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    Chapter 110: Master is back (1)

    First day of closed room training…

    The building of closed room training was located in the northwestern corner of the Demonic Academy. Yeowun had passed the fourth test by defeating Sang Munyo in the empty lot at the back of the building. The building had a total of sixty rooms, and Chun Yeowun was the first one to request to use it.

    The room was a bit bigger than the private training room Yeowun had been using. The main difference was that there was a bed made out of hay, a jar of grains, and a water pipe that flowed from outside. Yeowun checked inside the jar and checked the amount of grains to be enough to feed himself for four years within the academy.

    ‘I asked for a lot, and they did give me a lot.’

    Yeowun told them that he would only come out once he achieved an acceptable result, and it was prepared accordingly. There was no telling as to how long it might take for him to become a grandmaster level warrior.

    ‘Shall we start with the plan then?’

    He didn’t know long it would take him to become a grandmaster, so he needed to plan things out things ahead of time. Yeowun divided time largely into three periods. Morning, afternoon, and dinner were all assigned to train different things.

    ‘I will practice formation in the morning, duel against avatars in the afternoon, and do breathing at dinner time.’

    Yeowun then started training right away. The first thing he did was request the transfer of every master-level martial arts he scanned from the fourth floor of the library. There was a total of 245 books that he scanned, and it took him a total of four hours to have it all transferred. What’s fortunate was that these were much easier than the Sword Force of the Sky Demon, and it didn’t require a physical transfer, making it possible to use it right away.

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    After transferring all that, Yeowun realized that although these were highly-advanced martial arts skills, they were still lacking compared to Butterfly Blade Dance, Sword Force of the Sky Demon, and the counter sword formation. But it still consisted of martial arts ranging from various areas, not only from a sword or blade that gave huge insight to Yeowun in understanding the basics of martial arts.

    As Yeowun chewed on grains for lunch, he began choosing the first avatar to fight with. He didn’t need to fight Chun Mukeum’s avatar anymore since he had gotten more powerful ones now. He chose the first one.

    ‘Nano, show me an avatar of Chun Yuchan.’

    [Understood, Master. Creating avatar for simulation. Target entity: Chun Yuchan.]

    With Nano’s voice, Yeowun’s eyes shook and he was shown white light transforming into Chun Yuchan. It was just one avatar to begin with, but he planned to increase it along the way.

    ‘The goal is to fight Teacher’s avatar.’

    It was his goal to fight against Right Guardian Submeng’s avatar since Yeowun had recorded Submeng’s movements when he fought against the criminal from the Force of Evil.

    “Let’s do it then!”

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    Yeowun jumped up and charged in toward Yuchan’s avatar. And it was the beginning of his long training inside the closed room.

    A month passed after Yeowun had entered the closed room at the academy. Three more cadets had passed the fourth test. The second cade who passed, as expected by most cadets, was Chun Muyeon from the Wise Clan. Muyeon defeated an instructor on the 7th day. If it wasn’t for Yeowun, Chun Muyeon would have gotten the record of the fastest cadet to pass the fourth test.

    The third cadet who passed the fourth test wasn’t among the princes. It was Mun Ku who defeated Instructor Impeng and passed the fourth test. Everyone saw Mun Ku jumping up and down in excitement after she passed the test. This was the result of her will to get her own room.

    The fourth cadet to pass the test was Chun Kungwun from the Sword Clan. He tried hard to pass the test faster than anyone, but he had prepared for it more carefully, and thus it took him more time to prepare.

    And on the second month after Yeowun entered the closed room, Chun Muyeon also entered the closed room. Chun Kungwun also registered to enter the closed room. And for Mun Ku, she also felt the need to train in the closed room, but Yeowun had asked her and the Six Swords to help train the other weaker members. So, she started focusing on teaching them. And before the second month passed, another cadet passed the fourth test. It was the First Sword of Yeowun, Bakgi. Yeowun’s crew was happy to have a second member pass the fourth test. But Bakgi wasn’t so excited to be second to pass the test when he was the First Sword.

    On the fourth month, Chun Mukeum passed the fourth test. He then soon entered the closed room not long after. And just before the month ended, two more cadets from the Six Swords passed the test. They were Ko Wanghur and Wu Sojung. Cadets expected Ko Wanghur’s results, but Wo Sojung’s was not expected. Wo Sojung had tried hard after losing to a woman, Hou Sangwha, in a match that propelled him to pass the fourth test. Hou Sangwha scoffed at Wo Sojung who smirked at her.


    ‘W-what?! Why am I an idiot?’

    Wo Sojung was not well regarded among the female cadets. After the two of them, there were now five cadets who had failed the test within the academy. And there weren’t any challengers to the instructors for a while.

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    Exactly a year after Yeowun entered the closed room, there were many who passed the fourth test. On the fifth month, Hou Sangwha and Che Takim also passed the fourth test. In addition, there were other cadets who had passed, and one of them was Sama Chak. On the six month, Yeowun’s crew began to have cadets who had now become master level warriors. Ja Wumin, Ojong, Im Yuhan, and Kong Jino all became master warriors.

    And in the tenth month, the number of failed cadets increased to fifteen. Ja Wumin and Im Yuhan had passed the day shortly after. And on the first year, Yeowun’s crew dueled to set the new Six Sword among them. The result altered the rank.

    First Sword – Mun Ku

    Second Sword – Bakgi

    Third Sword – Ko Wanghur

    Fourth Sword – Wu Sojung

    Fifth Sword – Hou Sangwha

    Sixth Sword – Che Takim

    Bakgi tried hard, but he couldn’t defeat Mun Ku in the end. And with over thirty percent of Yeowun’s members entering the master level, all Six Swords went on to enter the closed room.

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