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    Chapter 128: The sixth test (5)

    Elders of the Demonic Cult were both leaders of their respective clan and also one of the most powerful warriors of the cult. Unlike everyone’s expectation where the elder, as an experienced warrior and senior as a cultist, will allow a first chance for Yeowun, the elder Baek Oh charged in with an ambush.


    ‘That’s an ambush!’

    All of Yeowun’s members were shocked and surprised. But as the staff that held force qi struck into Yeowun, his body faded and disappeared.


    Mirror Image. It was the outcome of one moving so quickly that it left a trace of himself in the spot. It was the result of moving just before being struck, so that even the strongest warriors were hard to notice.

    ‘He used Mirror Image against me?!’

    Baek Oh then calmly twisted the staff and unleashed defensive formation toward his back. Chun Yeowun then appeared from back of Baek Oh and took five steps back to avoid defensive formation.

    ‘He’s quick.’

    Baek Oh was not like any other enemy Yeowun had fought until now. With over hundreds of experience at fighting enemies, Baek Oh knew that Yeowun will come for his back where it was open, and his expectation was right.

    ‘By the gods…’

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    ‘He really is a superior level…’

    Every cadet and instructor was astonished to see this. No one around had sensed Chun Yeowun’s Mirror Image. They just saw Yeowun disappeared and reappeared at the back of Baek Oh. The only one who saw Chun Yeowun was Lee Hameng and Sama Yi, the 9th elder.

    ‘How can it be…?’

    Lee Hameng was shocked at Chun Yeowun’s walking skill. If he wasn’t wrong, then Yeowun’s movement was exactly like that of the Great Guardian Marakim. Marakim’s walking skill was so powerful that no one could catch up to him, and gave his skill the nickname of Wind God.

    ‘Was there a book for the Great Guardian’s walking skill on the fifth floor?’

    Hameng’s guess was right. Chun Yeowun’s walking skill was from the skill book: Step of the Wind God. But Yeowun did not know who did this skill belonged to.

    ‘It’s quite useful.’

    He wasn’t sure if it wasn’t that useful when he first learned it, but since Baek Oh couldn’t catch up to it, then it was surely a powerful skill. Baek Oh then quickly analyzed on how to fight Yeowun.

    ‘If he’s fast, I’ll make him slow down.’

    Baek Oh quickly swung his staff toward Yeowun’s leg. Then the energy jumped out from the staff and shoot out at Yeowun’s leg.

    ‘Energy Bullet?’

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    Energy Bullet. It was possible for superior level warriors to throw force qi that had gathered up on the weapon to throw it like a bullet. As Yeowun jumped up, the energy bullet struck into the training ground, leaving explosive sound as dust kicked up. Baek Oh then jumped through the dust and unleashed the fifth formation of the Destructive Poison Art. He was after Yeowun’s leg.

    ‘Is he trying to seal my movement?’

    Yeowun then reached out at the white blade’s handle. As he pulled up, the white blade revealed itself. Baek Oh, who have not heard or seen such a white and narrow blade, scoffed.

    ‘Do you think you can block my cold steel staff with such blade?!’

    Baek Oh’s weird looking staff was made out of cold steel that it was very durable. It also wielded force qi, that its power was enough to destroy a hard rock. Yeowun’s blade spun, and Yeowun unleashed the second formation of the Butterfly Blade Dance.

    With two formations wielding force qi collided, an explosive sound rang out from it.


    “M-my ears!”

    Cadets who had not reached the grandmaster level were too weak at painful energy wielded sound coming through their ears. Two of them then pushed out against each other and distanced themselves.

    ‘W-what is that blade?’

    Baek Oh looked at Yeowun’s White Dragon Blade with shock. The fight against formation was equal, but the blade had made much damage over Baek Oh’s cold steel staff. The blade, however, was unscarred.

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    ‘Who gave him such a precious blade?!’

    It was very weird. Even if Yeowun had gotten up to superior level, he should have lacked experience in a real fight, but he was reacting it well as if he had fought over hundreds of battles. And what didn’t make sense the most was his internal energy.

    ‘Is he really entrance level of the superior?’

    His energy looked like the entry-level, but the energy wielded in every of his blade attack did not fall behind Baek Oh’s own energy. Baek Oh was already using 100% of his energy from the beginning. He knew that even if the enemy was weak, he always had to try his best to not lose as any mistake can lead to his death.

    ‘Did he hide his power then?’

    After a few exchanges, Baek Oh was able to see through that Yeowun was hiding his real power. If that was to be possible, then it required one to be at least equal to or more powerful than himself. Baek Oh’s eye turned serious.

    ‘He didn’t do his best against me? He really is a monster.’

    It was now understandable why Chun Jongsum, his grandson couldn’t defeat him. He had seen many talented individuals, but never saw one who grew in such speed. He then remembered Lady Mu who visited him last night.

    ‘Elder Baek. You must accept the request from the academy.’

    “Lady Mu… don’t you think you are going out of your boundary?’

    Mu was the wife of the 1st Elder, but she had no authority over other clan leaders or elders. Baek Oh who wasn’t already in a good mood began to become angry and Lady Mu offered him something.

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    ‘I know the whereabouts of the Doctor God.’

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