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    Chapter 131: Hidden underground treasure (1)

    ‘So I can’t put him down with the White Dragon Blade…’

    Yeowun narrowed his eyes. Baek Oh wasn’t a target he could deal with by using the Butterfly Blade Dance. Yeowun then placed down his blade and Baek Oh became excited.

    ‘No one can defeat the Poison Man!’

    As Baek Oh stepped one step forward to finish it, Yeowun then brought the White Dragon Blade up in the air. The blade then shined with blue force qi.

    “Fool! So, you will fight to the end?!”

    Baek Oh then focused poison into his both hands and charged. That’s when Yeowun struck the blade into the ground. As the blade struck into the ground, all debris and clouds kicked up with a loud explosive sound, clouding everything around Baek Oh and Yeowun.

    “Foolish tricks!”

    Baek Oh knew where Yeowun was already. As Baek Oh charged in, with the sound of something being stacked up, Baek Oh felt terrifying demonic energy from within that he had never felt until now.

    ‘What is this…?!’

    This was something Baek Oh felt when he met his eyes with Chun Yeowun right before he was struck.

    ‘This is dangerous. I must attack first!’

    Baek Oh felt mysterious terror from the demonic presence and charged in. The poisonous energy within his hands formed to that of a giant demonic hand and charged forward.


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    And something unimaginable happened. The poisonous attack that he was certain no one will be able to defend was countered with countless sword strikes.

    “W-what is this?!”

    Baek Oh then saw the black sword he had never seen glowing with black light, that stormed through and came upon him.

    ‘I have to defend it!’

    Baek Oh brought up his entire poison to form a defensive barrier around him but it was no use.


    The black sword struck into his blood points this time and Baek Oh screamed in pain. The powerful sword cut through Baek Oh’s body and covered it with blood.

    ‘It’s a scream!’

    ‘What’s happening?’

    ‘I can’t see anything from the dust cloud!’

    All the people heard was screaming coming within the dust cloud. As the dust began to settle down, they saw someone moving barely.

    “W-wait. Is that Elder Baek?!”

    “He’s drenched in blood!”

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    The entire body was full of blood but the clothing surely looked like that of Baek Oh’s. And when Baek Oh’s body was revealed clearly, everyone turned silent. They were all in so much shock that they forgot what to say.

    Baek Oh who moved aimlessly and eventually fell down, had no head. Blood poured out like fountain from the neck where it lost its head. And when the dust died down, all people of the academy saw Chun Yeowun holding onto the head of Baek Oh.

    Poison came up as a dark cloud rose up from the blood. Baek Oh’s head had his eyes wide open with terror and shock, distorted with pain. And Yeowun felt the heat coming from the black sword that turned back to his armguard.

    ‘I didn’t think the Sword Force of the Sky Demon would have gotten so much stronger.’

    Yeowun had unleashed the third formation of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon. With the powerful black sword, dark force qi that was created with ominous dark energy and the powerful formation of the sword force, it allowed Yeowun to unleash a powerful attack. It was so powerful that not even the Elder Baek Oh who had become the Poison Man can defend against.

    ‘It’s not there yet.’

    But Yeowun wasn’t too satisfied. He was able to test himself through today’s duel.

    ‘I have to… become more powerful.’

    His original goal was to defeat Baek Oh with just the Butterfly Blade Dance. He had gained many experiences through three years of battling with many avatars but he had earned new things in today’s fight against the Poison Man.

    ‘Just like Baek Oh who had his secret weapon, others will do too.’

    Baek Oh, with such powerful weapon, was not the strongest man in the cult, so meant that there were people at the cult who can fight Baek Oh without the help of Nano.


    As Yeowun looked down at Baek Oh’s head, he was reminded of his mother, Lady Hwa. Will this settle at least some score of his mother’s death?

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    ‘This is only the beginning.’

    This was only the beginning.

    At the result that no one expected, it was Hu Bong who broke the silence.


    And with that, all of Yeowun’s members began to shout in excitement. Until now, Yeowun had fought cadets or princes who were at a similar level of experience and power. Yeowun’s members trusted Yeowun but was ready for Yeowun’s loss and his death at this fight. But with not just defeating Baek Oh, Yeowun had killed him through his poison man state.


    Mun Ku then wiped off the tear coming down on her face and thought. It felt like the world had crumbled down when she thought Yeowun was dead, but after knowing that Yeowun was safe, it made her heart pound heavily.

    ‘Why is my heart pounding like this?’

    She thought it was due to the clothing wrapped around her chest, but her face was blushed red. She did not know what this feeling was, so she ignored it. And she shouted loudly like other members.

    “I can’t believe that…”

    “He… had become a monster. He cut off the head of the Elder of the Poison Clan.”

    “So, the blood of Chun flows through him.”

    “Haha… well. I am not so sure if it’s only due to the blood.”

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    Instructors who watched above the stage were all shocked either. They thought Yeowun would not pass the sixth test and even were concerned that Yeowun will die from this test. Nobody had thought Baek Oh, infamous Poison Man who had massacred so many people would end up like that.

    ‘I didn’t even get to challenge you yet and you have gone way too far up now.’

    Hou Jinchang thought. He wanted to duel with Yeowun after the yellow tag, but Yeowun was now just too powerful. But there was something that concerned him.

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