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    Chapter 109: Closed room training (4)

    Jin Guuk also repeated the same name.

    “I have the same one.”

    “Huh? Me too.”

    “Yeah, same here.”


    The Six Swords then became confused. It seemed like they all received the same breathing skill. They thought they might have received different breathing skills just like how they were given different martial art skills, but they were all the same.

    ‘I’ve never heard of it.’

    ‘Force of Mixed Origin…?’

    This was why the Six Swords were confused. They knew most of the martial arts from the high-ranked clans, but they had never heard of such a breathing skill until now.


    As she read through the skills, Mun Ku gasped in astonishment. She was at the established master level other than Yeowun, and she had the highest understanding in martial arts.

    ‘How can there be such a good breathing skill?’

    It showed a way to focus energy in unusual blood points to aid the energy flow. She didn’t want to accept it, but it looked like it was better than her own clan’s breathing skill. The other Six Swords seemed to think the same thing.

    “M-mnaster! Where did you get this from?”

    Che Takim also seemed shocked based on his tone. Yeowun then hesitated on how to answer it. This breathing skill wasn’t from the fourth floor of the library.

    Two days ago, Yeowun was thinking about what breathing skill he should give to his members. There were many breathing skills in the library, and all of them were very good that it was bound to give them great things. The best one was the Sword Force of the Sky Demon, but this was the founding of Father Chun Ma, and Yeowun’s own now. Yeowun asked, ‘Nano, did you analyze enough of the internal energy now?’

    [Analysis about the energy source gained through breathing is still under progress.]

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    ‘Is it?’

    It seemed like the analysis was still not done yet. It was energy that was not proved to exist in future technology, so Nano needed time.

    [I can categorize which breathing skill can efficiently increase the energy within the body.]

    ‘Oh! That’s good. Can you choose one then?’

    [The Sword Force of the Sky Demon has the best effect when used.]

    Yeowun sighed at Nano’s opinion.

    ‘…Yeah, I know. But exclude that.’

    He knew this too. He needed the next best breathing skill second to it.

    [Next is the Breathing of Thousand Martials.]

    ‘Oh, right!’

    Yeowun then remembered that there was the breathing skill he learned from Right Guardian Submeng. But he had to skip this one too.

    ‘I can’t just give out Teacher’s breathing skill to anyone. Hmm…’

    [Next, there is Sample-37.]

    ‘Huh? Sample? What do you mean?’

    [After analyzing Origin of Internal Energy book from the first floor, a sample was created based off the breathing skills found from the first to fourth floor.]

    ‘…Are you saying you just made a breathing skill?’

    [As part of the process of analyzing internal energy, creating multiple samples is necessary.]

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    ‘So, when did you make this?’

    [Sample-37 was created after the breathing skill from fourth floor was analyzed.]


    Therefore, that meant it was created two days ago. Yeowun was so shocked that he didn’t know what to say. He knew Nano was analyzing the internal energy, but he didn’t think Nano would be able to create a breathing skill on its own.

    ‘Did you analyze breathing skill from the Sword Force of the Sky Demon?”

    [The said breathing skill is a mixture of energy caused by movement and breathing, so the analysis is incomplete.]

    The Origin of Internal Energy contained information of energy gained through meditation, breathing, and others but it didn’t have an explanation on the way to gain energy through sword movement. So, Nano lacked information for the analysis.

    ‘Can you teach me that sample then?’

    [Yes, Master.]

    Yeowun then tried using the breathing skill Nano had created, and he was shocked.

    ‘This is impossible.’

    Nano’s breathing skill creation was amazing. In one way, it was better than the Breathing of Thousand Martials. It was very stable in controlling the internal energy flow. It had the ability to work well with any kind of martial arts.

    ‘Good. Let’s keep this.’

    There was no need to think. That’s why Nano’s breathing skill was chosen to give to Yeowun’s members. But he couldn’t leave its name as sample, so Yeowun changed the name.

    ‘What name should I give it?’

    After thinking for a long time, Yeowun named it the Force of Mixed Origin since it was a mixture of many breathing skills.

    “M-master! Where did you find this from?!”

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    “I… found it on the fourth floor of the library.”

    Yeowun couldn’t tell the truth so he lied that he got it from the library.

    “So, there are a lot of treasures hidden in the library!”

    Che Takim spoke with an excited voice and Wanghur also nodded.

    “Maybe it’s a breathing skill from an ancient high-ranked clan.”

    Members believed Yeowun’s claim of finding it at the library easily. They would never imagine that the skill was merely a few days old from the day of its creation. After sorting that out, Yeowun declared to his members, “You should memorize everything in the dormitory tomorrow and discard the books immediately.”

    “Yes, Master.”

    He was worried that having so many book might cause them to be in trouble from the instructors or other cadets.

    “And… I have a request. Six Swords.”

    “No, Master. All you have to do is order us,” Wanghur replied.

    Yeowun glanced at each of them and said, “If you see anyone who needs help, please help them so that they can learn martial arts.”

    He thought there were members who might have a hard time, even with these books. The Six Swords were members from high-ranked clans who trained such martial arts since young, so they had a better foundation and understanding overall.

    “Don’t worry, Master. We’ll help each other.”

    “…Okay. Don’t worry and look after yourselves in there.”

    “I heard teaching is a good way to train. I will do that.”

    Ko Wanghur, Bakgi and Che Takim answered respectively and Yeowun nodded. And his preparation to go into the closed room was almost done. Yeowun looked forward to the day when would come out of the closed room to meet his members who had gotten much more powerful.

    “Then I wish you all good luck.”

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    “Yes, Master!”

    After that night, Chun Yeowun woke up early and went into the closed room to start his training. Among all those cadets who came together to say goodbye, nobody thought that it will take such a long time for Yeowun to come out of it.

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