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    Chapter 101: Earn the right to take the test (2)

    “Yes, just now.”

    At Yeowun’s answer, the cadets who were waiting for their turn, including the guards and instructors, all became shocked. It had been only an hour since the third test, and one person had already passed.

    ‘T-that’s the 7th cadet!’

    ‘Did he really pass the fourth test?!’

    ‘It’s only been an hour since the third test!’

    ‘Isn’t he lying?’

    ‘Look! That’s the silver medal that the instructors have!’

    People began to chattering at such shocking news. The instructor too seemed shocked as he had worked at the academy for three cycles already and he had never seen a cadet who passed the fourth test in such a short amount of time.

    ‘This… is astounding. The fourth stage in just two months?’

    The fastest cadet in the last academy was a cadet who passed the fourth test after five months. It seemed like a prince was surely different.

    “I apologize, Leader Chun.”

    The instructor apologized while bowing down. If Yeowun had received a rank of Squad Leader, then he equal with the instructors. With the instructor bowing, the cadets then realized that all of this wasn’t a dream, nor was it fake.

    “Can I go into the third floor first?”

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    “Of course.”

    Yeowun then wrote down his name down in the booklet and received the candle to go up to the third floor. The cadets were envious as Yeowun passed by them. It was mostly because he passed the fourth test, but they also knew that he could now walk up to the fourth floor of the library which was filled with master-level martial arts books. Yeowun then checked his candle as he walked up to the third floor.

    ‘Four hours.’

    It had increased tremendously since the second floor, but this was because top-class martial artists were very thick and complicated, making it was hard to memorize them. Of course, Yeowun did not need to memorize anything since he had Nano. All he had to do was concentrate on acquiring as many books as possible.

    On the third floor, there were many cadets trying hard to memorize the books of their choice. Ko Wanghur, Bakgi, Hu Bong, and other members were concentrating on memorizing books. Yeowun then went straight to the middle of the library.

    ‘There it is!’

    There was a blue pearl stone pedestal with poetry on the front and sword markings on the back. However, the markings on the back of this pedestal seemed to be more than what was on first or second pedestal.

    ‘It looks more complicated.’

    It seemed like it required careful analysis. However, Yeowun had a time limit in this place and people were around him so he just scanned it first.

    ‘Nano, scan these marks and save it.’

    [Yes, Master.]

    When the scanning was complete, Yeowun began to go through the books to scan them, just like how he did on the first and second floors.

    ‘Shall we start then?’

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    Yeowun took out one of the books and began flipping through the pages. The quiet library was immediately filled with the sound of flipping pages.


    ‘NOT AGAIN!!!’


    The cadets around Yeowun immediately scowled. They had experienced Yeowun bothering their reading before, so they were immediately irritated again. Unlike before however, they were given a lot more time here so they needed to endure Yeowun’s page turning for a longer period.


    Yeowun had caused problems for many cadets without realizing it. After scanning as many as books as possible, Yeowun realized no one was around him.


    Most of the cadets had moved to the other end of the library in an effort to get away from Yeowun. After four hours, Yeowun was able to scan a total of 179 books from the library. It was much more than what he scanned on the second floor. Some of these books also seemed to be good as they would help Yeowun too.

    ‘Now, on to the fourth.’

    Yeowun then walked up to the fourth floor. Now, Yeowun was given six hours. The fourth floor was empty since no cadets had passed the fourth test yet, but the floor was much smaller and three were fewer books. It seemed like the total number of books was only at about 400.

    It was natural since there weren’t many master-level martial arts out there. Thus, there weren’t that many books about them either.

    ‘Let’s scan the pedestal first.’

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    The most important thing was to scan the fourth formation of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon and the Sword Demon’s counter sword movement. There was a pedestal in the middle of the floor as well.


    Yeowun was shocked when he got closer to the pedestal. There were many cracks on the stone, and the corner part was cut out. It was so cleanly cut that it proved that it had been cut down by a sword.

    ‘Why was it damaged so severely?’

    Yeowun then looked at the sword markings on the back. Unlike the one on the other pedestals, these were marks were deeper, rougher, and more disorderly. Nano also reached a similar conclusion.

    [The power left by the sword has grown twice as strong compared to those on the other pedestals.]

    ‘Ugh, it makes it more curious!’

    He wanted to run the simulation to check it, but he didn’t need to hurry. He could always do it later in the private training room. Yeowun held back his curiosity and scanned the pedestal first.

    ‘Then, onto the books.’

    Yeowun glanced around, checking to see what to scan first and became surprised. Unlike other floors, the fourth-floor books were divided into three groups. One group of books which had the most, consisted of were master-level martial art books from the Demonic Cult. However, the other half of books were those taken from the Forces of Justice and Evil.

    ‘These are all famous martial arts…’

    It was a collection of martial arts collected through hundreds of years. It was not the best from each of the clans, it was very powerful indeed. Although it was likely that these clans had improved their martial arts after these books had been written, it was good to know about them anyhow.

    ‘It will help me later when I need to fight warriors from those clans. Let’s scan some from the cult first… oh!’

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    As Yeowun was taking out the book, an idea struck him.

    ‘I don’t need to keep all these martial arts to myself!’

    What would happen if he taught his members these master level martial arts? Yeowun became excited at the thought and grinned.

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