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    Chapter 105: Earn the right to take the test (6)

    Yeowun then felt a pinching sensation over his head as the formation was transferred. He was now so used to it that it didn’t make him dizzy or anything. After the transferred two sword movements were transferred, Yeowun became confused.

    ‘Nano, when did this counter sword movement counter the Sword Force of the Sky Demon?’

    [The counter sword movement successfully countered the third formation of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon after the 93rd try.]

    ‘Ninety-three times?’

    It meant that the Sword Demon needed to analyze and study it ninety-three times to counter it perfectly. The formation on the first floor was countered after forty-five times, and the second floor required fifty-six tries.

    ‘That’s why the stone had more sword markings.’

    That’s why it was in much rougher shape in the back. This meant that the formation of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon had gotten much more powerful. Yeowun then became curious about the third formation.

    ‘Nano, can you transfer the required physical data for the Sword Force’s third formation to me?’

    [The user has met the increased physical strength limit. Further transfer of muscles might hinder the user’s normal growth and is thus not recommended.]

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    ‘But can you do it?’

    [Yes, Master. But you will not grow any taller than your current height.]


    Yeowun thought about it. He had it all transferred to his head but it didn’t feel good that he couldn’t use it.

    [It will be hard, but the current physical form allows for approximately one formation.]


    If he could use it at least once, he wanted to try it. The second formation was much more powerful than the first, so the third was bound to be a lot stronger. Yeowun then gathered his fingers to create sword qi and began the movement of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon’s third formation.

    With his sword qi swinging through the air, a total of twenty-four sword movements left amazing traces while moving through like a storm, leading to the third formation. It was so powerful that even his muscles started to ache after those few seconds of moving. It was a sword movement that exceeded his physical limits.


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    When he was done, Yeowun couldn’t pull himself up and fell with one knee on the ground. His muscles were damaged from moving through movements that were beyond the limit of his muscles. It seemed like all formations of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon required a muscle transfer from Nano.


    He didn’t realize it at first because of the pain, but Yeowun became astounded as he glanced around. Sword markings were on the floor as if swords had stormed out from where he stood.

    “Such power…”

    He didn’t do it seriously, and the power from his movements was so strong that the markings were made all over the place. The third formation was much more powerful than the first. With such power, it was bound to kill a target even if it wasn’t intentional.

    ‘That’s why it required ninety-three times to counter it.’

    Yeowun understood why the Sword Demon needed more tries to counter this formation. If the third formation was this powerful, what about the counter sword formation? After his muscles healed, Yeowun then unleashed the third counter sword formation. When he was done, it didn’t make all his muscles ache like when he did before, but the formation was so complicated that it made him short of breath.

    “Ugh… hah… this is amazing.”

    He did it on the same spot as when he used the Sword Force, and the marks left by the counter sword skill distorted the previous marks. It countered it perfectly. As Yeowun learned the counter formation, he learned that simple sword movements could be used to counter such powerful sword formations. However, it was definitely much harder now than it was in the beginning. The counter formation combination was also too complicated that even after he transferred into the brain, it was hard to follow. This was a limit to where a normal swordsman could stop at.

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    ‘If the third formation is this hard, then what about the fourth?’

    It was surely in the three-digit trials. Yeowun then ordered Nano, ‘Nano, transfer me formations from the pedestal.’

    [Yes, Master.]

    He couldn’t use it yet, but it wouldn’t be bad to transfer it over to his brain first. Nano then sent the fourth formation of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon and the counter sword movement into Yeowun’s brain. After the transferred, Yeowun became scowled. He had them all transferred so he could imagine it being used in his mind, but something was strange. He couldn’t find the result in his thoughts. He couldn’t try it out himself, so he had to see it in augmented reality.

    ‘Nano… show me two formations fighting against each other.’

    [Yes, Master. Activating Augmented Reality. Activating simulation of two sword formations.]

    Yeowun then saw the white light of lines forming in front of his eyes. Lights moved quickly and created the two figures facing each other. Both shapes then began using the fourth formation that was left on the pedestal. With the two sword formations striking against one another, sparks of white light flew all over the place. The fight was over instantly, but the result was not like the ones that Yeowun had seen until this time.

    “…It’s a tie.”

    The Sword Demon’s counter sword skill couldn’t counter the Sword Force of the Sky Demon’s fourth formation.

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