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    Chapter 123: Completing the Sword Force of the Sky Demon (5)

    When Yeowun got out of the library, it was completely dark. The winter made the sun to go down much faster. The instructor outside the library, who was ready to stay late, was happy to see Yeowun coming down so early. As Yeowun returned the candle, he thought of something he forgot.

    ‘Please tell us where you are going, so we won’t be worried!’

    It was something Hu Bong told him a long time ago. He had forgotten about it completely as he was too into going to see the fifth formation of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon. It was possible that his members would be looking after him through the academy. It was even more so when Mun Ku and Hu Bong were ambushed.

    ‘Where will they be?’

    Yeowun then walked down toward the private training room building and saw two people in the dark alleyway.

    “Hu Bong?’

    It was Hu Bong and Jin Guuk. Yeowun found them before they ran around looking for them. They too had found Yeowun coming down from the library and came running after.


    ‘Ugh, here we go again.’

    But the reaction was different than what he expected.

    “Congratulations on passing the fifth test!”

    “M-master! Congratulations!”

    They heard from somewhere that Yeowun had passed the fifth test. His members actually did not run around looking for him when he went missing after passing the test. There were only two places that cadets who passed the test might go. One was the training room and another was the library. They immediately went to the library and asked if Chun Yeowun had come here, and was told that he was on the fifth floor. This allowed his members to know that Yeowun had passed the test. But they were still worried just in case, so they waited in turn in front of the training room, which might be Yeowun’s next destination.

    ‘Hmm. They’ve gotten smarter.’

    They were now adjusting to their master. If Yeowun had not thought of his members, he surely would have gone to the training room to absorb the black dragon ball.


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    He then thought it was good timing to give something that he intended to give to his members. Yeowun told Hu Bong and Jin Guk to gather others and come to his room.

    “To your room?”


    They were curious, but split to call upon others. After about an hour, all fifteen cadets gathered in Yeowun’s room. While they were waiting for the last one, or Bakgi to come, they all congratulated Yeowun on passing the fifth test.

    “Master, did you hear?”

    “Prince, you heard that too, right?”

    Ko Wanghur and Mun Ku asked if Yeowun had heard about the creepy sound within the cave, and Hou Sangwha who had not taken the test yet became frightened.

    “C-can we stop talking about that now? There’s no such thing as monsters in the world.”

    “…Huh? Are you afraid of a monster? The monster will be afraid of y- UGH!”

    Wu Sojung was struck in the face while speaking. But it was interesting to see Hou Sangwha, who was taller than most cadets, to be afraid of something. The only person who thought her reaction to be cute was Ko Wanghur.

    ‘She would be terrified if I tell her the truth.’

    Yeowun thought Hou Sangwha might be too frightened and would not want to take the fifth test, so he decided to keep quiet about the truth. When Bakgi came to the room, Yeowun brought the bowl that he had stored at the storage.



    It was sealed with clothes, but the stench coming from it made all cadets pinch their noses. The smell was so foul that they had never smelled such a thing. Jin Guuk, who was weak at such a bad smell, ran out of the room, vomiting.

    “M-master! What is that?!” Ja Wumin asked as he saw the oozing black liquid inside the bowl. It was the blood of a dragon serpent, a mythical creature, but there was no way to explain this easily so Yeowun just lied about it.

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    “As I passed through the Demon Seal Cave, I went in the wrong direction and found this.”

    “In the cave?”

    Mun Ku, Ko Wanghur, and Bakgi who had passed the test, became surprised. They had to focus on the cold air blowing in from the exit that they didn’t even think about going to another direction.

    “And what is that for?”

    “And when I did… I somehow drank it and it pushed out all the toxic stuff from my blood points and allowed better energy flow.”

    “W-what? Is that real?’

    Every martial artist knew the importance of having free flow of energy. If the energy flowed freely and more quickly, then it allowed the martial artist to use the formation or internal energy more quickly.

    “T-then it’s a treasure!”


    Some cadets began to be excited, even with the smell. But it still made them hesitant to see disgusting visual of the liquid.

    “…I couldn’t just have it on my own, so I brought some by filling it in my scabbard.”

    He couldn’t say that he had squeezed out some of it from his clothes.

    “Oh… Master, you did that for us!”


    Hu Bong, Ohjong, and Ja Wumin were touched by Yeowun’s actions.

    “Master… thank you for everything! There will be no master who cares about his servants like you!”

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    Ko Wanghur got up and bowed to thank him. Yeowun then carefully pushed the bowl to his members.

    “Then drink it.”

    But even when knowing it was good for them, they were still hesitant. The smell was too terrible and the sticky visual made it hard to even think about drinking it. And while everyone was hesitating, Hu Bong got up courageously.

    “Master gave us a gift! There is no need to hesitate. I’ll go first!”

    Hu Bong brought up a cup and filled it up.


    Sticky visual made the other fourteen cadets frown and moan. It was surely disgusting in every way.

    “Thank you, Master!!”

    Hu Bong bowed with the cup and drank it.

    “Kyaaaa! Good!’

    He then placed it upside down on top of his head.


    ‘Is it okay?’

    All members then thought maybe it was okay to drink, but…


    Hu Bong screamed and turned blue while grabbing his neck, and slumped to the ground, twisting his body. He trembled on the ground and Mun Ku mumbled, “… Are you sure this is what you said will happen, Prince?”

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