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    Chapter 121: Completing the Sword Force of the Sky Demon (3)

    In the middle of the room, there was last blue pearl stone pedestal standing proudly. Yeowun walked up excitedly to the front of the stone. Just like other stones on the lower floors, there was poetry that hid the breathing points.

    ‘Nano, scan it.’

    [Yes, Master.]

    After scanning the front side, Yeowun walked to the back. And when he got the back, he almost screamed in shock.

    ‘W-what is this?!’

    He had expected to see many sword markings on the back, but there were no marks of whatsoever. There were no markings of the counter sword skill, nor the marking of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon. Instead, there was just a small hole in the middle.

    ‘Why isn’t there anything here?’

    It would be more understandable if there was intentional damage left on the stone, but it was strange that there was nothing. Yeowun looked at the stone, not understanding what was going on.

    ‘Was this because Father Chun Ma didn’t leave anything that there was no counter sword skill either?’

    That was the only likely conclusion for this. After thinking about it for a while, Yeowun frowned and asked Nano, ‘Nano, do you see any sword markings here?’

    [Sword markings were left, most likely from one person.]

    ‘What? There is? Where?’

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    [Activating augmented reality over the user’s sight.]

    With Yeowun’s eyes shaking, white lines were drawn over his sight.

    [Zooming in on the target.]

    With Nano’s words, part of the backside was zoomed in on. It was the part where there was a very small hole.


    When the hole was zoomed in to about the size of a head, Yeowun was shocked. He didn’t know until then, but when it zoomed in, he saw very small markings that made the small hole. The marks were equally distanced, with twenty-four of them.

    ‘These markings… is this from Sword Force of the Sky Demon?’

    If one who saw it casually, it was a mere hole. But the location was where the sword would hit if the Sword Force of the Sky Demon was used. When the twenty-four sword movements were used in the same direction, it could hit the blood point in a circle, but if it was to hit the same spot like this, it only was possible when collecting all movements into one.

    ‘Can I use the sword movement like this? Wait, if then…’

    Yeowun then went up to the front. He didn’t know at first, but the hole had penetrated the entire stone.

    ‘Nano, zoom in here.’

    [Yes, Master.]

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    As expected, the hole had twenty-four sword markings left around it. It only made this small hole because the attack didn’t wield energy.

    ‘How can this be?’

    Yeowun then realized the secret to this sword formation. This marking was a result of a sword formation being gathered into one powerful move that exploded through. If the attack wielded any kind of energy, then it would have shattered the blue pearl stone.

    ‘Was Father Chun Ma really a human?’

    He thought he understood a lot of about sword after becoming superior warrior, but this was beyond what any swordsman would think of. Father Chun Ma had created a supreme sword formation that could be used as an attack or defense by collecting all sword movements into one.

    How could one counter such a powerful attack? The reason why there were no counter sword movements on this stone was because there was no way to counter this.

    ‘He unified the sword into one. It is certain that such power will result if the sword’s will is collected into such a unified manner.’

    This was the last secret hidden behind the last formation of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon. And when he understood this, something unexpected happened. Yeowun was sent into a trance.

    ‘Focus on unifying the sword’s will. Collect it into one will… gathering into one place…’

    Sometimes, understanding came at unexpected moments. The last formation of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon contained the very truth of the sword that Father Chun Ma had realized during his latter years. Understanding at least a bit of this had allowed the body to break the shell around it to move up.

    Yeowun slumped down on the ground and began to meditate. As he entered a trance, a vibrant light began to shine out from him in every color and powerful energy shot out from him, causing a rush of wind across the room. Books fell down and it caused a ruckus.

    “W-what?! What is going on?!”

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    The grandmaster level warrior, Gamgung, who guarded the fifth floor, was shocked and looked at Yeowun. The way he was shining in vibrant light meant that Yeowun had earned a great understanding and was moving up into a higher level.

    “What is going…”


    As two other warriors who guarded the fifth floor ran up toward the stone, Gamgung told them to be quiet. If they were to disrupt Yeowun, then it was going to destroy his understanding and endanger him into falling into corruption.

    [Defensive formation!]

    Gamgung sent a telepathic message and three of them stood around in triangle formation around Yeowun to help him. All of them were shocked since they knew what that vibrant color of light meant.

    ‘Five qi unification!’

    The last stage of the superior level was the five qi unification. When Yeowun reached the supreme level, he had achieved the state of the Three-Point Spirit that gave him the power to use the spirit of the human body, making him more powerful. But that was only half of what a superior warrior should do. It was only when he unified the five energies within him into one that he would reach the true superior level.

    After about an hour, the light stopped shining from Yeowun and turned into one bright white light and began to shake his body. His bones and muscles were reconstructing. After trembling for about ten minutes, his body began to show different phenomena.


    As his face skin began to crack faintly, the three warriors became shocked. They all knew what this supposed to mean.

    ‘Body reconstruction!!’

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    They were dumbfounded and speechless. They never imagined they would see a body reconstruction with their own eyes. The cracks began to spread all over Yeowun’s body. It was as if he would shatter even with a slight touch. It was then that Yeowun moved and entire cracks shattered and turned to dust to disappear. The energy wind that blew began to calm down and Yeowun opened his eyes.

    His energy was well organized and there was no way for even Lee Hameng to recognize Yeowun’s energy anymore. Yeowun was able to understand what had happened to him.

    ‘I… achieved the end stage of the superior level!’

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