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    Chapter 115: Secret of Demon Seal Cave (2)

    The writing was so large that it was hard to recognize what it said from close up. And the writing was written with a sword.

    ‘This writing…’

    It was the same writing style that was written on blue pearl stone pedestal. Surely this was written by Father Chun Ma.

    ‘Does this mean something is sealed behind it?’

    Yeowun then realized the name of this cave was Demon Seal Cave, meaning it sealed a demon. He just thought it was a generic name, but he came to the realization that there was something more to it.

    ‘Then is there something sealed behind this giant wall?’

    It seemed like the secret was beyond this wall. And it was then.

    ‘It’s that sound again!’

    He heard the growling sound of an animal again, but it was much clearer than before. The sound came from beyond the wall. Yeowun looked down at his arms that had goosebumps. He had become very rational after entering the superior level, but this cry gave him the feeling of a demonic presence.

    ‘Should I not touch it?’

    He became hesitant as he might unleash something that he could not control with his curiosity. But he also thought of this.

    ‘…But why would he leave the location of a place on a treasure map?’

    The map was drawn as if there was something really important hidden at the location. Yeowun didn’t have much time to hesitate as he was in the middle of the test.


    Yeowun took a deep breath.

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    ‘If it is left by Father Chun Ma, it can never be too bad.’

    Yeowun then got up to the wall and took out his blade. As he concentrated on the blade, the force qi was wielded on his blade.


    Yeowun’s blade then struck the wall multiple times. Debris and dust kicked up, hiding the sight, but Yeowun kept on going for a while and took a few steps back afterward.

    ‘Did it work?’

    Yeowun swung his arm, and the energy created a storm to wash away the specks of dust. Yeowun’s eyes widened.


    The stone wall stood still. There were blade marks, but they still stood strong.


    He then saw that the depth of the marking was shallower than that of the writing left by Father Chun Ma.

    “This wall…”

    Yeowun was dumbfounded and Nano spoke to him.

    [The durability of the wall is equal to the blue pearl stone.]


    He then realized the stone was faintly blue. He walked closer, and the fresh blade marks were much clearer in blue.

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    ‘It’s not equal in durabililty. This IS blue pearl stone.’

    It was covered with other stone, but inside was blue pearl stone.


    Yeowun then took a deep breath.

    ‘Then that’s the only way.’

    He had to unleash a sword formation powerful enough to destroy the blue pearl stone. He didn’t think the first target to use ‘that’ formation he learned only recently was a blue pearl stone wall. Yeowun then changed his grip on the blade and changed it to that of a sword.

    ‘Fourth formation of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon.’

    He was barely able to use the fourth formation after entering the superior level. It was so powerful that he thought he would never have the chance to use against most people, but this was the only way to destroy this wall at once.

    Yeowun readied and the air began to churn as if it would explode. Yeowun then charged forward, sending twenty-four sword movements as one, striking the wall like a lightning thrown from a thunder god.

    With a large explosion, the cave shook. The entire cave was covered in dust immediately. Yeowun was already seven steps back from the wall. The debris and dust kicked up were so much that he had to run back immediately after he destroyed it.

    That’s when the entire blade he held cracked and turned into dust. The blade couldn’t withstand the power used through the formation.

    ‘I need a sword that can withstand the Sword Force of the Sky Demon.’

    Yeowun shook his head. As he waved his hand from top to bottom, the dust was pushed down. Yeowun saw a giant hole on the blue pearl stone wall.

    ‘I did it!’

    He then tried to walk in but stopped at chilling evil energy seeping out from it. He had not felt such demonic energy at once that even Yeowun at the superior level was terrified.

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    He also smelled a foul stench. It was the smell that he caught at the entrance to the cave. He then hesitated a bit and walked closer to the hole. That’s when Nano’s voice rang quickly.

    [Warning! Warning! Detecting rise of plasma energy level within range! Atmospheric sprite incoming.]


    It was then, Yeowun heard the growling of the animal right in front of him. The light flashed and something threw Yeowun to the back.


    Yeowun was thrown far back into the wall. He looked back dumbfoundedly. Something had attacked him, and he couldn’t even react to it. This was not something that a normal human could do.

    ‘What is it? I couldn’t even block it.’

    He then heard the sound of an animal again. Yeowun then quickly jumped up and dodged it. The wall where Yeowun was at was struck by something and dust kicked up. He would have struck if he didn’t run in time. He then saw the long and giant shadow of the animal.

    ‘What is this…?’

    Yeowun was shocked to see if this was real. It had dark and glistening scales, with the smell of rotting blood. The head that was growing was as big as a human’s body, and it looked like a snake. But there were hundreds of black spikes above its head. As Yeowun looked at the long body that ran from the inside of the wall to another side, he mumbled, “Dragon serpent…”

    It was the dragon serpent that Yeowun saw in old fairytales. The dragon serpent was a snake in the myth that had acquired power but could not become a dragon. The book had described the dragon serpent as a holy beast with white or blue scales that lived in the lake, but this black dragon serpent was more like a terrifying monster.

    ‘Is this real?’

    The black dragon serpent charged at Yeowun with its large mouth.

    ‘It’s fast!’

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    It was giant, but the speed was too fast. Yeowun quickly used his running skills to run across the cave wall, avoiding the dragon serpent’s poisonous fangs. The fangs struck the cave floor, destroying it. The snake then turned and glared at Yeowun with glowing red eyes.

    “Dammit!” Yeowun spat. He destroyed the wall in hopes of finding treasure left by Father Chun Ma, but in fact, he had awakened the demon sealed in the Demon Seal Cave.

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