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    Chapter 103: Earn the right to take the test (4)

    Sunong then shook his head and said, “I’m sorry, but you only allowed to create one.”

    “I see.”

    “I guess you might be in a dilemma then. Which weapon do you need more?”

    Yeowun then thought for a second and chose the sword. He wanted a weapon he could use the Sword Force of the Sky Demon with for now.

    ‘The sword cracked when I used the skill before, so this must be first.”

    He didn’t realize this before, but after fighting against the attacker during the third test, Yeowun checked his sword and saw that it was all cracked up. With such damage, it would’ve most likely shattered if he went onto the second formation.

    “I see, good idea. I actually specialize in making swords rather than blades.”

    “Thank you.”

    “Yes. Before we start, can you show me your sword skill?”


    Yeowun became confused as Sunong wanted to see him use a sword.

    “If I am to create a sword that fits you, then I need to see you do it so I can analyze what I need to do.”

    “Ohh! Okay, I got it.”

    Yeowun nodded and pulled out the sword from his back. It was just a generic sword from the academy. Yeowun prepared himself with the sword in his hand.

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    Although he hadn’t done anything yet, the atmosphere changed and Sunong gasped in astonishment. Yeowun then moved to unleash the first formation of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon in the air.

    The twenty-four sword movements left a trace in the air as it shot through the wind. The formation was over soon, but the energy left made a wind that blew outward.

    “It’s done.”

    When Yeowun was done, Sunong woke up from his dumbfounded expression. He then turned to Yeowun with a dazed look and Yeowun asked, “Was that enough?”

    “Uh…” Sunong frowned and responded, “I don’t know what to say… I can’t make the sword.”

    “Huh? What do you mean?”

    “Can you show me that sword?”

    Sunong received the sword Yeowun used just now and took out a hammer from his pouch. He then slammed it into the blade of the sword.


    The blade then shattered immediately just after it was slammed with the hammer. The entire blade, not just the part where it was struck, shattered. The sword couldn’t withstand the movements that Yeowun just performed.

    “No ordinary sword can withstand such powerful sword movements.”

    This was why Sunong was so shocked. The power within the movement so powerful that no normal sword had the chance to endure it.

    “Then if you can make it stronger…”

    “If that was going to work, I would have said that I could do it.”

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    “If we have to make a sword to endure such a sword skill, I need the cold iron.”

    “Cold iron!”

    Yeowun remembered Submeng’s Crazy Blade was also created from cold iron. It was a metal that was dug up in the northern sea area where it was much more durable than regular iron. Its source was lacking and expensive that only the top hundred warriors of the cult who were at the rank of clan leaders were given.


    Yeowun wanted a sword but it seemed like that was not possible at the moment. He knew the Sword Force was possible, but he didn’t realize it would be this powerful. If he were to get the sword, he needed to pass the fifth test and reach the clan leader rank.


    “I’m sorry. I was very eager when I saw your amazing sword movement but…”

    Sunong felt relieved and Yeowun then asked to create a blade. Sunong said that he can create a blade fitting for Butterfly Blade Dance at least.

    “With the hilt like this… and you want a blade that’s narrow and light?”

    Sunong was surely a master in his skill and found out the best shape required to use the skill. The shape was very similar to the Crazy Blade that Submeng had.

    Yeowun couldn’t get the sword, but he had to be satisfied for at least getting a blade.

    “Come back in two weeks.”

    “Thank you.”

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    “I hope the day comes that I make your sword.”

    What Sunong was talking about was that he was wishing for Yeowun to pass the fifth test. After he was done visiting the blacksmith, Yeowun moved over to the training room. What’s next had already been chosen. When he went into the building, he felt that there were more people inside the building.

    ‘There are a lot of cadets who’ve reached the master level.’

    This building was open to master level cadets. There were only about ten cadets who used the building last few days ago, but it now there were more than fifteen. And with the ones like Ko Wanghur becoming master level warriors, it was likely that the number of people wanting to join the training room was going to increase. However, Yeowun’s goal was different from these people.

    ‘I have to become a superior level warrior.’

    He needed to fulfill the basic requirements to take the fifth test. Yeowun then walked into the room and sat down to meditate. Then he took out the two wooden boxes. It was the Black Dragon Ball he had gotten when he passed the third and fourth test.


    The foul stench seeped out and Yeowun became hesitant.

    “Should I eat both at once? Or at the same time?”

    Yeowun had never been in a situation like this before and she became hesitant. But if he were to consume them one by one, that meant that it would take a longer time.

    “…Oh well.”

    Yeowun then threw both balls into his mouth. One was painful enough, but with two, Yeowun couldn’t hide the bitterness that flashed up on his face. Yeowun then swallowed the chewed up balls. Yeowun then got up from his seat and began going through the Sword Force of the Sky Demon to breathe before he ordered, ‘Nano, help me absorb the dragon ball.’

    Nano’s voice spread through his head.

    [Detected large amount of substance that triggers strong energy flow. The speed of energy increasing is very fast. Stopping the energy from disappearing and increasing metabolism will require enlargement of blood points, which will result in severe pain.]

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    It was kind of Nano to warn him.

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