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    It was my vacation when I started reading the novel of "I'll be the Matriarch in this life", and it was not my plan to make an edited version of Chapters 201-256 but when I began reading it, I thought "Ah.. I can't. This is so confusing." So I tried editing the raw English translation just for myself at first but when I got to the exciting part I also thought, "What would the other's reaction on this part? Will it be the same as me?". Just like that, I made a decision to actually make the edited chapters public because I'm curious on what all of you will feel and say.

    So, I hope you had a good and easy time reading my updates. I'm sorry for some confusion. You can come back here again and again to reminisce about Florentia and Perez's amazing journey. Don't worry, there's still a special chapter after this! But I won't be updating it, because you can find it here on watty too on the other author's profile! I posted the link of the person who I got the raw English translation of this story (on the "conversation" section of my profile) and they are still updating the special chapters.

    Like what I always say, I really appreciate those who are always leaving a comment, giving their time to read and vote my updates, and those who give their opinions on some matter along the way! Thank you! It is very much appreciated! (^_^)

    Again, thank you so much!

    Take care out there!

    Stay safe, happy and healthy! <3

    - SweetAily

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