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    Chapter 122: Completing the Sword Force of the Sky Demon (4)

    ‘It’s the first time I understood the sword formation without having it transferred into my brain.’

    This was another feat for Chun Yeowun. Three warriors walked up to Chun Yeowun, astounded from his achievement. Three of them all bowed and congratulated Yeowun for his feat.

    “Master Chun, congratulations on your understanding!”


    “Thank you. Thank you.”

    Yeowun became thankful for them to stand guard while he was in a trance and bowed politely to each of them. Their eyes had envy and admiration in them. They had barely gotten to the grandmaster level at the age of forty, but Yeowun had gone through bodily reconstruction even before turning twenty.

    ‘Oh… if he is now at the superior level…’

    Gamgung’s eyes shook. This meant that Yeowun had the right to take the sixth test. There were no cadets who became superior warriors in the last seventy years of the academy.

    ‘Am I seeing the birth of the new leader of the cult?’

    If he passed the sixth test, then Yeowun was going to be a new elder. He had a chance to become the top official of the Demonic Cult, one of three powerful forces out of the entire Wulin. But even if he doesn’t pass the test, he was still a superior warrior that will be respected as such, meaning he was likely to rise in power anyway.

    ‘Nano, how long have I been in a trance?’

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    [It has been over two hours, Master.]

    Yeowun was relieved. He was on the last floor of the library that contained the strongest and most powerful martial arts books. He wanted to scan them when he could. He still had four more hours, so it was enough.


    But there was a problem.

    “…I’m sorry. I made a mess in this place.”

    From all the decorations to the books, all of them were thrown to the ground and scattered. Gamgung shook his head at Yeowun and answered, “Don’t mind it, Master Chun. Who cares about little mess when you had made a great achievement?”

    But Gamgung and the other warriors were certain that they were worried about books. They then ran to the books dropped to the ground to check if there wasn’t any damage. The decorations weren’t a concern, but these books were valuable treasures.


    As they went over to check on the books, Yeowun turned back to the blue pearl stone pedestal. It was hard to see with regular eyes, and looked like a regular hole if one did not know about the Sword Force of the Sky Demon. But there was no need to leave a trace.

    Yeowun brought up a slight force qi over his finger. It looked simple, but controlling force qi like this in detail required one to be at the superior level. Yeowun then dabbed on the hole with his finger, and the sword marking was crushed through as he rubbed his finger over it.

    ‘There we go.’

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    Yeowun had no intention to share the Sword Force of the Sky Demon to others. If it wasn’t for the library to be in mess, it would not given him time to do this, but he was lucky. After checking on every book to see if they were okay, Gamgung allowed Yeowun to look over the books while time remained. The candle had been put out from the wind, but Yeowun was able to check the time through Nano, so it didn’t matter.

    ‘I just need to scan nineteen books.’

    That only required about thirty minutes. Yeowun then went over to the books. Other than the Butterfly Blade Dance, what caught his attention the most were the books from the six clans. The reason why he wanted to take a look at this was because the leaders of those six clans had reached the superior level through those martial arts.

    Crazy Spirit Sword from the Sword Clan.

    Loyal Demon Fist from the Loyal Clan.

    Wise Flow Palm of the Wise Clan.

    Sound Wave of Destruction from the Lust Clan.

    Poison Demon Art from the Poison Clan.

    Blade of Illusion from the Blade Clan.

    It was likely that these martial arts weren’t the best that these clans had. But they couldn’t put weak martial arts on this floor of the library either, so it was certain that these were one of the top martial arts in the cult. Considering that the Butterfly Blade Dance was here, then it was likely that Left Guardian Lee Hameng’s martial arts were here too.

    ‘Red Fire Sword… is this it?’

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    The name suited his fiery red hair. Among these, there was one book that wasn’t a martial arts book.

    Step of the Wind God.

    Yeowun flipped through the pages, and checked the book that it was a book about walking and running skills. Who was the one that donated this book while others were busy presenting the powerful martial arts books?

    ‘Step of the Wind God? What a grand name.’

    If the running skill were to be placed on the fifth floor, then it would surely be a very powerful skill. Yeowun did not know any powerful running skills, so he thought it was good that he saw this.

    ‘Nano, scan this.’

    [Yes, Master.]

    Yeowun’s eyes shook and he scanned through all pages. It didn’t take thirty minutes to scan a total of nineteen books. Yeowun was finally able to achieve his goal of scanning through as many books as possible within the library. He was now a walking martial arts library.

    “Huh? Are you going down already?”

    One of the warriors at the exit of the fifth floor became curious and asked. It hadn’t been much time since Yeowun started looking at the book, so it was weird that he was going down already.

    “I’ve looked over enough.”

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    “Huh? Uh…”

    Yeowun had scanned every book so he did look at it enough, but this sounded like Yeowun did not find any books that matched his power to the warrior. It might have sounded very arrogant, but it was something a powerful warrior like Yeowun could say.

    “Yes, sir.”

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