An hour later at the front of the Chief’s office…

    Chun Yeowun had come to the chief’s office with Lee Hameng. He had passed the sixth test so he had to be given privileges. And before going into the office, Hou Jinchang and two other instructors followed but they were told to wait outside for a moment.


    And when Yeowun and Hameng walked into the office, Lee Hameng unleashed the energy and cut out the sound going outside. Yeowun was surprised. Then Lee Hameng suddenly knelt down on his one knee and bowed politely at Yeowun.

    “Prince. You have done well until now. Congratulations on passing the academy’s sixth test.”

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    It was not his usual attitude that he did to every cadet.

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