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    Chapter 129: The sixth test (6)


    Doctor God. The best doctor in the world who earned the nickname of a god. He was a legendary doctor who was said to heal anyone unless the one is dead. There were a lot of rumors but no one knew who or where he was. But everyone was certain of his skill. This was information Baek Oh wanted to know so badly who wanted to heal his grandson.

    ‘How can I believe that what you know is true?’

    She then showed Baek Oh an orange tag. It had an engraving of the doctor’s sign.

    ‘My grandfather once received this tag from the Doctor God a long time ago. He told me you can meet him if you bring this tag to a certain place.’

    Lady Mu’s grandfather was former Wise Clan leader, Mu Jinking. He was the hero of the Demonic Cult who had made many legendary feats at the war against the world 50 years ago. Baek Oh had to accept her offer, as he had to take any chances.

    ‘…So, do I need to just accept the request?’

    ‘You must kill him.’

    ‘Lady Mu. Others can kill him too.’

    Baek Oh thought that Chun Yeowun was merely entry to the superior level, that any elders can kill him as well. But Lady Mu’s thought was different.

    ‘No. The only elder who is left in the cult who can kill him is you… it’s because you are…’

    ‘…And if I do, what of the consequences?’

    ‘If this becomes a problem, we, the Wise Clan, will help you with any way we can to clear out the issue. As the former Lord is already chosen.’

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    That’s what Baek Oh had talked about with Lady Mu. She said that Baek Oh was the only elder who could kill Chun Yeowun.

    ‘Wise Clan… how much do they know?’

    It was exactly as she said. Yeowun’s power was something that no remaining elders can fight. He was now so powerful that no one under the 3rd Elder could even think about fighting him, besides from Baek Oh himself. It wasn’t sure how Lady Mu knew of Yeowun’s real power, but it didn’t matter. Even with his grandson problem aside, if Yeowun wasn’t to be killed here, then six clans were going to have the worst enemy there is.

    ‘I have to kill him right here.’

    Baek Oh, who decided to kill Yeowun, began to shine in the purple poisonous aura, which then spread among the air. With the poisonous cloud moving through, the sand beneath the training ground turned black. Lee Hameng and Sama Yi got shocked and got up immediately.

    “How can you release the poison!”

    “Elder Baek! What are you thinking!”

    Even Sama Yi, who was here as a witness was too shocked. Baek Oh’s main weapon was poison, but he didn’t use it unless he was going to fight to kill. His poison was so dangerous that he was a walking poison bomb and was nicknamed Poison man. Aside from his power of martial art, his ability to spread hundreds of poisons allowed him to kill anyone if he wanted.

    “Is he trying to kill the challenger?!”

    Sama Yi was concerned that the challenger appointed Poison clan at the beginning. He thought Baek Oh will not go so far, but this was going to be a battle for life.

    ‘Chun Yeowun…!’

    Lee Hameng closed his eyes, as what he worried had come to reality. He hoped Baek Oh will not go so far, as he was locked up in prison for years and had his clan weakened, but that hope had failed.

    ‘It’s terrible poison.’

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    Yeowun eyed coldly at the poison coming out of Baek Oh. He expected the poison but this much was sure that Baek Oh was trying to kill him.


    As Baek Oh let out his breath, purple steam came out. He had raised the poison stage up to seven.

    ‘Is that blood?’

    ‘How can you defeat such a monster?’

    ‘Maybe he will die!!’

    With purple cloud filling the area, cadets and instructors got farther away, out of reach from the poison and looked at Chun Yeowun with a concerned look. The poison was so large that it will swallow Yeowun at once.



    Chun Yeowun’s members who had strong trust toward their master also wished Yeowun will surrender. It seemed like Yeowun will die from being poisoned before passing the sixth test. But Yeowun was glaring at Baek Oh without even a flinch.

    “Arrogant fool! I will not even leave your body!”

    Baek Oh was ready to unleash poisonous attack, charged at Yeowun. Purple poison was coming out of his body as he charged in. Baek Oh swung his staff and gas cloud that was mixed with hundreds of poison stormed up and onto Yeowun. As the poison shoot through, it turned the ground into black and burned up black smoke.


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    “How can that be!”

    All places that poison touched went dark, as it was burnt. Everyone frowned and looked away. That poison was enough to burn anyone even to its bones.

    ‘You brought his upon yourself, fool.’

    There was no one who had survived against his poison attack until now. Baek Oh was sure that he had won and tried to put down his poison. That’s when a blue energy bullet shot through the poison gas and at Baek Oh’s neck.


    Baek Oh brought up the cold steel staff with wielding force qi to defend. But this wasn’t the end. Chun Yeowun had got up to him already.


    Baek Oh had to strike back, but he was so shocked at what happened in front of him. Chun Yeowun’s skins that was burned down from poison, was healing up at tremendous speed. The sight of veins and muscles squirming to heal up was even grotesque.

    “W-what are you…!”

    It gave him chills to the bones as he looked at Yeowun’s eyes. Baek Oh had felt ‘fear’ for the first time of his life.

    “It’s my turn now.”

    “What- AAAAARGH!”

    With Yeowun’s powerful strike striking into Baek Oh whose body was thrown out and across the training ground and stopped at about halfway in.

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