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    Chapter 116: Secret of Demon Seal Cave (3)

    The black dragon serpent charged at Yeowun. He quickly took steps to avoid being attacked, but the dragon serpent quickly followed Yeowun. Each time its fang struck the wall, the wall crumbled down. Yeowun had to be on the move entire time to not get struck by the dragon serpent’s powerful attack.

    ‘The cave might fall down.’

    It was weird that the cave was still holding up. It wasn’t sure how such a large dragon serpent was locked up here, but it looked like it was possible for the dragon serpent to just make a hole through the cave to escape.

    ‘Maybe the entire place beyond that wall is made out of blue pearl stone?’

    If it was, then there was no way for dragon serpent to escape from it. If this went on, the cave was going to collapse. And if it did, then Yeowun was going to do die.

    ‘I have no choice. Let’s lure it into the stone room.’

    Yeowun then ran through the cave wall with his running skill, circling around and the snake moved his body to catch up to Yeowun.

    ‘It’s following!’

    When snake also turned to follow Yeowun, its large body came out of the hole and filled the entire cavern as if it was nesting in it. And when the entrance was open again, Yeowun kicked off and charged into the room. The inside of it was very humid, different from ice-cold cave outside.


    There was water about knee height below. But it had the smell of a foul stench that made him even get a headache. If he didn’t have night vision mode on, he just would have considered it water. As he held up his leg, he felt the ooze sticking upon him. The liquid was black in color, but it was hard to recognize what it was. But before he can think about what this liquid was, the dragon serpent’s head charged in through the hole.


    Yeowun jumped up. But with the sticky ooze pulling him, his running skill couldn’t speed him up as it would normally do.


    There was no way the dragon serpent will miss the chance of its prey hanging in the air. Yeowun then changed his way. If he had no way to run, then he had to fight it. Yeowun gathered force qi on his hand and unleashed the third formation of Sword Force of the Sky Demon at the dragon serpent. This was the only formation he could use when he was not standing on the ground.

    Twenty-four movements were unleashed, causing storm as it struck the dragon serpent.


    Yeowun was shocked. When his force qi struck the monster, the sound of metal clashing rang out in the room. The dragon serpent then roared and churned in rage. It was so powerful that Yeowun was thrown back before he could finish the entire formation.

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    He was struck at the other end of the wall and fell to the sticky water. The wall, however, was unscratched, unlike the wall outside, proving it was created from blue pearl stone. The harsh stone inflicted pain on his back.


    If his body wasn’t strengthened while learning the fourth formation of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon, he would have broken bones or muscles.

    ‘I can’t damage it even with the Sword Force.’

    The dragon serpent seemed it had taken no damage. Yeowun looked at the snake coming to him.

    ‘What should I do?’

    If the Sword Force did not work, then it meant the snake had a stronger density in its body. He had never thought about fighting a monster in myth. It was despair.


    That’s when he found something strange. As the dragon serpent came at him with moving his large body, the water below him did not move.

    ‘Wait a minute…’

    The water was still up to Yeowun’s knee. If that large monster came charging in, then it should have raised the water level, but it was the same. Yeowun ordered Nano.

    ‘Nano, activate augmented reality.’

    [Yes, Master.]

    With Nano’s voice, Yeowun saw white lights describing things he was seeing. Yeowun narrowed his eyes There was nothing showing next to the giant dragon serpent. There was only a number that showed the flow of energy and a drawing that looked like a wave.

    ‘Nano, what is this wave sign?’

    [It is a graph that shows dark plasma energy within this entire room.]

    ‘Plasma energy?’

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    [The energy within the room fused through abnormal rate of growth, creating an unexplained phenomenon. It is what many deem as – spiritual encounter.]

    ‘This is a spiritual encounter?’

    [Warning! Atmospheric sprite phenomenon is approaching!]


    Dragon serpent then charged at Yeowun again and Yeowun kicked up twice as hard, to free himself from the sticky ooze. As Yeowun dodged the attack of dragon serpent, Yeowun was able to see that the dragon serpent did not have a material body. Yeowun asked Nano, ‘Nano, do you know what this thing I am looking at?’

    [Twenty-four metal pieces are hovering over with strong plasma energy radiating out from them.]


    Yeowun was shocked. He was looking at the dragon serpent, but Nano was seeing at something entirely different. Yeowun’s guess was right.

    ‘Metal pieces? So, it’s not a dragon serpent then?’

    [No, Master.]

    Yeowun then became hesitant. He could only see a terrifying dragon serpent.

    ‘So, if I get rid of those metal pieces, will that illusion go away?’

    Yeowun couldn’t run away from it forever. He had to fight against it even if that was the answer. Yeowun then ordered Nano.

    ‘Nano, show me the location of those metal pieces you speak of.’

    [Yes, Master.]

    Yeowun then saw two fangs, two eyes, and spikes over the dragon serpent’s head shining with the red dots.


    He then realized the location of these red dots were weird. If he were to use twenty-four sword movements of the Sword Art of the Sky Demon, it was exactly the point where these red dots were located at, as if that was its intention.

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    ‘Wait… this is what the Father Chun Ma prepared then?’

    He wasn’t sure why these metal pieces were located there, but if one knew the sword movements of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon, it was possible to strike the exact spots. Yeowun glared at red dots. Dragon serpent charged at him terrifyingly. Yeowun had trained in the basic movements of the Sword Force for three entire years. With him at the superior level, it was possible to unleash all twenty-four movements almost at once.


    Yeowun’s body left a trace as it divided into twenty-four traces of Yeowun moving through to strike all the red dots. Sounds of metal clashes rang through the room. As his word struck through the red dot, the dragon serpent shot through Yeowun. He had to be inside the dragon serpent, but he couldn’t see anything when he dropped down.

    ‘I did it!’

    Yeowun then turned.

    “So… this was it!”

    In the air, he saw the twenty-four black metal pieces hovering there, moving slightly.

    “What is this anyway?”

    As Yeowun got up to see it, something weird happened. The twenty-four pieces immediately began to gather up and combined themselves into one. Its shape mirrored that of a sword.


    It was a dark sword that glowed while still hovering in the air. Yeowun was speechless at such a mysterious scene and carefully walked to the sword. He then saw the engraving on the blade.

    [Sky Demon Sword]

    “Sky Demon Sword?”

    That was the name of the sword. But the Sky Demon Sword was a famous sword that symbolized the Lord of the Demonic Cult, and that was held by the Lord himself. Then what was this sword? Yeowun then reached out and grabbed the sword.

    And soon as he grabbed on it, mysterious dark energy ran through him.

    “W-what is this?!”

    Yeowun was shocked and tried to let go, but the energy had consumed him already.

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    A strange sensation grasped him and his face turned black, and Yeowun had fallen to the ground on his knees in pain. Soon, Yeowun’s world turned entirely dark. It was like the depth itself.

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