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    Chapter 102: Earn the right to take the test (3)

    [Scan completed.]

    [Scan completed.]

    Nano’s voice kept ringing as Yeowun continued flipping through every book he could get his hands on. Six hours was quite a long period of time. He couldn’t count how many books he had scanned. Most of the cadets would have used up all their time in trying to memorize the books as best as they could. The books on the fourth floor contained powerful martial arts skills and techniques. Yeowun kept on scanning and then checked the candle after a while.

    ‘Oh. It’s almost time.’

    The candle had melted to the line, indicating his time was almost over. Yeowun was curious as to how many he had scanned until now.

    ‘Nano, how many books did I scan from here?’

    [Scanned a total of 245 books, Master.]

    ‘Can you divide them into groups?’

    [There is a total of 112 books from the Demonic Cult, 83 books from Forces of Justice and 50 books from Force of Evil.]

    ‘…That’s a lot.’

    Yeowun scanned more than just a lot. Yeowun now contained enough martial arts books enough to be called library himself. He had about the same number of books and information that a large clan, or even a group of clans, could possibly have.

    ‘I can get everything I can here.’

    He had gotten more than half of books from the fourth floor, so it was enough. When Yeowun got out of the building, the day had passed and it was dark.

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    “You sure took your time, Leader Chun.”


    The instructor was waiting for Yeowun with an exhausted look on his face. He didn’t look happy. He would’ve been able to go off from his duty much earlier, but he had to wait for Yeowun who was the only remaining cadet inside the library.

    “Hmm. It’s already too late. You have to return to the dorm. Let’s go.”

    “Oh… I didn’t realize it was this late. I’m sorry.”

    He had gone past the curfew to be in dorm for over two hours the first time, but the instructor didn’t blame Yeowun since he too realized he made the mistake of sending Yeowun in when it was already too late.

    ‘I guess I will have to postpone going to the training room until tomorrow.’

    He had to postpone consuming the Black Dragon Ball and the formation transfer of Sword Force of the Sky Demon. When he returned, he was greeted by his members who were concerned about the fact that Yeowun had not returned yet.

    “Master, you should at least tell us that you will be late!”

    “Oh… uh, I’m sorry.”

    Yeowun apologized to Hu Bong and the others. His members had searched every part of the academy for Yeowun. It wasn’t likely since the remaining tests were all done individually, but they were worried that Yeowun might be attacked by others.

    “I didn’t think I would stay in the library for that long.”

    “What do you mean? We were together.”

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    “I didn’t calculate the time. The time given for the fourth floor is six hours, so…”



    The members were all astounded. This meant that Yeowun had passed the fourth test already.

    “Master! Congratulations!”


    The members then immediately became excited and rejoiced.

    ‘He passed the fourth test on the same day! …Maybe Prince Chun is the most likely heir to the throne.’

    Mun Ku was also astonished. She thought Yeowun was more than she thought as she watched him overcoming many obstacles, but he always exceeded her expectations, and that gave her more anticipation.

    His members then found out that Yeowun would move to a private room and they stayed up late into the night, talking about many things.

    ‘Hmm… so, I can get a private room if I pass the fourth test?’

    Not long after, Mun Ku also passed the fourth test and was given a private room.

    The next morning, Yeowun got up early, excited that he would get a new unique weapon and went to the blacksmith and waited.

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    ‘My weapon…’

    He didn’t mention it, but he wanted one too. After about thirty minutes, a middle-aged man with a white bandana on his head came over. He had leather pouch tied to his waist that had hammers and various tools which proved he was the blacksmith working here. The man noticed Yeowun and laughed.

    “Oh! Who do we have here? Leader Chun who passed the fourth test in record-breaking time!”

    “Good morning, sir.”

    Yeowun bowed as he met the man for the first time. When the man came closer, Yeowun realized he looked quite different from normal people. The man didn’t have a single hair on him, starting from his eyebrows to even his legs. It seemed like he always spent time working on weapons in front of the forge all day, and so even all of his hair had burned up.

    “Haha, this is part of the job.”

    The man realized where Yeowun was looking at and gave his explanation. He then introduced himself as Ou Sunong, a descendant of Ou Yezi.

    “Ou Yezi!”

    Yeowun had read many books, so he had heard the name many times. Ou Yezi was a legendary blacksmith who lived far back in history. Most of the swords he made were called masterpieces and these swords were rumored to be able to cut a tiger at once. Yeowun became surprised when he heard the one who would make his weapon was a descendant of Ou Yezi.

    “Hahaha. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but I am not like my ancestor. Besides, there are many other descendants.”

    “I’m sure your ancestor’s skill remains in your blood.”

    “Haha, of course. I’ll do my best to create your weapon.”

    Ou Sunong seemed to be pleased by Yeowun’s reaction. Sunong then glanced over at Yeowun’s both sword and blade and asked.

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    “Do you use both sword and blade?”

    It wasn’t common for warriors to use swords and blades since it was difficult to accel in just one weapon. Using both weapons meant that it was much harder to master.

    “Yes. Can I get both a sword and a blade?”

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