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    Chapter 112: Master is back (3)

    It was Chun Yeowun. He had long hair that reached down to his waist, and his face had turned to that of a man with strong facial features. His face was pale as he had been locked up in the closed room, but it matched his cold glare.


    Hu Bong became teary at meeting his master after three years.

    ‘You are late, Prince Chun.’

    Mun Ku’s face also brightened up. But Chun Kungwun, the Prince of the Sword Clan, was shocked.

    ‘This can’t be…’

    The invisible force that threw those three cadets was the Control of Force Energy that only superior level warriors like Lee Hameng or Submeng could use. If the power was so strong that it restricted established master-level warriors from moving, it meant that the internal energy behind it was tremendous.

    ‘It’s impossible. Did he really become superior level warrior?!’

    He couldn’t believe it. He had spent two years to understand the ways of becoming grandmaster, but reaching the superior level was an entirely different thing. Kungwun shook his head.

    ‘No, this can’t be. He must have done some tricks. And even if it is true, I can’t let him walk away from that and bring shame to my honor!’

    With the situation taking a drastic turn, it was now an heirship competition. He couldn’t just back away and accept that he was weaker than Yeowun. Kungwun shouted, “What are you waiting for?! Attack him!”


    Kungwun’s members then took out their weapons and charged.

    “You can’t do that!”

    “How can you attack one person with a group!”

    Mun Ku and Hu Bong tried to block the attackers, but Kungwun didn’t let them.

    “You aren’t going anywhere!”

    Kungwun charged at Mun Ku who then began to fight against Chun Kungwun. The fight between two grandmasters looked equal, but Mun Ku had to focus all her concentration.

    “Fool! A weaker clan member like you should never cross lines with us!”

    Kungwun’s right-hand man, Sim Jingu, charged toward Hu Bong. It seemed like he was an established master-level warrior.

    ‘I should at least take him on, so that Master can fight the rest with ease!’

    Hu Bong fought back against Sim Jingu. Seeing the use of master-level sword art, or the Sword of Illusion, Sim Jingu was surprised. However, even without the two of them, the other fifteen cadets charged against Yeowun.

    “Let go of our members!”

    Yeowun was still pushing down the three cadets with his powers. Even when he was attacked by over ten cadets, he didn’t even seem to be scared.

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    ‘Why is he so calm?’

    Another one of Kungwun’s members, Kingpo, became concerned and he soon realized why. As Yeowun raised his hand, three cadets were raised up into the air.


    Yeowun threw the three of them in front of him like a shield, and the cadets quickly retrieved their swords to stop themselves from attacking their own people.

    “How dare you!”


    They thought Yeowun was using them as a shield, but they weren’t a shield at all.

    “If you want them, then take them back.”


    As Yeowun gestured to push those three cadets, they were thrown at the other cadets like a cannonball.


    “T-take them!”

    They tried to take three of them, but they wielded powerful energy that all of them were thrown back instead.



    And those who were thrown spat blood and couldn’t move from the internal energy. Six out of the eighteen were out from the battle at once.

    “Is… is he really a superior warrior?’

    Everyone here realized that Yeowun’s power was tremendous. Even by just standing, they felt the difference in power. Yeowun took a step and everyone flinched. They were all fear stricken.

    ‘This is impossible. We will not defeat him, even with the help of our prince.’

    Kingpo was certain that no one here could defeat Chun Yeowun. He was also a grandmaster level warrior, but he couldn’t find any weaknesses.

    ‘We must retreat.’

    He thought he shouldn’t continue further and shouted, “P-prince! We lost! We will fall back!”

    “You all started it first, so you can’t end it whenever you want to,” Yeowun seethed. He had no intention of letting them go for attacking his members.

    “If you give us no choice, then we will… UGH!”

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    Yeowun reached Kingpo before he can finish talking. Nobody could even track his movements. Kingpo tried to swing his sword, but it was too late.

    “You talk too much.”


    Yeowun’s fist struck his chest, and Kingpo was thrown way back with the sound of his chest crushing. Kingpo focused his energy to defend, but it was no use.


    Bloody bubbles foamed in Kingpo’s mouth and he passed out. Since Kingpo, a grandmaster level warrior was overpowered by just one punch, the other cadets were so shocked that they couldn’t even move.

    “It’s your turn now.”

    Chun Kungwun frowned. They fought with over twenty formations, but he couldn’t overpower Mun Ku yet.

    ‘How can he use such powerful martial arts with such a weak-looking body!’

    Mun Ku was shorter and smaller than most men, but she was powerful with her clan’s martial art: Fist of the Black Dragon.

    ‘Should I use the force qi?’

    He needed more powerful attack methods, but using the force qi would require him to finish it within three formations, or else it will deplete his internal energy and he would lose. However, he also had to deal with Chun Yeowun after that.

    ‘Don’t blame me. This is what you wanted by not coming to me!’

    Kungwun then brought up his all of his energy, and his sword shined blue.

    “Force qi?!”

    Mun Ku saw the blue light and took some steps back. She could fight barehanded against sword qi, but force qi was different. She was established grandmaster level, but couldn’t maintain force qi over one formation due to lack of internal energy.

    ‘I have to get away.’

    ‘You can’t get away!’

    Kungwun charged forward to close in on Mun Ku. With the sword movement and force qi unleashed upon her, she had no other way than to bring up her own force qi over her hands.

    When the two powerful formations clashed, it created cracks on the ground between them. It was so powerful that it cracked the stone ground. And after the first formation, Kungwun moved onto the next formation.

    Mun Ku became pale. After using all her energy, her force qi lost its light. Kungwun shouted, “I will take your arm!”

    Kungwun’s sword struck down on her right arm. But then…


    Kungwun frowned. Chun Yeowun, who suddenly appeared between them, had grabbed Kungwun’s sword with his bare hand.

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    Mun Ku shouted in joy as she saw Yeowun’s back. Yeowun’s hand was covered in blue force qi.

    “How did you…!”

    Kungwun tried to pull back his sword, but the sword did not even budge.

    ‘What’s with this strength!’

    And even without the power, Yeowun’s physical strength was like a monster.

    “How? Are you asking about those pieces of trash?”

    Yeowun pointed to the back. Kungwun then saw nineteen of his cadets all passed out on the ground, with their limbs snapped weirdly.


    Hu Bong was piling them up like a heap of garbage in one place.

    ‘…He defeated all of them after such a short moment?’

    Kungwun was lost for words. His guess was correct in the end.

    “Y…you reached the superior level? UGH!”

    That’s when Kungwun’s sword that held force qi began to crack and shattered. Yeowun glared at him.

    ‘I-I have to run!’

    Kungwun became terrified at such a tremendous amount of power and tried to run.


    Before he could run, he felt a searing pain in his right hand and screamed as he rolled on the ground. He didn’t realize it at first, but his right arm was missing.

    “M-my arm! My arm!! Aaaaaaaargh!”

    Yeowun then stomped on Kungwun who was rolling on the ground and pinned him down.

    “You will pay for wanting something that doesn’t belong to you.”

    Kungwun became pale.


    He begged in fear, but Yeowun smashed his face mercilessly.

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    A few minutes later, at the second-floor medical room of the main building, the room that was quiet for the past three years and two months was suddenly busy with over twenty patients with serious injuries. Doctor Baek Jongmeng was smiling as he mumbled.

    “You’re finally out.”

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