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    Chapter 100: Earn the right to take the test (1)

    When the cadet enters the academy, cadet was then started being called with the number given at the first day. It is until the cadet passes fourth test and earns the title of a Squad Leader that cadet is freed from the number. And with being Squad Leader, cadet is then placed as the same rank with instructors. The reason why cadets tried so hard to pass each test in Academy was that it was fastest route to rise to the higher hierarchy of the Cult.

    “Here you go.”

    Instructor Impeng handed over a small wooden box that contained another black dragon ball. By passing the fourth test almost immediately, Yeowun was able to receive another ball.

    “Congratulations on becoming a squad leader, Leader Chun.”

    Impeng spoke with very polite tone. He was now treating Yeowun as a equal, not as a mere cadet.

    “Thank you, instructor.”

    Impeng smiled and nodded. He didn’t expect Yeowun will pass the fourth test in such short amount of time. Of course, part of it was due to Sang Munyo. There were two more privilege given to the one who passed the fourth test. It was that person was given a private room to stay.

    “Is that for real?”

    “…Do you like it that much?”

    Yeowun seemed to like it more than when he received the tag that proved him as a squad leader. It was because Yeowun was awkward while sharing boy’s dormitory with a girl, Mun Ku. And another privilege was something that he didn’t expect.

    “Come to the blacksmith station at north, tomorrow morning.”


    Yeowun became confused and senior instructor Hou Jinchang explained.

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    “We craft a weapon of choice for squad leader who passed the fourth test. I think this is one you need the most at the moment. Haha.”

    Master level warriors were given privilege wherever they go and even in the academy, such privilege came as a crafting unique weapon for new squad leader. Yeowun was glad to hear as he didn’t have his own weapon until now.


    The reward given to cadets going up through the test were definitely worth it. It was a process that was set in place to raise powerful warriors, so it provided to be so. Left Guardian Lee Hameng then spoke to Yeowun when everything was done.

    “Then I will explain to you about the fifth test.”

    Lee Hameng turned back to his authoritative tone. Even if Yeowun had become a squad leader, Hameng was a guardian so he was still in much higher rank, so it didn’t matter.

    ‘Fifth test…’

    Yeowun didn’t think he would hear about fifth test so early. He heard that tests became exponentially harder beginning with fifth test, that there weren’t many who passed it. He was able to pass the fourth test easily as Yeowun was at the peak of a master level.

    “Fifth test, is to pass the Demon Seal Cavern.”

    Yeowun became confused. Demon Seal Cavern was one of the place that wasn’t open for cadets yet. It was located at far north of the academy, where there was a ragged building that says ‘Demon Seal Cavern’ in front.

    “Can I take the test anytime, just like fourth test?”

    “Yes. But you need to be worthy of it, to be given a chance to take it.”

    “Worthy of…?”

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    Yeowun asked and Hameng looked back at Yeowun.

    “You need to be at the peak of grandmaster level.”

    Yeowun was lost for word at that. He did expect he will be required to be more powerful, but he didn’t think it would require such high level of power. To hit the peak of grandmaster level, Yeowun needed to jump up at least three stage of power from now. It wasn’t easy.

    And considering only top 100 warriors within the entire Cult was at grandmaster level, it proved how difficult it is to become so powerful. There were only about ten average cadets who passed the fifth test in entire Academy’s history. Maybe four years might not even be enough time.

    ‘…It will be hard. It might take too much time.’

    It wasn’t sure how difficult the Demon Seal Cavern is, to require such powerful state.

    “If you hurry, you will not find understanding. Don’t rush into things.”

    Lee Hameng gave a short advice, but he was sincere in his words. The academy’s purpose was to raise powerful warriors. Having more grandmaster level warrior meant that cult will grow more powerful, so Hameng wished Yeowun will become such powerful soon.

    “Then that is all. I wish you luck.”

    “Thank you, sir. I will not fail you.”

    Yeowun bowed.

    “You are dismissed.”

    Lee Hameng spoke and Yeowun left. Instructors all sighed, as they now had to go back to their menial documentation task.

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    And Yeowun, who heard about fifth test, walked immediately toward the library building.

    ‘I can see the fourth and third floor now!’

    Yeowun was most interested in sword formations of Sword Force of Sky Demon left on the blue pearl stone pedestal on upper floor.


    Instructor who was taking care of cadets entering the library immediately recognized Chun Yeowun. Yeowun was one of black tag prince, and also went into first and second floor on the same day, so it was natural that he remembered.

    ‘Huh? He left the tag.’

    Instructor shook his head. All cadets were required to have tags on their chest, to show their status. Instructor stopped Yeowun who was trying to write down his name on the booklet and spoke.

    “Where is your tag?”

    “I returned it.”

    “Return? Did you not pass the test?”

    Instructor frowned at that. He had mistaken that word for Yeowun having failed the test. Yeowun then took out the silver medal from his pocket and showed it to the instructor.


    It had the word L written on it, which made instructor to become dumbfounded. He knew that it proved Yeowun was a squad leader.

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    “D-did you pass the fourth test?!”

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