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    Chapter 107: Closed room training (2)


    People turned rigid at the words. Yeowun had not given much orders or directions until now, so what could the homework be? Hu Bong asked with a confused look, “Master… what homework are you…”

    “You are required to complete two homework assignments until I come out of the closed room. This is not a request, but an order.”

    At Yeowun’s voice, all members got up from their seats. If it was an order from the Master, they had to follow it.

    “First, all of you need to pass the fourth test before I come out.”


    Jin Guuk, a member of an ordinary soldier family, asked back squeamishly. He barely passed the third test out of luck, so he wasn’t sure if he could pass the fourth test too. Other members from low-ranked clans also felt nervous. But those from the high-ranked clans, including the Six Swords, answered immediately.

    “Yes, Master!”

    The one who shouted the loudest was Wu Sojung who didn’t really mind the others. The Six Swords were at the established master level, so it wouldn’t take long for them to accomplish Yeowun’s first order.

    ‘It is a good direction, but maybe too much.’

    He didn’t say much, but Che Takim was concerned about Hu Bong, Machil, Jin Guuk, and the others. Of course they wanted to pass the fourth test, but they knew that it wasn’t easy either.

    “The next homework assignment is this.”

    Yeowun then tapped on the pile of books on the ground. It was what his members were curious about from the start.

    “This are the martial arts books that I am gifting you all. Learn everything.”

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    The confused members glanced at the books. They were all made up of clean, new pieces of paper, meaning that they were new copies, but they didn’t expect them to be copies of martial art books.


    Mun Ku’s eyes became large as she realized something. For the past few days, Yeowun had ink all over his hand or clothes and Mun Ku had teased him about that.

    ‘Prince! Why are you walking around with ink on you every day? You have something on your face too.’

    ‘…I had something to do.’

    When she cleaned it off his face with her handkerchief, Yeowun became embarrassed and blushed. Mun Ku was amused by Yeowun’s reaction that she didn’t think much about the actual reason for it.

    ‘So, he’s been writing all that these days?’

    That looked like a lot. Thinking of Yeowun locked up in the private room, writing all those books made her laugh, and she also become sympathetic.

    ‘I would’ve helped if he told me.’

    As for Ko Wanghur and Che Takim, they were thinking different thoughts.

    ‘Is Master trying to share the martial art books he got from the fourth floor?’

    ‘Master copied the master level martial art books from the fourth floor for the weaker members…!’

    Both men were touched by Yeowun’s action. It was very rare for a martial artist to share the martial art that he gained.

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    “You can come get them when I call your name. Hu Bong.”

    Yeowun still considered Hu Bong as the number one servant, so he called him first accordingly.

    “Yes!!! Master!!”

    Hu Bong quickly ran up to Yeowun, excited by the fact that he was going to be given a martial arts book. But what Yeowun gave him was not just one book, but three.

    “Huh? ….W-what!”

    Hu Bong’s shocked outburst made all the cadets curious. Hu Bong’s eyes were wide as he mumbled the name of the book with shaking hands.

    “Sword of Illusion?!!”


    All cadets were shocked to hear that. The Sword of Ilusion was the martial art that a high-ranked clan in the Demonic Cult used. And this wasn’t the only one.

    “M-master… this is…”

    Hu Bong was lost for words and Ojong pestered him.

    “Hu Bong! What is it?! Spit it out, for god’s sake!”

    “I-it’s the sword skill from the Fire Mountain Clan, and the Kicks of Iron from the Iron Clan!”


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    Ohjong was so shocked that he shouted too. It was natural, however, as both martial arts were master level arts from the Forces of Justice and Evil. Even the cadets who never went down to Wulin knew about the Fire Mountain Clan from the Force of Justice and the Iron Clan from the Force of Evil.

    The members began to panic. They were already shocked by the sharing of martial arts from the high-ranked clans within the cult, but they didn’t think the library would have books from the Forces of Justice and Evil clans as well.

    “M-master! How did you copy these three books?!”

    Ko Wanghur was so shocked that he stuttered. Copying one book was hard enough, but he didn’t expect Yeowun to have copied a total of three books for his members.

    “It might be lacking if we only have our cult’s martial arts skills. It is better if we learn martial arts from the Forces of Justice and Evil for the future.”

    This was why Yeowun copied down three books for each member. It was to have them learn about martial arts or various ways to prepare for the future when they ventured out to Wulin.


    Hu Bong was so touched that he shouted and got down to the ground and bowed. He didn’t think Yeowun would go so far for his members. Hu Bong was from a middle-ranked clan and he never dreamed of learning master-level martial arts.

    Hu Bong slammed his head on the ground and shouted, “I will serve you for my entire life for this grace! I will accomplish your order!”

    The master-level martial arts books were revered by these martial artists. Other members, especially those from the weaker clans, were all teary from their emotions.

    ‘Ahh… he has done so much for us!’

    ‘I will serve him forever!’

    They thought they made the right choice in joining Yeowun’s forces.

    However, they didn’t know that the remaining 99 books were not the same. Each of them contained different martial arts.

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