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    Chapter 120: Completing the Sword Force of the Sky Demon (2)

    Lee Hameng stayed behind while everyone left his office. He grabbed the silver medal that Chun Yeowun had returned and thought.

    ‘He’s grown much.’

    Yeowun was completely different from three years ago. He was no longer a boy who was eager to avenge his mother. He knew he could challenge one of the twelve elders, but he held back his emotions. This looked just like the cold-hearted Lord who was a father to the boy.

    [Is there any specific elder you wish to challenge?]

    [Is it okay if I think about it for a while?]

    Yeowun had grown very thoughtful and did not act on impulse. Hameng thought that Yeowun would choose to fight Baek Oh, the leader of the Poison Clan for Yeowun’s hatred toward poison.

    ‘He is too dangerous to just challenge for revenge.’

    Baek Oh, the Monster Poison. Without considering the level of martial arts, he was the most dangerous man within the six clan elders for his ability to kill. He was reinstated as an elder after being released from his prison sentence for two years. With the Poison Clan having much of their power decreased, and Baek Oh having accepted his consequences, he had been decreased of his rank to 12th elder.

    ‘And the Lord wants to keep him close.’

    With the incident that happened three years ago, the Sword Clan paid its price and the entire six clans had to lay low for three years. But even if they were weakened, they still consisted of 30% of the cult’s power and there was no way these old and powerful clans could stay quiet forever. It was only a little more time for the academy to soon close, so it was about time they show their claws.

    ‘If the time comes, the cult will be in a bloodshed.’

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    There wasn’t much time for Chun Yeowun to be ready for the upcoming strife.

    Chun Yeowun went straight to the library. He was in deep thought ever since he left the Chief’s office. He had not expected that the sixth test was to challenge one of the 12 elders. A warrior at the superior level was one of the top-ranking warriors within the cult, so they were given the right to challenge the elders to replace them. If the challenger defeated an elder, then the challenger was appointed as a new elder. And this wasn’t only it. With the passing of the fifth test, Yeowun was told that there were hidden underground floors of the library that he can enter if he passes the sixth test. But Yeowun was too busy to think about getting the chance to fight elders in a public duel.

    ‘I can go after the elders from the six clans.’

    He was to start a war against the six clans right after his academy, but this was a chance for him to defeat one of the elders ahead of that war. He had someone in mind already, but he needed to be careful. Yeowun wasn’t afraid of him, but needed to make preparations considering what he would gain and lose.

    Yeowun got to the library while thinking. He saw the instructor taking care of entries sitting down on the desk in front of the library. He had a thick fur coat over him, but it still seemed very cold as his nose was very red.


    The instructor got up instantly as he saw Yeowun after a long time. The job had been very boring now as only a few cadets now visited the library after the third test. It seemed like he was happy to see an old face.

    “Leader Chun! Long time no see.”

    “Long time no see, Instructor.”

    “Oh, wait. I guess I shouldn’t call you Leader anymore.”

    The instructor knew why Yeowun had come. He remembered that Yeowun came last time when he passed the fourth test, so if he came now, then it meant that Yeowun had passed the fifth test. The instructor got up and bowed politely.

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    “Greetings, Master Chun.”

    The cult only valued power and rank. It didn’t matter how long the person had been in such rank. Yeowun saw no complaints on the instructor’s face at having to bow to him.

    “Will you be going up to the fifth floor?”


    “Then you can write your name down here.”

    On the list, there were names who had visited the fifth floor in order. Chun Muyun, Chun Kungwun, Sama Chak, Ko Wanghur, Mun Ku, Guk Shin, and Bakgi — a total of seven cadets had become established grandmaster level warriors. And it was great that three of these cadets were under Yeowun.

    ‘Sama Chak?’

    The name surprised Yeowun. Sama Chak was the fastest cadet aside from princes to pass the fifth test. Yeowun then remembered him having two yellow tags before.

    ‘Is he from a high-ranking clan?’

    The name became familiar now. Yeowun wrote his name under Bakgi’s name and the instructor handed him two candles. Unlike the expectation that he was going to be given more time, the time didn’t seem different from when he went to the fourth floor.

    “The time allowed is six hours.”

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    The time limit was still the same from the fourth floor.


    Yeowun answered and the instructor smiled.

    “Wish you luck, Master Chun.”

    “Thank you.”

    Yeowun then placed one candle on the cabinet and got the wooden box to put the candle in and walked up to the fifth floor. As he walked up, there was a small room. The floors got smaller and smaller as he went up, but the fifth floor was really small and had no bookshelves at all.


    There were only about twenty books. And among them was one Yeowun was very well aware of.

    [Butterfly Dance Blade]

    As the Right Guardian Submeng claimed proudly, his book was on the fifth floor, meaning it had great depth and power within it. But it just meant Yeowun could skip one book. And it was now the time he had waited for so long.

    ‘Last formation of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon.’

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