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    Chapter 250

    (Florentia's POV)

    Before the end of the time announced by Butler John, all the vassal families had already been seated.

    Even if someone didn't tell me, the atmosphere became calm and everyone was looking at me quietly.

    I also looked at their faces one by one without saying anything.

    They are the people who lead the great family Lombardi.

    I was now seeing a scene that only my grandfather could see a few days ago.

    I spoke in a joke-like voice.

    "Looking like this, everyone's seems a little unfamiliar. It's like I'm looking at the people I've never seen before."


    Everyone laughed lightly as the tension that had settled down in the conference room disappeared at my words.

    "All of the people sitting here are the people I've seen since I was very young."

    "We are a little bit like that." Patriarch Bray said.

    I nodded.

    "That's right. And so will be in the future. The vassals will have to listen to the commands given by a child who they've seen grow as a householder. I also have to do difficult things sometimes, like how my relatives did that I've seen since childhood."

    Again, the conference room was quiet.

    "But in those times, trust me. I will repay this family by making it greater if you trust me and follow me."

    None of the householders even blinked an eye.

    Everyone was looking at me with their own passion and commitment.

    That gaze came to me as a promise.

    With the promise of the vassals to do their best to assist me in the future.

    What more do I need to say?

    I said after a short nod, meaning that I had received the promises well.

    "Let's start the meeting."

    The statesmen took turns reporting each family's situation and making plans.

    As the meeting progressed, I could feel the consideration of my grandfather.

    'I didn't expect you to have it all organized like this.'

    The major businesses of each family were all settled.

    There was no hard work for me to grasp the current situation of the family.

    Each family was now awaiting orders from a new householder.

    As if a chapter of the book is over.

    All I have to do is write my story after that.

    After today's work, I have to go and massage my shoulders.

    Wouldn't my grandfather be waiting for the story of my first day as a household owner?

    The meeting was longer than usual.

    It was the first week of the meeting, so everyone was prepared, and there were no signs of impatience.

    And at the end of the meeting, I coughed softly and brought it up.

    "Hmm. I have something to tell you."

    "Tell us, my Lord."

    Claryvan, who was organizing the paper he had taken notes during the meeting, told me.

    "This is my personal affair, but as long as I'm the Matriarch, it couldn't be said to be completely private. So I think the vassals should be aware."

    Whoa, I'm nervous.

    As such, the opinions of the vassals were important.

    Without trust in me, I might not be able to work as the Matriarch of Lombardi.

    I breathed out for the last time and said.

    "I'm engaged."


    Why isn't everyone responding?

    The householders were strangely quiet.

    Then he said, looking at the other lords sitting in the seats next to each other and in the front seat.

    "Well, everyone knew, didn't they?"

    "I saw you today and you were wearing a new ring, so I guessed it."

    And Patriarch Herring asked to confirm.

    "It's the Second Prince, am I right?"

    "Would there be anyone else who dares to propose a marriage proposal to the Lord other than him?"


    They talk among themselves, come to a conclusion, and stare at me.

    It was the eyes saying 'So?'

    "....." now I was the one embarrassed.

    "Don't you have....any opposition?"

    It is a combination of Lombardi and the Imperial family.

    Even though the nobles are nobles, I have prepared my heart to hear some dissent even inside Lombardi.


    Klang Devon opened his eyes and tilted his head when he looked at the Lemabau Bilkay Patriarch next to him.

    Then Patriarch Bilkay said, who is a little more calm than Patriarch Klang Devon.

    "The Lord can do what she wants. You're the Lombardi householder."

    All the other householders nodded their heads.

    "No, if you don't like it, you can say so."
    Because I want to hear the honest hearts of the householders.

    But Kland Devon frowned in one eye and asked me.

    "Are there any nobles who are already opposed to it?"

    Klang Devon, who was originally large and had a strong face line, was quite dreadful when he had such a face.

    At the same time, the atmosphere of the other householders became brutal.

    "Who are they? Those who dare to oppose."

    Patriarch Herring said, clicking his tongue out.

    "Since old times, if Lombardi and the Imperial family seem to be a little closer, there are people who seems to have seizures. Somehow, they are afraid that Lombardi's power is getting too great."

    "Yes, as if Lombardi were aiming for Imperial power!"

    Perhaps there has been some accumulation, and everyone else nodded and sympathized.

    "To be honest, why would Lombardi covet such a thing?"

    "If we were going to get drunk, we'd have done it a long time ago."

    Lombardi's conference room exploded from all over the place.

    "My Lord."

    Then Claryvan, who was sitting still and listening to such a story, called me.
    The blue eyes behind the glasses were especially cool today.

    "There are many ways to keep the nobles off the 'half' of the opposition."

    Then Bray, who is in charge of Lombardi Bank next to him, quickly commented.

    "There's more than one or two people who are overdue on loan interest now. Do you want me to spray the pressure differential document? Just write down the name of the family you're against and we'll take care of it."

    "And our scholarship foundation..."

    "If you raise the price of agricultural products, they won't be able to say a word.."

    No, these guys are really...

    I said, raising my hand, thinking that if I leave it alone, I'll be in big trouble.

    "It hasn't even been announced yet, so don't worry too much. I'm going to announce it after Perez gets to be appointed as the Crown Prince. Moreover, it has been kept under His Majesty's maintenance, so no one can go against it."

    "The maintenance of His Majesty the Emperor..."

    One of the householders murmured.
    And after a few seconds, something like cheers burst out here and there.

    "As expected, My Lord!"

    "That's a very neat way!"

    It felt like everyone was going to get up and give a standing ovation.

    It's a bit absurd but I can't help smiling because of how grateful I am feeling.

    From the seat right next to me, I heard Claryvan's proud voice.

    "What did I say?"

    It was like saying to all the nearby householders.

    "Just trust and follow."

    After the louder-than-expected meeting.

    In the afternoon there was a knock on the door of my office.

    "Come on in, Dr. Estira."

    "Congratulations again, Lord Matriarch."

    Estira, carrying a visit bag, bowed her head deeply to me.

    "I've told you so many times throughout the banquet."

    "I know, so thank you."

    Estira, a little timid medical student, and me, a seven-year-old child.

    We, who met like that, have now faced each other as the home of a renowned doctor and the head of Lombardi.

    "From now on, I will work with all my heart as the Lord's doctor. So if you have any discomfort or pain, I don't care what time, so you have to call me."
    Estira smiled warmly and came up to me and said.

    "Then, I'll check on you for a moment.

    It was a kind of medical examination.

    It was much more detailed than I thought, and a thorough examination that seemed to scan me from head to toe.

    After such a long time.

    Estira had some paper in her hand that contained my current condition.

    "You're very healthy. But the hard work can hurt your body quickly. Exercise, eat healthy food, and most importantly, sleep. You have to take it all."

    Then she began to tidy up her visit bag.

    "Dr. Estira, are you busy today?"

    "No, are there any uncomfortable places?"

    "No, I have to leave the mansion for a while today. I thought it would be nice to have you with me."

    "...Yes. Okay, My Lord."

    Estira seemed a little puzzled, but she didn't ask any further questions.

    She just seemed to think I might have a reason.

    The vassals family a while ago, and Estira.

    I could see that everyone trusted me completely.

    I should do better.

    With that commitment, Estira and I got into the carriage.
    Lombardi's carriage carrying us quickly left the mansion and ran through the city of Lombardi.

    I asked Estira looking out of the window.

    "I heard you picked one more disciple this time?"

    "Yes, we have ten more people in total."

    Estia, who responded politely, suddenly sat upright and said.

    "It's all thanks to Lombardi's support. This has allowed many people to learn medicine so they can take care of more people."

    Just as Dr. O'Malley did in the past, Estira had several Deputies and disciples.

    It is a kind of itinerary student system that began after becoming Lombardi's doctor. All accommodation and meals are provided at the mansion, and a fairly high salary is also provided.

    It was an unconventional treatment that did not have any other conditions other than treating the people of Lombardi first.

    Not long ago, she returned to her hometown to produce her first graduate to open a parliamentary office.

    "If we study hard and can cure more diseases, it will be a good thing for Lombardi."
    After a while, I felt the carriage slowly slowing down.

    The door opened and we set foot on a vast plain outside the Lombardi mansion.

    So the carriage stopped at a place where there was nothing but empty land after the harvest.

    "My Lord, why are we here..."

    Estira asked me carefully.

    I said, pointing right in the middle of the plain.

    "That's the place."


    "From tomorrow, we will build a hospital there."

    "Oh...My Lord.."

    Estira covered her mouth with both hands in surprise.

    "Didn't I promise? Estira's dream, I'll make it happen."

    A very long time ago.

    It was a promise made under the condition of making Melcon Medicine, an antidote to Perez.

    "It'll be a place where even people who don't have money can come and get treatment. I'm going to build it so big that people who study medicine and medicinal herbs like Estira can gather together to eat, sleep, and provide medical treatment."

    It was an empty field with nothing yet, but it was already clear to my eyes.
    "There will be an office and a dormitory for doctors over there. And this is where the patients from far away will stay."

    And I looked back at Estira and asked.

    "What do you think?"

    Estira was looking at me with eyes full of tears.

    And she slowly knelt on her knees in place.

    "Thank you. Thank you, My Lord."

    I also slowly bent my knees to meet Estira's eye level.

    "I was able to come this far because Estira saved my father's life."

    "Uh... Lady Florentia..."

    "Now, Estira and her disciples can save more lives over there. Then more people will remember Lombardi's name. It's not a losing business for me either."

    Estira's tears didn't stop despite the jokingly light words I said.

    After a while, Estira calmed down a little.

    I suggested grabbing her by her shoulder and helping her up.

    "It's a land with nothing, but do you want me to elaborate?"

    Estira wiped away her tears with her sleeves and nodded eagerly.

    So we walked along the plains for a long time until the sun was completely down and planned for the 'Lombardi Hospital'.

    (Florentia's POV)

    Tomorrow was the day when Perez's appointment as Crown Prince was fulfilled.

    Already two days ago, Patriarch Migente Ivan from the North arrived in the Ecliptic.

    In the end, as the Doctor said, he was one leg limped, but he looked very lively.

    And today.

    "Oh, here they come."

    I came out at the front door and saw the carriage coming into the Lombardi mansion and said.

    A tremendous procession followed endlessly with Knights and carriages, led by a very large and colorful carriage, pulled by four white horses.

    "As expected, the East."

    "Is that the Eastern silk that's piled up like a mountain back there?"

    The twins, who were escorting me and standing next to me, whistled quietly.

    The carriage stopped in front of me after the sigh of a horse that must have run a long way.

    Suddenly, the carriage door opened and the man with a very gorgeous impression got off first.

    Then followed by a woman.

    A woman with greedy brown hair and blue eyes in a bright and colorful dress peculiar to the East.
    As soon as she saw me, she smiled with delight in her sweet eyes.

    I greeted her with a smile on my face.

    "Welcome home, Larane."


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