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    Chapter 117: Secret of Demon Seal Cave (4)

    Yeowun couldn’t feel anything within the darkness. He wanted to speak, but his voice didn’t come out and he couldn’t hear any sound. Such darkness usually gave fear to people, but this darkness was really comfortable for Yeowun as if he was a baby in a womb. When Yeowun was almost seeping into such comfortable darkness, he snapped out and came back to his senses.

    ‘No! I can’t let this darkness consume me.’

    Yeowun then called to Nano.

    ‘Nano! Nano!’

    But Nano did not answer. If he was going to be caught up in this darkness, then there was a chance that he might fail the fifth test.

    ‘What should I do?’

    Unlike Yeowun’s uneasiness, the darkness was very calm and quiet. Yeowun then focused on trying to find his senses back.

    ‘If I can think, my body still remains intact. Let’s focus.’

    This was easy. He couldn’t feel anything, so it was like finding needle in a haystack to find his senses. After a while, Yeowun who as focusing on finding his senses, now changed to going through the breathing method of Sky Force of the Sky Demon. This happened when he had his hand on the black sword, so this was his last resort. In the timeless darkness, there came a change. The darkness began to twist and stormed into one point where it was sucking everything in.

    ‘Is it coming into me?’

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    Yeowun was able to feel it clearly. The vast darkness that tried to consume him was now being sucked in. It was so fast that it was as if the darkness was all but imagination. And when the darkness was sucked in entirely, the entire place turned into a white area.

    The area trembled, and the surface below turned into a water srfuace and something shot up from behind. It had beautiful, pearl white scales that had a shape of a white dragon. But it was too small to be a dragon and it had small horns.

    ‘Dragon serpent?’

    It was similar to the black dragon serpent he saw earlier, except it had white scales and horns. The white dragon serpent then looked up and roared. It was roar that had enough holy energy to shake the entire space. As its body moved, the scales squirmed and Yeowun saw it growing in size.

    ‘Is it growing?’

    The horn also began to grow longer, looking like if it was going to turn into a true dragon. But when the dragon moved, the area around it thundered and trembled. The surface also shook like a sea under a huge storm. It was then — with the sound of something being cut down, the white dragon serpent screamed in agony.


    The reason was at the horn. Someone had cut down the dragon serpent’s horn. The white dragon serpent screamed and twisted its large body and the white scales soon turned black. Its yellow eyes turned red and the man who had a black robe walked up to him with a satisfied look.


    The man had a black sword in his hand, and it was certain that it was the sword that said it was the Sky Demon Sword that Yeowun grabbed before being locked up in the darkness. The dragon serpent became infuriated and charged at the man. That’s when the man ‘s black sword unleashed dark force qi.

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    ‘That’s a force qi?’

    He had never seen such dark force qi. The man charged at the dragon serpent, unleashed a powerful sword formation, and stormed him. When the man dashed past the dragon serpent, its head had turned into many pieces.

    ‘Sword Force of the Sky Demon!’

    Yeowun was able to recognize what this sword force was. It was the third formation of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon. But it was much more powerful than when he used it himself.

    Black blood soared up from the place where its head was cut off, covering the surface in black. The man then struck his black sword down on the dragon serpent. And when he did, something black shot up from it and was sucked into the sword. The man looked down at the sword and spoke.

    “This will take a long time. Then it is not for me.”

    And at that moment, the man turned to the direction where Yeowun was at.


    As he met the black eyes of the man, Yeowun’s sight quickly spun and distorted.


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    And Yeowun quickly got up with the foul stench coming through his mouth and nose. It wasn’t sure when, but he had dropped into the black ooze.

    “Ugh! Uuuuugh!”

    He even swallowed a few sips, but it was so disgusting. If it was poisonous, Nano would have extracted it out, but it seemed like it was okay. However, it was still hard to get used to the stench.

    [Are you okay, Master?]


    Yeowun then looked around. There was black liquid, and the wall was faint blue in color.

    “I-I’m back…”

    He didn’t know what just happened. It was too clear to be considered an illusion as he clearly remembered staying for a long time in the darkness while watching black-robed man killing the dragon serpent.


    When he realized he was back, he thought of what was most important. He had spent a long time in the darkness that maybe he had passed the time limit again. Yeowun asked Nano, ‘Nano, how long was I out?’

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    [You did not passed out, Master. You fell down when you held the sword.]

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