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    Chapter 113: Master is back (4)

    “By the gods…”

    “What am I looking at right now?”

    Ko Wanghur and the crew were lost for words as to what they were seeing. There were nineteen injured cadets in pile, with their limbs snapped. And there was a young man with blue bandana over his head, piling them up in one place.

    “Hu Bong.”

    “What is going on here?”

    Ja Wumin also became confused. All of them ran since it didn’t feel good, but this was not something they expected.

    “Oh! Mun Ku!”

    “Who? Who is that?!”

    They saw Mun Ku excitedly talking to a long-haired, pale young man. Below them was a man with his right arm cut off and a crushed face that they couldn’t figure out who it was.

    “W-wait. Maybe…”


    They only saw the long-haired man. It had been three years and two months, but there was no way they would not recognize their master.


    Ko Wanghur quickly ran up to him and knelt down on one knee. All other members followed Ko Wanghur and kneeled also. Wanghur bowed and shouted, “First Sword Wanghur at your service!!”

    Mun Ku then knelt down quickly and shouted, “Second Sword Mun Ku at your service!”

    Third was Bakgi, but he didn’t kneel.

    ‘How can he be so different in just three years?’

    Bakgi had grown powerful that he felt even the instructors of academy were weak. But when he saw Chun Yeowun, it was hard for him to breathe at the difference in power. It was as if he was facing the Chief of the Academy, Lee Hameng.

    ‘Yeowun… you are…’

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    Bakgi then felt that Yeowun was at the superior level. He had agreed on joining Yeowun, but he never accepted Yeowun as his superior. But with such power, there was no choice but to accept it. Bakgi then fell down on one knee and shouted, “Third Sword Bakgi at your service!!”

    This was the first time Bakgi showed such a reaction. Every cadet became surprised as they didn’t expect Bakgi to ever act like this. Hou Sangwha smiled too.

    “Fourth Sword Hou Sangwha at your service!”

    All the other cadets bowed to Yeowun in turn. Their shaking eyes and tears were enough to show their excitement in seeing Yeowun after a long time. Yeowun bowed at them and answered, “Thank you all for waiting.”

    At that, his crew shouted in joy.

    “Whoaaaaaa!!! Master is back!!”

    Yeowun smiled. Ko Wanghur then asked, “Master, who is he?”

    He couldn’t recognize the man slumped down on the ground. Mun Ku replied, “It’s Chun Kungwun from the Sword Clan.”

    “Chun Kungwun??”

    Ko Wanghur and the other cadets were shocked to hear this. Chun Kungwun was one of the top three individuals within the academy in terms of strength, even when considering all the instructors.

    “D-did you do that?”

    “Oh, this fool was Chun Kungwun?”

    So, he had made a grand return. This would surely throw Kungwun out of the competition for the heirship.

    ‘Hah! That’s what you deserve!’

    Most of the cadets who were annoyed at Kungwun who had been forcing them to join him became excited.

    “Hehe. He was no match against our master.”

    Hu Bong spoke with a grin. Like Bakgi, established grandmaster Ko Wanghur, also knew about it, but he didn’t speak of it first because he was just too glad to see the master again.

    “Master! …D-did you reach the superior level?”

    Every cadet turned to Yeowun in silence. Yeowun then looked back at them and smiled with a nod. His crew then shouted louder than ever.

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    “M-master is now a superior warrior?!”

    “I can’t believe it!”

    They were worried about Yeowun’s prolonged closed room training period. If Yeowun stayed longer due to not having understanding, then it meant he was being left behind on the competition. But the result of the prolonged stay led him to reach the superior level, so that was surely worth it. The only superior warriors within the cult were the three guardians and twelve elders.

    ‘He will truly change our cult!’

    ‘Our choice wasn’t wrong!’

    In the Demonic Cult, power was the best way to prove oneself. With Yeowun becoming a superior level warrior, his members now trusted him more than ever. After Yeowun and his crew moved Chun Kungwun and his crew to medical room, they talked about what had happened outside.

    Yeowun’s return had caused a shock within the academy.

    ‘Maybe he really will become the next Lord!’

    ‘But we have Chun Muyeon too.’

    ‘What did he do? Nothing!’

    ‘It’s crazy! We might have a Lord coming from a non-six clan for the first time!’

    Chun Yeowun had defeated five out of the six princes by himself already. He had proved everything. And with this, it became a concern to Chun Muyeon’s group. The biggest obstacle they had for Muyeon to become the heir was now Chun Yeowun. But Chun Muyeon himself was uninterested and only focused on increasing his power.

    At the Chief’s office in the main building, Lee Hameng also heard of Yeowun’s return. He also heard that Yeowun defeated Chun Kungwun and his crew and had cut his arms. He had heard the report of the patients in the medical room already. He also heard one piece of news that was almost unbelievable.

    “Estimated to be at the superior level?”

    The middle-aged man reporting to him was an instructor who was in charge of the closed rooms. The closed room building entrance doors could only be opened from the outside, so the instructor was there to open the door for last trainee. This allowed him to watch Yeowun fight. The instructor was certain of Yeowun’s power.

    “In my honest opinion, I am certain. I saw him use the Force of Energy with my own two eyes,” the instructor firmly said. Lee Hameng was shocked. He didn’t expect to hear such news, since all he expected was to see Yeowun at end stage of the grandmaster level.

    ‘Superior level…?’

    In all the history of the Demonic Academy, no one ever entered the superior level. This was not just something that was possible from being talented.

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    ‘Maybe a storm is coming to our cult…’

    He had high hopes for Yeowun’s tremendous growth rate, but it felt like he was going to bring such change about. Yeowun’s power was now something that the six clans could always deal with if they wanted. Lee Hameng’s eyes grew large and the instructor asked, “Chief, are there any problems, sir?”

    “So… it was real.”


    Lee Hameng, a supreme level warrior, had a sense of energy that expanded over entire building. And one with such power had just entered the building. If he didn’t hear the report just now, he would have thought one of elders had came for him. And the one with such power now stood in front of his door.

    “Chief, Squad Leader Chun Yeowun is requesting to meet you.”


    The instructor who reported was surprised. This meant that the person he was reporting was now here.

    “Let him in.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    The door opened and Chun Yeowun with long black hair and pale face came in. He had tied his long hair up so it will not fall below his neck. He had hid his qi, that weaker ones cannot sense but Lee Hameng was able to sense it clearly.

    ‘It is true that he had entered supreme level.’

    Lee Hameng got up and walked up to him with intrigued look.

    “Leader Chun. This is unbelievable.”

    “Long time no see, sir.”

    Yeowun was no more a mere kid. And Yeowun, who was looking at Lee Hameng was thinking of something different.

    ‘I didn’t know back then, but he’s really powerful.’

    Looking at Lee Hameng, it now showed clear difference in power. If his guess was right, Lee Hameng was established supreme level, stronger than Yeowun.

    “So, why are you here?”

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    Yeowun then bowed at Lee Hameng and spoke.

    “I want to take the fifth test.”

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