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    Chapter 127: The sixth test (4)


    Ou Sunong looked at the completed scabbard in a satisfied voice. The white leather had a red engraving that looked very gracious and luxurious.

    “Is it finished?”


    Ou Sunong almost dropped to the ground at the sudden sound coming from his back. He was able to find his calm after watching Yeowun who was standing near the entrance of the room.

    “Why didn’t you let me know that you were here? Haha. Wait a second.”

    Sunong then walked into the processing room and returned with the completed blade.


    Yeowun gasped in astonishment as soon as he saw the blade. The blade was so beautiful. It was glowing with white pearlish color that proved it was the finest of weapon there is.

    “I engraved the name you requested.”

    Toward the hilt of the blade, there was engraving that said ‘White Dragon Blade.’ This was to honor the Dragon Serpent who could not have become a dragon which fitted well with the white blade. As Yeowun grabbed on the handle, he felt it was very nice to grab onto it. The blade also seemed to be very sharp that he can slice anything with it.

    “Here, place the blade up.”

    Sunong then brought up a very thin clothes and dropped it from the air, and when it fell on the blade, the clothes were cut into half.


    It was so sharp that it even cut the thin flappy clothes.

    “How do you like it?”

    “I love this. I didn’t expect you would create me such a wonderful blade. You are the best blacksmith! Master Ou!”

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    “Hahahaha! Thank you.”

    Chun Yeowun wasn’t one to show emotion, but he had spoken every complements he can. Ou Sunong seemed he was glad. He had created the finest weapon and was acknowledged by its owner so that was enough.

    ‘With this blade, my Butterfly Dance Blade will be more powerful than what the teacher can do with his Crazy Blade.’

    He had become more powerful than his teacher, but it was still good to be praised for his blade skill from the teacher. And with acquiring the White Dragon Blade, it now completed the Black Sword White Blade, godly weapon combo that symbolized Chun Yeowun in the future.

    After about an hour, everyone including cadets were now gathering at the training ground of the Demonic Academy. It was to watch the sixth test that have not been held in past 70 years. This was a private duel that didn’t require cadets to gather, but there was no martial artist who would not want to see a duel between superior level warriors. Everyone turned to Chun Yeowun, who was waiting up on the training ground with his eyes closed.

    ‘Sixth test…! Isn’t it amazing?’

    ‘He sure is a monster.’

    ‘How can he become superior level within four years?’

    ‘Yeah, but will he able to fight the elder?’

    After Yeowun decided to take the sixth test, everyone now knew that Yeowun was at the level of superior warrior. This changed people view about Yeowun completely. IT was now the look of admiration. But after hearing that sixth test was to fight one of 12 elders, who were the strongest warriors of the cult, people were divided in opinions.

    ‘Who did he choose to fight?’

    ‘He probably chose one of six clans.’

    ‘They are within top ten ranks! he wouldn’t do that if he wasn’t a fool!’

    Cadets did not know who Yeowun was going to fight yet. They just thought Yeowun had chosen the weakest elder to fight, so it will be the 12th elder, as 12th was to be weakest among those elders. And their guess was correct. But of course, they did not know that there had been a change of ranks between elders in recent days.

    At the training ground, Yeowun’s members were gathered, waiting with tense looks. They knew who Yeowun was going to fight already, so they were worried. Yeowun had the leader of Poison clan, one of the most dangerous warriors within the cult.

    “Oh! Look!”

    One cadet shouted and everyone turned to the entrance of the academy. There was one old man with a black robe walking toward them, with a weird staff. He looked very old, but the ominous aura from him proved who he was.

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    “L-leader of the Poison clan!”

    Everyone realized it was Baek Oh the Poison Demon and began to mumble in shock. Some guessed Yeowun would choose one of the elders from six clans, but they didn’t expect it to be Baek Oh.

    ‘It’s crazy… it’s the Poison man!’

    ‘Did he really choose a leader from the Poison Clan?’

    There wasn’t anyone who did not know about infamous Baek Oh in entire Wulin. He had massacred 300 enemies from the forces of evil with his poison attack, and also poisoned many powerful warriors from Forces of Justice and Evil that didn’t even leave their bodies. He was rumored to be most hated to fight against.

    “Oh, Chief is coming out!”

    “Huh? The person next to is…!”

    Chief Lee Hameng then began walking out from the main building. To next of him, there was a middle-aged man with long mustache and hair turned about half into white. It was one of 12th leader, Sama Yi of the Samu Clan.

    “It’s 10th elder!”


    He was 10th elder before but he was now 9th elder. Sama Chak looked at him with a glad look. He didn’t think to see his father at this fight. Sama Yi walked up to the stage and sat down on the prepared seat and Lee Hameng walked up to the front of the stage.

    When Baek Oh arrived at the middle of the training ground, Yeowun opened his eyes. He had seen the man in three years and four months since the day at the prison cave. He had no way to fight against the man because of difference in absolute power.

    ‘…Poison Clan!’

    It reminded him of his mother, Lady Hwa. Anger began to come up, and started a fire in Yeowun’s heart. But his eyes were calm and cold.

    ‘He… had changed a lot.’

    Baek Oh was quite surprised to see Yeowun. He had just entered master level then but now was at equal superior level.

    ‘Hah! But you are still far more to go.’

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    Yeowun’s energy was sure that he was just a entry-level superior warrior. This was enough for Baek Oh to kill him without much effort.

    ‘I will kill you before you grow to be more risk.’

    When everyone got ready, Lee Hameng shouted.

    “We will begin the sixth test now! 9th leader will be our witness for this fight!”

    Sama Yi got up and bowed at the crowd. In normal circumstances, it needed four elders to be witnesses, but they only had four elders remaining at the cult, so it was downsized.

    “First, I thank you for taking Master Chun’s request, 12th Elder.”


    Baek Oh bowed with a frown at Hameng’s bow. Baek Oh was not happy as he was put in prison for what happened at the prison cave, when he and Hameng promised to keep it as a secret.

    ‘Oh, he’s angry then.’

    Hameng became grim. If Baek Oh was that much angry, then it might be worse for Yeowun who needed to fight him.

    ‘I hope you survive.’

    “Then we shall start the test. 12th elder, Master Chun. You will look at each other and stand at 12 step distance.”

    As two looked at each other and stood, the crowd turned quiet with tense air. Hameng then raised his hand and shouted.

    “You may begin!”

    At that moment, Baek Oh jumped out like lightning and charged into the front of Yeowun.

    ‘I will kill you right now!’

    His staff that held force qi struck into Yeowun’s chest. Baek Oh had unleashed all of his power to attack first, to kill Yeowun in instant.

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    Cadets were shocked to see the fight, as it seemed it will end as soon as it started and turned to the staff that penetrated through Yeowun’s chest. That’s when Baek Oh’s eye shook. Yeowun’s body faded away.

    ‘M-mirror Image!!’

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