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    Chapter 119: Completing the Sword Force of the Sky Demon (1)

    Originally, cadets who passed the fifth test were required to report to the Chief right away, but Yeowun was soaked in such a foul stench that he was sent to the dorm to clean up first. When he got to the dorm, Yeowun took a shower. It took him an hour of washing to remove the stench. He then twisted the clothes to extract all the black liquid and collected it all into a bowl. This wasn’t the end. He also had to collect the black liquid collected in the leather blade scabbard he had that had lost its blade after his Butterfly Dance blade had shattered.

    ‘This should be enough.’

    He collected this liquid because of what happened inside the cave. After Yeowun was satisfied with his increased power, he tried to continue on. However, his body was heating up inexplicably so he had to sit down and meditate. After ten minutes, the toxic elements within his body were pushed out. And when it did, his internal energy began to flow much better.

    ‘How did this…’

    [The ooze consumed into the body flowed through the blood points and pushed the remaining small amount of toxic elements out of the body.]

    After reaching the superior level, Yeowun’s blood points were fully opened and all toxic elements were pushed out. But as a human, it was natural to stack these toxic elements while living a normal life. If what Nano said was true, this liquid had tremendous power of pushing out even the slightest toxic element from the body.

    ‘So, this liquid is not just any liquid then!’

    Yeowun then realized this liquid was blood from the dragon serpent. It gave little effect to him, but if it was consumed by his members, it was going to allow them to push out any toxic elements and help them use energy more freely.

    ‘I should get these back.’

    But all he had to carry the liquid was the scabbard. After filling up the scabbard with the liquid, Yeowun looked at the room filled with black liquid and thought to come back for more.

    ‘This amount will allow our entire cult to become stronger.’

    But that plan failed right after. On the way out, Yeowun tripped on something on the ground under the liquid.

    ‘What is this?’

    It felt strange that something was stuck on the bottom of the floor, so Yeowun pulled it up without hesitation. At that instance, the area around it collapsed. Yeowun quickly jumped up and got out of the stone room. If he was late, he might have dropped to the ground.

    ‘…Oh man.’

    The collapse had sucked in all of the black liquid. He thought the ground was also created with blue pearl stone, but it wasn’t. At least he had a little to give to his members.

    ‘But to think this remained there too.’

    Yeowun then looked at the white club. He wasn’t sure what it was at first, but he soon realized it was the cut horn of the white dragon serpent he saw in the illusion.

    ‘Where should I use that?’

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    He brought it because he realized it was the horn of the dragon serpent, but he wasn’t sure what he should do with it.

    ‘Nano, can you analyze the horn?’

    [Yes, Master.]

    Yeowun then placed his hand on the horn and Nano began to analyze it.

    [There is no substance recorded that explains this object.]


    It was obvious, even in the far future where technology was advanced, there was no way for information about mythical creatures to be available. With it being unknown in Nano’s database, it wasn’t possible to know what it could do, but there was one thing that was certain.

    [The density of the horn is slightly less than that of a high-density diamond.]


    If that was true, then this was very durable, much more durable than the blue pearl stone. Yeowun then brought up blue force qi over his finger.

    If they didn’t pull the demonic energy, it was possible to use the blue force qi. He then struck the horn down with it. There was no damage on the horn. There was even some kind of deflection that pushed the force qi back.


    Yeowun then came up with an idea. He had found the black sword, but he didn’t like the name engraved on it.

    ‘I should make a sword or a blade with this!’

    If this bone was that durable, then a sword or blade created from it would surely withstand the power of the Sword Force of Sky Demon or the Butterfly Blade Dance skill.

    ‘I should visit Blacksmith Ou tomorrow.’

    It wasn’t sure if such a durable piece can be created into a sword, but he decided to meet the blacksmith tomorrow. And when that was finished, Yeowun went straight to the main building of the academy. At the front of the building, among three instructors who were together with him on the fifth test, the youngest instructor called Ma Yun was waiting.

    “You took your time, Leader Chun.”

    “I’m sorry. The smell wouldn’t come off.”

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    Ma Yun nodded understandingly as he too had never smelled such an awful smell in his entire life. He then became curious if the cave had such a trap. Only Hou Jinchang was the instructor who had first-hand experience, so there was no way to know.

    “Let’s go in.”

    Ma Yun walked in and both of them walked into the Chief’s office on the first floor. Hou Jinchang was talking with Lee Hameng. Lee Hameng looked surprised when Yeowun walked in.


    He had met Yeowun about three hours ago, but after the fifth test, there was a faint hint of demonic presence coming out from Yeowun now.

    ‘…So, what Instructor Hou said was true.’

    He couldn’t believe it. He too had gone into Demon Seal Cave in the past, but he couldn’t find anything other than traps. He too knew about the rumor.

    [Only the one who has the ‘right’ will be given a chance to face the demon hidden in the cave.]

    It was an old myth and nobody really took it seriously as no one faced the said ‘demon’ in hundreds of years. But beginning with the sword skill that Yeowun had learned, the demonic presence coming from Yeowun confirmed it.

    ‘Maybe we have the true…’

    “Hmph, Chief.”

    Hou Jinchang coughed and Lee Hameng snapped out of his thoughts.

    “Oh, isn’t it Leader Chun. Or, shall I say, Master Chun?”

    Lee Hameng took out the golden medal from his desk and gave it to Yeowun. The medal had the letter M engraved into it. Yeowun was now promoted onto the next rank, reaching the master rank within the cult. Yeowun bowed.

    “Thank you.”

    “Congratulations on passing the fifth test. You are now officially a top warrior of the cult.”

    Lee Hameng seemed to be glad to see that Yeowun had grown so powerful. He was a mere kid who could be expelled at any given moment, but he was now powerful enough for even the elders to be wary of him.

    ‘…I shouldn’t have let that drunkard take him.’

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    If Yeowun really won the competition and became the heir, then Right Guardian Submeng would be given the honor of being the first to have an apprentice who had become a Lord. It was too late to take Yeowun in as an apprentice anymore, so it was too late.

    “Congratulations, Master Chun.”

    Ma Yun bowed to Yeowun. Yeowun was now a higher rank than the instructors. The only one who was higher ranked than him was Lee Hameng, and Hou Jinchang was now at the same rank.

    “Here you go.”

    Hou Jinchang gave a small wooden box that contained the black dragon ball, and something else.


    “It’s a dagger given to every master rank warriors within the cult.”

    The dagger was lavishly decorated with leather scabbard also created with fine craftmanship. When he opened the box, it revealed a short but sharp blade.

    “It’s made with cold steel.”

    There was a small etching that said ‘Demonic Cult’ on the blade, with a hint of sword qi from the etch. It seemed like it was etched by a warrior.

    “That etching is left by the Lord himself. It is a gift given directly from the Lord, only given to masters.”

    Hou Jinchang spoke proudly, but Yeowun became cold. It was maybe an honor to ordinary cadets or cultists, but it wasn’t for him. Yeowun placed the dagger on his belt. He had the urge to throw it away right now, but he couldn’t do it in front of Lee Hameng the Left Guardian, or the other instructors. He then changed the subject to hide his feelings.

    “So, can I be informed of the sixth test?”

    Lee Hameng grinned. Maybe the sixth test was the best one that Yeowun might have been waiting for. The sixth test that was issued less than ten times in the entire history of the academy was only given when the cadet was at the level of superior warrior. This was why most cadets weren’t even given the chance before graduating from the academy. And this was why Lee Hameng also skipped mentioning this test on the first day of the academy. After 70 years, there was finally one worthy enough to take the test.

    “Master Chun. You have the right to take the test.”

    ‘Finally…! The sixth test!’

    ‘I didn’t think I would see it in my days!’

    Instructors were excited. Even Hou Jinchang, who had worked for the longest time within the academy, never saw any cadets who earned the right to take the sixth test.

    “The sixth is to challenge our finest warriors, or our elders. You must challenge one of them.”

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    Yeowun’s eyes began to shake.

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