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    Chapter 108: Closed room training (3)

    After Hu Bong’s heart-touched bow, Chun Yeowun began calling up names to give them copied martial arts books. All cadets were glad to receive three master level martial art books. When four cadets, including Jin Guuk received their book as the first group, they became shocked.


    “W-what is this?”

    All four of them became shocked and Ja Wumin asked them why.

    “What’s up this time?”

    At his question, Jin Guuk flashed the book cover at Ja Wumin. It had the title of the martial art.

    [Sword Art of the Flying Wind]

    It was different from what Hu Bong had received it. It was the sword skill used by a Flying Wind clan, sub-clan of the Sword Clan. Members who did not yet receive their books became confused.

    “I-I got a Great Bear Fist from the Bear Fist Clan.”

    Machil showed the book to others with a dumbfounded look. Just like Jin Guuk, it was different from Hu Bong’s and Jin Guuk’s.

    “What? Bear Fist?”

    Ko Wanghur was shocked. Great Bear Fist Art was the one of most powerful fist art within the cult, equally powerful to Ko Wanghur’s fist clan. The Bear Fist clan was sub-clan to the Wise Clan, that was very powerful in its own. And that wasn’t it.

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    “Uhhh…. This one is different too.”


    All four members received different martial arts books, but each of them were either from the high-ranked clans of the Demonic Cult or that the famous clans from Forces of Justice or Evil. People were shocked. All five members, Hu Bong, Jin Guuk, Machil, Yun Dongchun, Ko Hari had received different books and they all contained master level martial arts.

    “I-it’s all different!”

    “What is this? Is this a dream?”

    “Hey… pinch me. Let me see if I’m not dreaming.”

    It was natural for them to panic. It usually took very long to memorize just one book. When they saw Yeowun giving Hu Bong a total of three books, they were more surprised by his ability to memorize three books. But when considering all these different books, it showed that Yeowun had memorized 15 books in just six hours.


    ‘NO way… that can’t be.’

    Some cadets were lost for words, and one of them was Hou Sangwha. She was one of cadets who was at the second and the third floor of the library when Yeowun came in to scan the books. Just like the others, she too knew the infamous name Yeowun had gotten for looking through the books. Every cadet hated him for causing noise within the library as Yeowun kept skimming through all the books. Even Hou Sangwha couldn’t understand what her master was doing back then.

    ‘So he wasn’t just skimming but memorizing them? Is he a genius or something?’

    She was dumbfounded. This was beyond anyone’s expectation. It was curious as to what instructors or the Chief of the Academy might think if they knew Yeowun could do this.

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    “M-master… d-did you memorize all these books?”

    Yeowun then realized he had made a mistake after hearing Wanghur’s question. He just concentrated on copying down as many as books in hopes of helping his members, but he didn’t think about how impossible it was to do such thing normally.

    ‘Uh… I have no choice.’

    He couldn’t explain that he had small machines inside his brain that helped him. All he could do now was to say that he memorized it.

    “Uh- yeah. I did.”

    “This is amazing… I don’t know what to say. I’m astounded.”

    Ko Wanghur was speechless. The reason why the library had a time limit for each cadet was to prohibit the cadets from taking too many martial arts books. Most of the clans had donated part of their secret books to the library to train future warriors, but if this was shared too openly, it meant that the clan’s weakness was going to be exposed.

    ‘All these martial arts from high-ranked clans are clans that are affiliated with the six clans.’

    He thought Yeowun had memorized the master level clans’ martial arts just for his members, but he then thought maybe there was more to that.

    ‘I thought I knew a lot about Master now, but I was wrong… I only saw a part of him. Master must have much a bigger picture in his mind that we cannot see.”

    It wasn’t Yeowun’s intention, but Wanghur understood it as so. He thought that this was Yeowun’s preparation to fight against the six clans in the future when he became the heir, but Chun Yeowun did not know what clans were affiliated with six clans. He just scanned whatever he got his hands on and coincidentally grabbed the books from those clans.

    ‘Master is a monster..’

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    ‘How can you memorize all those books?’

    “Well, stop being surprised and get your books.”

    Soon, all the members got up and took their three books. After realizing that they were all different, members were anticipating to see what they would be receiving.

    “Thank you Master! I will not fail you!”

    “I will do my best to keep up!”

    All members were beyond happy to receive such books. The Six Swords who were from high-ranked clans were also glad to receive such books. They didn’t expect much as they had learned master level martial arts since they were growing up, but they were still thankful that they still got these books for themselves.


    Mun Ku also was happy with what she received. Everyone had received their own, but it felt very precious when she realized that Yeowun himself had written these copies after many hours. And when everyone got their books, Bakgi sent a telepathic message to raise a problem.

    [We know our breathing skills, but I think members like Jin Guuk will need more breathing skills.]

    Bakgi’s concern was correct. Low-ranked clan members did not have their own breathing skills, so the members from those clans required good breathing skills to increase their internal energy. That’s when Hu Bong found something in the book and shouted, “M-master! Is this a breathing skill?”

    There was a sheet of paper placed inside the book with a breathing skill. Yeowun nodded and Bakgi became embarrassed and looked away. Yeowun also thought that this issue needed to be taken care of.

    “Force of Mixed Origin?”

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