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    Chapter 125: The sixth test (2)

    ‘This isn’t just being reckless.’

    Yeowun chose the leader of Wise Clan, First Elder Mu Jinwon. Aside from the Lord himself, Mu Jinwon was one of the top two warriors along with the Great Guardian Marakim. Mu Jinwon had not fought against the Lord as of yet, but there was no one who had defeated Mu Jinwon until now, and Yeowun had chosen him to fight, which made Hameng frown.

    ‘Is he out of his mind?’

    This was the worst choice one could ever make. Whatever his thinking was, it seemed it was impossible. Yeowun just had become a superior warrior, so there was no way for him to fight against Mu Jinwon who had hit the end stage of the superior level tens of years ago.

    This was due to warriors who guarded the library not needing to report to the Chief immediately as they had to stand guard at the library at all times. Lee Hameng did not know that Yeowun had reached the end superior level yet.

    ‘So, he is not aware of my power then.’

    This was also partly because Yeowun had hid his energy intentionally. After reaching the end stage of the superior level, Yeowun was able to control his inner energy completely and set the energy almost equal to when he entered the academy years ago. He realized that it was better to hide his energy than to show it off. He had gotten so powerful that Lee Hameng couldn’t even see through it.

    “Master Chun, are you really sure? I will not ask again.”

    “Yes, please.”

    Wise Clan, the strongest clan of all six clans. Yeowun thought about choosing Poison or Loyal Clan as he had the most problems with them from a long time ago, but he had changed his mind as he thought it was best to tackle the most dangerous enemy first. Other elders were also dangerous, but if he can terminate the most powerful warrior Mu Jinwon in a fair duel, then it was sure to take the Wise Clan’s power away.

    ‘He gives me no choice.’

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    Hameng shook his head. He thought Yeowun had grown rational, but he seemed still reckless. Yeowun would want this too, but if the duel begins, it was likely for Mu Jinwon to try to kill Yeowun too as Yeowun was the number one risk for Chun Muyeon to rise to power. Lee Hameng couldn’t force Yeowun to change his decision, as that would be too personal from here on.

    “Okay. I will send words to the Wise Clan.”

    And ten days had passed after Yeowun had chosen the elder to fight against. Between that time, Left Guardian Lee Hameng had notified Mu Jinwon with an official letter with seal of the Lord about the sixth test. First elder Mu Jinwon accepted the request at once. There was no reason for Mu Jinwon to not take the chance to kill the only risk for his grandson to become the future Lord.

    But things didn’t work out as plans in the world. On the tenth day, ambassador from the Yulin Clan came to the castle of the Demonic Cult. Cadets from the academy could not know what was going on outside, but this news made the entire cult to become shocked. The ambassador returned exactly on the third day.

    This brought change. Seven days before the day of the sixth test, instructors came over and called Yeowun up to the Chief’s office. Yeowun, who was training in the training room, went to the Chief’s office without knowing why he was being summoned.

    “Greetings, Chief.”

    Yeowun got into the office and bowed. Hameng then placed down documents on the desk and spoke to him.

    “You’re here.”

    “I heard you summoned me.”


    Yeowun became curious as Lee Hameng frowned. It seemed there had been a problem.

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    “Is there something wrong?”

    “I’m sorry, Master Chun. We have to change the person you will fight for the sixth test.”


    Yeowun frowned at the unexpected turn of events. He already heard that the first elder had changed his schedule for the test. It was shocked to hear that there will be a change. Yeowun asked.

    “Why is that? Did First Elder change his mind?'”

    Sixth test allowed cadets to choose who to fight, but elders also had the right to refuse to accept the request. But it was a matter of honor and pride, so there was no instance where an elder refused.

    “No, that is not the case.”

    “Then, what’s going on?” Yeowun asked and Hameng hesitated for a bit and sent out energy to cut out the entire office from the outside so the sound would not go out. It seemed like what he was going to say was a secret.

    “It is classified information so I can’t tell you about the details. There are only four elders at the cult right now.”


    “You have to choose between those four.”

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    Yeowun was a master rank, but he was still a cadet. Any details were classified so Yeowun was not allowed to know about it. This made the entire plan to fail so Yeowun frowned. He couldn’t say he will wait until First Elder returned since there wasn’t much time left at the academy anymore. He had to choose someone.

    “…Who’s left then?”

    “There are the ninth to twelfth elders.”


    This meant every high-ranking elder was out. As far as Yeowun knew, the six clans’ elders were from the first to sixth elders so this meant that he was not allowed to fight any of those elders. Lee Hameng of course knew what Yeowun wanted.

    ‘Hmph. I don’t want to suggest this but…’

    It was obvious who Yeowun will want to choose to fight, so Hameng decided to let him know anyway.

    “There has been a change to the ranks between elders recently.”

    “Change? What is that?”

    “Clan Leader Baek from the Poison Clan was demoted to the 12th Elder.”

    Baek Oh, the Monster Poison. He had become elder again three months ago, but he was no longer the Sixth Elder. And due to it, he was now the only elder from the six clans that left within the cult right now.

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    ‘Poison Clan!’

    Yeowun who was disappointed that he won’t be able to fight any of six clan elders, turned to smile. The answer was already chosen.

    “I will fight the 12th Elder.”

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