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    Chapter 130: The sixth test (7)

    Yeowun’s members despaired at the thick cloud of poisonous gas that corrupted all surfaces it touched to blackness. This poison was sure to melt Yeowun to his bones.


    Hu Bong screamed in shock and Mun Ku looked down with her teary eyes as she couldn’t bear to see it.

    ‘Why did you have to fight the Poison Clan…’

    She felt she could not hold tears back if she watched longer. It was then.


    They saw someone being thrown way to the back within the fading purple gas cloud, about halfway back of the training ground. It was so powerful that the figure struck on the ground multiple times while being thrown back, creating large crater each time. Everyone then turned to the person inside the crater. It was Baek Oh, the leader of the Poison Clan.



    And through the poison cloud, Chun Yeowun walked out from it and all cadets roared in excitement.


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    Everyone had thought Yeowun was dead, but they were shocked to see him alive. Aside from his clothes being in rags due to poisonous gas, he didn’t seem to have any wounds or injury from the poison.

    “How did he endure Elder Baek’s poison?!”

    Sama Yi, the 9th Elder and Left Guardian Lee Hameng were also shocked to see Yeowun unharmed. They too had figured Yeowun would have died. From the past twenty years of war against other forces of Yulin, they have seen Baek Oh’s poison attack multiple times. It was so powerful that it brought massacre to every place the poison-filled.

    ‘I can’t believe it!’

    And while everyone was shocked, Yeowun checked on his self. Entire poison was already extracted out of his body completely.


    When the poison unleashed upon him, Yeowun for the first time, used the energy barrier around himself. Even if Nano could heal him, there was nothing he could do if the poison melted him away entirely so fast. But Baek Oh’s poison was so powerful that it penetrated through his energy barrier and began to melt his skins. It was a terrifying poison that might have killed him if it wasn’t for Nano that blocked poison and healed his skins. And there was one thing Yeowun learned. It was the power of White Dragon Blade.

    ‘I didn’t think it can push out poison.’

    When Yeowun sent energy into his White Dragon Blade, to attack Baek Oh, the poisonous gas around him was pushed out with the pure energy that gushed out from White Dragon Blade. He just thought it was a durable weapon, but it had more power held within it.


    Baek Oh barely got up. He also used an energy shield when he was struck, but it still crushed his ribs. If it was just a regular attack with energy, it might have been less damaging, but Yeowun’s physical power was just too great also.

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    ‘What is this…! What is he?!’

    But he couldn’t believe the regeneration more than anything. It was something he had never seen and it was hard to consider it a human regeneration.

    “Are you up now?”


    Baek Oh then flinched at Yeowun’s voice suddenly coming from the front and threw his hand that wielded purple poisonous energy. Yeowun blocked it with the blade of his White Dragon Blade. The pure energy pushed Baek Oh’s poison away, making Baek Oh’s eye to become wide with shock.

    ‘So, this was what made him endure it!!’

    Baek Oh figured he had found the reason and quickly jumped back. But Yeowun unleashed the last formation of Butterfly dance blade while wielding blue force qi upon his blade and charged at Baek Oh.


    This was a powerful attack that did not fall behind attack made from Right Guardian Submeng. Baek Oh bit on his lips as this attack was beyond something he can defend with his bare hand.

    ‘You give me no choice.’

    AT that moment, Baek Oh’s skin turned into an ominous dark blue color as the blade struck against him. Multiple strikes came down upon Baek Oh, but the blade was thrown back with the sound of metal clashing. Yeowun became surprised. The blade pushed out the dark blue poisonous energy, but it began to burn down Yeowun’s skins.

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    [Removing toxic poison coming into the body and healing the injury.]

    Nano rang through his head and the skin began to heal. Yeowun then quickly swung his White Dragon Blade to form a defensive barrier with it.


    Baek Oh then shouted and charged, pushing Yeowun way back about ten steps. Yeowun then pulled himself up and glared at Baek Oh. The poison Baek Oh used while ago wasn’t his best. It was as if Baek Oh himself had turned into the poison now.

    “Poison man?”

    Lee Hameng became grim.

    ‘Elder Baek… so you really want to see this through?’

    The dark blue skin of Baek Oh’s state proved that he was in a Poison Man state. It was the last stage of his poison art that made his entire body as a poison. It made his skin hardened like a shield and made him unleash a powerful poison that could even melt rocks.

    ‘Even the Lord himself will not be easy to stop him now.’

    Hameng knew that Poison Man was dangerous, but he didn’t think it was this terrifying. There was no one in this Demonic Academy who can fight Baek Oh now. All sands began to rise up with the energy coming out from the poison. Area around Baek Oh was now melting from such powerful poison.

    “I didn’t think you would make me to bring me into this. Try to block this with your blade.”

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    As Baek Oh took steps to walk, a dark cloud came up each time as his foot touched the ground. It was so poisonous that even those who were watching far away outside the training ground made them choke. This state required Baek Oh to use the poison stored within him so he didn’t like using it, but this seemed like the only way to kill Chun Yeowun now.

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