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    Chapter 256

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    (Florentia's POV)

    The banquet, which was prepared to celebrate the Crown Prince's appointment, was replaced by an Emperor's coronation ceremony.

    For three days, the Empire, which mourned the death of Yovanes, soon prepared to face a new Emperor.

    The carriage carrying me arrived at the Imperial Palace stopped.


    The door opened and the figure of Perez was seen.

    He gave a deep kiss on the back of my hand.

    The Imperial soldiers and servants standing nearby were coughing awkwardly and hurriedly looking away.


    Even with my warning voice, Perez was firm.

    He was even smirking at me.

    After Yovanes' death, Perez expressed his feelings more often than before.

    At least in front of me.

    I said, pulling my hand out.

    "...Hurry, let's go. Everyone must be waiting for us."

    "No one in the Lambrew Empire would ever complain if you made them wait for a few minutes, my Tia. We can take our time."

    What do you mean "My Tia?"

    I tried protesting a few times because it's embarrassing, but Perez dismissed my dissatisfaction, saying, 'I'm just saying, what mine is mine.'

    I shook my head and walked ahead.

    "You should relish this moment as much as you struggled to get this far."

    Perez said, catching up behind me.

    "Yeah, I definitely worked my ass off for this."

    Things that had happened so far passed like a kaleidoscope in front of my eyes.

    "But that doesn't justify my ill manners."

    How many people do you think are waiting for us there right now?

    Perez laughed again as I looked into his eyes.

    "Are you ready?"

    We finally stood in front of the banquet hall where the crowning ceremony will take place.

    Perez reached out as I nodded.

    "Well then, shall we enter, High Lady of Lombardi?"

    "...Of course, Crown Prince."

    Today is the last time I call Perez the Crown Prince.

    Before long, the door of the banquet hall, which had been firmly closed, began to open.

    "Your Highness the Crown Prince and the High Lady, Florentia Lombardi have arrived!"

    The sound of the servant informing rang through the air.

    The light of the bright banquet hall was pouring out as if welcoming us.

    And there were countless people waiting for us.

    The paths we took led us to the high platform in front.

    It was a place where only the Crown Prince and his companion, who were crowned as Emperor, could ascend.

    The carpet we stepped on under our feet seems to support me.

    I could find the familiar faces among the people lined up on both sides of the pathway.

    Grandfather, Father, Shannanet, and Claryvan standing next to him.

    Turning to the other side, I saw Avinox, Larane, and the twins standing together.

    In addition, I could see Chanton Sushou, Migente Ivan, and the Patriarch of Brown, and Ramona.

    They bowed their heads lightly to me.

    As we made eye contact with one person and the other, Perez and I grew closer to the podium.

    I turned my head and looked to the side.

    Perez was already looking at me.

    When did it start?

    Suddenly, such a question crossed my mind.

    "Go up, Crown Prince."

    I said and stopped in front of the podium.

    "The Lord of Lombardi will also go up with Your Highness."

    I expected to some extent.

    Since we are officially engaged, there would be no problem even if we stepped on the platform together.

    However, I wanted to confirm with Perez.

    As Perez said, it was an incredibly long journey.

    The question was whether I can share this moment that I won at the end of that difficult road.


    Perez said, looking only at me in this vast space and countless people.

    "Look around. All of this is accomplished by you."

    Perez's hand, which held me, squeezed my hand a little more firmly.

    And he asked me with a picturesque smile.

    "Would you please go up with me, Lord Lombardi?"

    Somehow, his voice made me laugh.

    I nodded and answered.

    "Yes, Crown Prince."

    We looked at each other.

    And at the same time, we took the first step on the podium.


    (Florentia's POV)

    "Lady Florentia..Lady Florentia..wake up."

    A small voice woke me up.

    "...." I fell asleep late last night looking onto the papers, so my stiff eyes weren't quite open yet.
    "It's time for you to wake up."

    Even though it was early in the morning, it was a friendly voice that did not bother my ears.

    "Good morning, Caitlin."

    When I, who couldn't even open my eyes properly, spoke with one hand waving, buried in a fluffy pillow, I heard Caitlin smiling softly.

    "Can I sleep a little longer?"

    "Did you go to bed late last night? I asked Your Majesty to let you go to bed early."

    "It's not Perez's fault. It's my fault. I insisted on working more."

    In the end, I was laid on the bed by Perez holding the papers in my hand last night.

    "Estira also said at the last checkup that you should be careful of fatigue."

    Caitlin said in a stern voice.

    Caitlin, who has declared herself to be my maid-in-honor after Perez ascend the throne, has been serving me without borrowing the hands of others.

    Laurel, who has her second child, is no longer my maid-in-honor, but a close friend who visits and talks to me from time to time.

    "I know, I know. Ugh, I'm hungry."

    With Caitlin's help, I washed, prepared, and headed to the restaurant.
    "Good morning, everyone."

    My family, who were eating in advance of my greeting, looked at me.

    "Please be strong enough to fill your stomach."

    I said that to the approaching servant and sat down.

    "You must have a busy schedule today."

    My father, who arrived from Chesail yesterday, looked at me anxiously with a tired face that had not yet been relieved of his journey.

    "We have a meeting. The agenda is also an agenda."

    Claryvan nodded at me and agreed.

    "It's probably a long meeting. Please have a good meal, my Lord."

    "And Pellet too."

    "It's actually my second bowl."

    I drank warm tea and asked my father.

    "How's the port coming along?"

    "I have to increase the number of docks, but the construction is slow, so I am very worried."

    "Well, how about meeting Violet once while you're here?"

    "I was supposed to call them in advance and meet them this afternoon. Half of the supplies to and from the port are from the top of Lombardi and the top of Pellet. So, if we put our heads together, we'll figure something out."
    I expressed my consolation by pouring a little more warm tea into my father's empty teacup, saying so with a tired face.

    "I'm going to sleep in the Imperial palace tonight. If anything happens, send someone to the Empress Palace, Father."

    "Yes, yes."

    Father nodded, rubbing his eyes, apparently still half asleep.

    "If the Lord were to stay in the Palace today, the mansion would be empty."

    "I know. We're going on a month-long off-season training today."

    Recently, the twin, who have intensively grown their muscles in recent years, said, picking up a mountain of pancakes with a fork.

    "Will you leave today, Aunt?"

    At my words, Shannanet wiped her mouth and nodded her head.

    "A new mineral was discovered in the North. I think I should probably go see it myself."

    It was so like Shannanet, who likes to check everything with her own eyes.

    "You must be having a hard time because it's summer."

    "I still have to be sure."

    Shannanet said firmly.

    I hurriedly finished my breakfast with a short conversation confirming the family's current situation.
    "Pellet, are you ready?"

    "Yes, my Lord."

    Claryvan said as he emptied all his coffee.

    "Good work."

    When I left the restaurant with my father's greeting and arrived at the front door, Crenny welcomed me with a large bundle of documents.

    "You're here, sister."

    "You still don't have breakfast, do you, Crenny?"

    "I feel sick all day long when I eat something in the morning. I'll take care of my lunch instead."

    Crenny, who has a small mouth, said with a grin.

    "But you'd better eat it on a day like today."

    It was time to get on the carriage thinking about feeding Crenny some fruits during the break of the meeting.

    "Are you going to the Imperial Palace?"

    "Oh, Grandpa."

    Maybe he came out for a morning walk, but I could see my grandfather walking slowly with his hands behind his back.

    Next to him was Ralph, a puppy that my grandfather has been raising for some time now.

    He was big, but he was very gentle and intelligent. No wonder the whole mansion fell in love with him.

    "No matter what happens today, you shouldn't back down, Tia."
    My grandfather's smile was gentle, but his eyes shone as sharply as before.

    "When have I ever stepped back?"

    At my answer, my grandfather grinned at me and nodded his head.

    "Yes, yes. I'm sure you'll take care of it."

    Grandpa said that, patted me tenderly on my shoulder, and started walking with Ralph again.

    It was on the side of the evergreen forest.

    I stood there and looked at my grandfather's relaxed back, then climbed into the carriage.

    The carriage carried me, Crenny, and Claryvan ran nonstop and reached the Imperial Palace.


    As I walked through the corridor of the Imperial Palace, as a sign of a little nervous Crenny echoed.


    "Yes, sister."

    "Trust me and follow me."

    I said, patting Crenny's back.

    It could hurt.

    As always, Crenny smiled and nodded.

    As we approached the conference room, the Knights guarding the door quickly greeted us with courtesy.

    "Open the door."

    In my words, the attendants bowed their heads and opened the door of the conference room.

    The heavy door moved and poured out the buzzing sound of conversation that was contained in it.
    It was probably the most fierce battleground ever since I became a householder.

    But I wasn't nervous.

    We've prepared everything to win today.

    As I walked into the conference room, hundreds of nobles rose in unison.

    "You're here, Lord Lombardi."

    I nodded leisurely towards them and looked for my seat, greeting them.

    Behind me were Claryvan and Crenny.

    I felt a gaze and turned my head, and there I saw Perez, who was seated in the Emperor's seat looking at me.

    "Good morning, Matriarch of Lombardi."

    He said hello first.

    "Did you have a good breakfast, Your Majesty?"

    "Yes, what about the Lord?"

    "Me too."

    I answered briefly and added a smile.

    "Today is the day? Don't you think so?"

    In short, let's stick together properly.

    "The Lord of Lombardi is here, so the conference will begin!"

    The conference began when the nobles who had risen for me sat down again.

    It was an uncommon day of peacefulness for the Lambrew Empire, which has never been seen before.



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