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    Chapter 104: Earn the right to take the test (5)

    The Black Dragon Ball was created by a man named Baek Yu, a member from the Poison Clan. Baek Yu was master in poison and medicines. When he first made the Black Dragon Ball, he went through many trial and errors. He had to put so much effort in search of the right amount of people, regardless of who it was, to be able to absorb the equal amount of energy through the ball. The important part about increasing internal energy through such medicine was to allow one absorb the power in a stable condition rather than obtain it in large amounts.

    The Black Dragon Ball that was created after so many trials was perfected to the point that wouldn’t damage the person consuming it. However, even with Yeowun consuming the recommended amount, it made his energy flow explode within him.

    Yeowun was drenched in sweat as he meditated through the Sword Force of the Sky Demon. He used the breathing to obtain a greater effect, but moving was much more painful than doing it while sitting down.


    It made him moan in pain. The internal energy flowing through his blood points was so much that it felt like it was going to rip him apart. That’s when blood gushed out from Yeowun’s back. It was the blood point that exploded out. However, the wound immediately healed.

    [Healed damaged blood point.]

    This was a vital blood point that had ripped from over-expanding. The Nano Machine quickly healed it up and patched it. If the other cadets had done this, it would have killed them after ripping all the blood points, but with Nano healing him, Yeowun was able to absorb the energy to the fullest. It also helped that Nano removed any immunities against the Black Dragon Ball.

    ‘Ugh, I should’ve used the Breathing of Thousand Martials instead.’

    It was too late to regret. Besides, the Sword Force of the Sky Demon was one of the best breathing skills throughout all of Wulin, so it sped up the process much more quickly, thus increasint the energy.

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    [Blood points damaged. Healing in progress.]

    Multiple blood points ripped at once. It almost made Yeowun pass out, but since Nano quickly healed them up, Yeowun was able to endure it.

    ‘I have to endure it… endure!’

    If he couldn’t endure, everything was going to fail. Yeowun kept on going through the breathing skill movements without stopping. Yeowun did not realize it, but as his blood points exploded and healed up repeatedly, they began to grow stronger enough to endure the increased energy.

    After four hours, the training room was hot because of the heat coming from Yeowun. The steam coming from Yeowun’s body filled the entire room. Yeowun, who had been moving with twenty-four sword movements, finally came to a stop.

    He collapsed onto the floor. Yeowun’s face, which had been drenched with sweat while doing the movements, was no longer wet. However, he definitely looked exhausted from performing the prolonged movements.

    “Hah… hah…”

    He closed his eyes and took deep breaths. Then he opened his eyes again. His eyes were deeper, and the blood point on his side of the head protruded a bit, showing that he had increased his internal energy greatly.

    ‘…I almost died.’

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    Yeowun realized that consuming medicine in the wrong way could also kill him. It was a lesson; he learned that he should not be too greedy from now on.

    ‘Let’s check how much energy has increased then.’

    In theory, one Black Dragon Ball increased twenty years worth of internal energy. But in Yeowun’s case, he was able to gain thirty years worth of energy from the first ball through the help from Submeng and Nano, which was the maximum amount that he could gain. During the second time, he had gotten twenty-two to twenty-three years worth of internal energy.

    ‘Nano helped, so I should get at least forty years worth…’

    Yeowun wished to have gained that much at least since it would contribute to the foundation of becoming a grandmaster level warrior. Yeowun then took a breath and checked the energy within him.


    His eyes grew large from shock. He thought he might have made a mistake and checked again, but the energy flow was the same.

    ‘Sixty years worth… but how…?’

    Yeowun’s energy had increased by sixty years, and he couldn’t believe that it really happened. This wasn’t only through Nano’s help. It was also partly due to the breathing skill of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon.

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    ‘Let’s try to make the energy flow.’

    Yeowun then sent the energy throughout his body, and something more surprising happened this time. With his expanded blood points, it allowed the energy to flow more smoothly. With this, it was going to allow him to use twice the amount of energy when using swords.

    “Let’s try it!”

    Yeowun got up and brought up his qi over his hand. The qi had increased in size also. This looked like it was stronger than Hou Jinchang’s, even though he was already a grandmaster warrior. But this was obvious as Hou Jinchang had 120 years worth of internal energy, whereas Yeowun had 150 years worth of energy now. The only difference between them was the understanding of qi.

    Hou Jinchang knew more about controlling the qi.

    “I am on the right track.”

    Yeowun smiled in satisfaction. With this amount of internal energy, he was going to become a grandmaster if he earned the understanding, considering the fact that most cadets only acquired about ten to twelve years worth of internal energy due to immunity. This was an astounding feat. Yeowun now had a great amount of internal energy.

    “Hehe… let’s move onto the Sword Force of the Sky Demon then.”

    Yeowun then ordered Nano to extract the sword formation of Father Chun Ma and the counter sword formation of the Sword Demon and had it transferred over into his brain.

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    [Yes, Master. Transferring two sword formations to the user’s brain.]

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