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    Chapter 124: The sixth test (1)

    It was okay until he drank it. But the terrible taste that choked him even made Hu Bong almost pass out. It was a taste that even Yeowun almost vomited when he drank it, so it was natural.


    Hu Bong looked like he was in so much pain that he even had sticky-looking bubbles over his mouth.

    ‘…Do I really need to drink this?’

    ‘He looks like he’ll die.’a

    And with Hu Bong’s first try of the liquid, every member became more hesitant. It was only after when they saw Hu Bong wake up after having all of his toxic elements being extracted out of his skin and increased flow of his energy that people started drinking it.

    [Prince, I’m really, really thankful, but I’ll pass on this.]

    [Master, I don’t think I can… ugh.]

    Mun Ku and Hou Sangwha refused to drink as they got sick from various parts of the liquid. Everyone who drank the black liquid had fallen from the terrifying taste, that it was natural for anyone to refuse to drink it.

    [Prince, I can’t do it. You know that!]


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    If extracts were to come out from the skin, then Mun Ku’s mask might come off so she couldn’t drink in front of everyone. Yeowun then gave up on trying to offer it to Mun Ku after that. So, it came down to only the female cadets who had not drunk the liquid.

    After the busy night, Yeowun woke up early the next morning and went to the blacksmith north of the academy. It was to ask about the process of the dragon serpent’s horn. Thick snow fell overnight and the entire academy had been covered in white, but the blacksmith’s roof was the only place without any snow over it due to the heat from the forge.

    “Master Chun! Where did you get this from?!”

    Blacksmith Ou Sunong was shocked to see a white club. It was something he had never seen it and the density was much stronger than any iron. He had struck it down with various weapons inside the blacksmith to test it, but all weapons had been destroyed while doing it.

    “I… got it from somewhere. I can’t tell you where.”

    Yeowun did not reveal the location of where he found it. He figured he didn’t need to let Ou Sunong know of his finding from the Demon Seal Cave and cause more issues. And for Ou Sunong, he didn’t really care where it came from anyway.

    ‘This… with such material, I can make the best weapon possible!’

    He was more excited than when he got hands on the cold steel. A master craftsman like him would be happy to see such good material. Sunong promised Yeowun to make him a weapon out of this.

    “So, you want a blade out of this?”

    “Yes, please.”

    “Hahaha. Okay. I will make the best blade I can with this.”

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    He was curious as to what kind of blade could be created with the horn of a dragon serpent. He thought about asking for a sword, but he had the black sword already so there was no need for it.

    “Oh, and you will be given cold steel. Will you make a sword with it?”

    “Didn’t you said I could get only one weapon made?”

    “No, you are a master now. Masters can receive any weapon they please, but the cult only provides cold steel enough to create one weapon. So, if you bring yourself any materials, then you are free to request to create another. Just like how you did this time.”

    Sunong pointed at the horn. He said he could create more weapons if Yeowun brought more materials.

    “Oh! Good. Then please make me a sword.”

    Yeowun wanted to hide the existence of the black sword, so it was good to have a replacement for now. He had to keep it secret until he found out why the sword had the engraving that said ‘Sky Demon Sword’ on it. Yeowun became happy that he was going to receive two unique weapons from him and asked, “How long will it take to create these weapons?”

    “Well, with such materials, I will need about two months.”

    “What? Will it take that long?”

    That was longer than he expected. Creating his first blade took two weeks, so this was four times that. Yeowun thought about taking the sixth test when his weapons were finished, so if it took two months to create them, then he had to postpone taking the sixth test.

    “Well, it will take that long if I am to create both sword and blade. Or will you come each time when each weapon is completed?”

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    “Oh! So, it takes only a month to create one then?”

    “Haha, so you must be in a hurry. Yes. Which one do you want first?”

    Yeowun thought about it for a second and chose the blade. He had the black sword even if it was a secret, so he chose the blade as he was curious as to what kind of weapon would be created from the horn of the dragon serpent.

    “Haha. I will have it prepared in a month. Look forward to it, Master Chun.”

    “Thank you, sir.”

    Yeowun then left the blacksmith and walked north.

    ‘And what’s left is to…’

    He was now on the way to the main building to choose the time and who he will fight for the sixth test. The twelve elders of the cult were busy with different jobs inside the cult, so the academy needed to notify them ahead to set the time. Yeowun thought about it for the entire night and finally had chosen who to fight.

    About fifteen minutes later, at the office of the Chief of the Demonic Academy…

    Lee Hameng was looking at Yeowun weirdly. It was because of the person Yeowun had appointed to fight for his sixth test. Unlike Hameng’s expectation of Yeowun using few more days to think about it, he had come back in just one day and chose someone very unexpected.

    “Master Chun, are you sure about the choice?”

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    “Yes, sir. Please.”


    There was a reason for Lee Hameng’s reaction.

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