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    Chapter 118: Secret of Demon Seal Cave (5)


    Yeowun was dumbfounded when he heard it. He had stayed in such a state for such a long time, but it was actually an instant. He still had the night vision mode on his sight, that proved it wasn’t for too long.

    ‘How long have I been inside in this cave then?’

    [Little less than an hour, Master.]


    Yeowun then sighed in relief. He was worried if he failed by not keeping within the time limit, but that wasn’t the case.

    ‘So, it wasn’t as long then. What happened to me anyway?’

    He couldn’t understanwhat he experienced. Yeowun then asked Nano again, ‘Did I just fall down? And that’s it?’

    [No, Master. When you grabbed the sword, dark plasma energy came in through the body. It kicked up the usage of master’s neuron cells to 100% instantly.]

    Human brains were activated by the individual depending on what the human was doing. There was no way the brain would be activated at 100% at any time. Nano wasn’t finished there.

    [The dark plasma energy was absorbed into the body, mixed with the internal energy, and became one.]

    ‘What? It became one with my internal energy?’

    Yeowun then checked the flow of his internal energy. He felt a different type of energy within his body. It had the terrifying darkness that he felt when he fought against the dragon serpent.

    ‘How did it become corrupt like this?’

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    It was hard to understand, but it was certain that it was because of him holding onto that black sword.


    Yeowun then realized he couldn’t find the black sword. He thought he had dropped it to the ground, so he used his foot to search through the water, but it was empty below.

    [Please check your wrist.]


    Yeowun then raised his both arms up and checked.

    “W-what is this?!”

    Both his wrists were covered by black metal pieces that were shaped like armguards. Certainly they were the metal pieces that formed the black sword.

    ‘Why are these on my arm?’

    Yeowun tried to unequip them, but they were stuck on his wrist so hard that they wouldn’t come off. Yeowun had powerful strength, but even he couldn’t get it off.

    ‘Is it reacting to my energy then?’

    Yeowun sent the energy to it, but it didn’t even budge. Then what was it going to move at?

    ‘Or maybe…’

    Yeowun then changed direction. He focused to flow the energy through breathing skill of the Sword Force, and the dark energy stored within also came up with it.

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    Yeowun’s entire body began to shine in dark energy, showing a terrifying demonic presence. It was as if the black dragon serpent was here. At that moment, the black metal pieces scattered and gathered together to form the shape of the sword. The black sword then fell into Yeowun’s right hand.


    Yeowun was astonished. He was able to see that the black sword, shining in its deep black blade, was a powerful sword. He was then able to confirm that this ‘Sky Demon Sword’ was the real treasure left by Father Chun Ma.

    ‘Let’s give it a try.’

    Yeowun then walked to the wall of the blue stone. If this sword was gift from the Father Chun Ma, then it would surely hold up against the power of Sword Force of the Sky Demon. Yeowun then readied to unleash his power and sent the energy into the sword to create force qi.


    Yeowun’s eyes grew large. His force qi was not blue anymore. Just like the man in his illusion, his force qi was dark. And the force qi unleashed ominous aura from it. Yeowun then swung the black sword-wielding dark force qi at the wall.

    The wall was cut down as if it was like a paper. It was amazing.

    “How is this even possible…? Just the force qi is…”

    Yeowun was shocked by his own energy that was so powerful beyond his imagination.

    ‘If then!’

    Yeowun then used the first formation of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon. His black sword unleasehd the twenty-four sword movements, slicing through the blue pearl stone. As the stone pieces crumbled down, the black sword shined in its perfect state.

    At the entrance of the Demon Seal Cave, a ragged building covered up the underground staircase just like the entrance. Three instructors who were waiting at the exit were curious. If Yeowun was at the superior level, it should have taken him less than an hour to come out from this exit, but they didn’t see any signs of Yeowun coming out even after two hours.

    “I hope nothing happened in there.”

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    Instructor Yun Jawun spoke and Hou Jinchang narrowed his eyes. The traps within the cave were dangerous enough for grandmaster level warriors, but it was nothing too dangerous for superior level warriors as one could just defend oneself with an energy shield.

    ‘Is he…?’

    Hou Jinchang then turned to the pedestal with the name on it. The cave was known to contain a sealed demon. It turned into a place of the fifth test now, but a long time ago, this place was a place only those who had the ‘rights’ could enter.

    ‘I heard the rule changed after the Sword Demon created the Demonic Academy here.’

    Most instructors did not know who created the academy. And it was then when two-hour time limit was almost up.


    They didn’t feel anything, but the ragged door to the building opened and someone showed up. It was Chun Yeowun.


    Instructors immediately pinched their nose at the foul smell coming from within. Yeowun’s body and clothes which were wet with dark and sticky liquid let out the foul stench. Even Hou Jinchang, who rarely showed emotion, made it seem like it was too much to bear, and hid his nose under his arm.

    “…C-congrulations, Master Chun Yeowun, on passing the fifth test.”

    “Thank you.”

    He barely passed the test. He almost went over the time limit, but no instructors here were worried that Yeowun would not pass anyway.


    Hou Jinchang’s eyes turned to something that Yeowun was holding onto.

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    ‘What is that?’

    Yeowun’s hand had a white club-like thing that was as big as human arm. It looked like the horn of a young deer.

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