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    Chapter 249

    (Florentia's POV)

    "What do you have to do?"

    "Ugh, you!"

    I immediately took my fingers off of Perez's lips as I felt him talking under my fingers.

    He smiled mischievously and asked again.

    "What is it that you have to do?"

    Perez's eyes were laser-likely motivated to run and get the job done if I said anything.

    "It's not something you can do. I have to do it."

    At my word, Perez closed his eyes slightly dimly.

    But he's still very handsome.

    I said with a slight pat on Perez's cheek.

    "Because your fiancé is usually not of a special lineage. I have a lot to prepare."

    "Tia, if it's because of the nobles, you don't have to worry too much. Because they cannot refute the Emperor's maintenance."

    Perez said anxiously.

    "I know, but my pride won't allow me to use it as a shield and hide behind it."


    Perez bite his mouth again.

    I know that it is the habit of that guy who can't say something while worrying about it.

    I asked a quiet question.

    "But you know, Perez. I was honestly surprised."


    "I would have had to fight the Emperor for quite some time to get this maintenance. I didn't know you were that interested in the throne."


    Perez replied after thinking for a moment.

    "There's nothing more important to me than being with you, Tia. So I thought I'd leave the palace if the Emperor didn't let me use it."

    Right, it was more of a Perez personality I know.


    A subtle smile spread around Perez's mouth.

    "Maybe Tia changed me."

    "Am I?"

    Perez explained to me, confused.

    "Because you saved me. The bottle of medicine you gave that day changed everything."

    Perez's fingertips swept my forehead slightly.

    "Maybe I could rise to the throne and help people just as you did for me. I thought that way."

    Perez just pulled my hand and kissed the tip of my finger.

    "Because the glass bottle with the medicine you gave me was more precious than anything else in the world."

    The sound of words brushing against my fingertips was warm.

    So Perez, who kissed my fingertips, looked right at me and said.

    "I want to ask you something."

    "Wha--What is it?"

    I stuttered a little without realizing it.

    When Perez looked straight at me with such deep eyes, my heart was inevitably beating once in a while.

    "Why did you accept my proposal?"

    "Oh, the truth is..."

    The resentment that I had forgotten came rushing in.

    "I came to the palace to propose to you. You beat me to the punch, so I quickly accepted it."

    It's unfair.

    I can propose to you in a cool way too!

    Of course, I couldn't do it with a ring like Perez, so it wouldn't have been nice.

    I thought while looking at the beautifully sparkling ring on my fourth finger.

    "Oh, of course. The proposal you made was the best. I can't believe you get the maintenance,"

    I looked up at Perez's face.

    All of a sudden, it really hit me like that.

    Oh, I will grow old looking at this face from now on.

    There was no fear.

    Rather, I was only happy.

    When I get older and stand at the end of my life, I will be filled with memories of being with Perez.

    "I just realized."

    I looked at Perez, smiling, and said.

    "I can only live once."


    Perez hugged me once again and gently rubbed my forehead.

    I didn't push him away.

    I don't have to.

    Now that I promised to marry him, I didn't have to save it.

    I gave Perez a big hug as well.

    "I was afraid."

    Perez confessed quietly to my ears.

    "You said you love me too, but I'm afraid you'd refuse to marry me until the end."

    "I can't do that."

    I said firmly.

    "I have no intention of making my child an illegitimate child."

    I grew up with my father's infinite love.

    And today I learned the truth about my mother.

    She loved me and my father enough to trade for her life.

    So I didn't have much of a complex about being an illegitimate child.

    But whether I want to pass it on to my child is a completely different question.

    "I don't want my child to be short of anything."

    Although I can't see my future child in person like my mother.

    If possible, I want to give only good things.
    But something was a little weird.


    If it were usual, he would answer, 'Yeah?'

    Like a person with loose legs, he seems unable to get up.

    "What's wrong? Are you sick?"

    Did I get so excited that I didn't even notice Perez was sick?

    Surprised, I also squatted down and looked at Perez's face.


    Perez murmured in a small way.

    Oh, I was careless.

    I asked Perez carefully.

    "By any chance, a child...don't you like it?"

    Perez stared at me instead of answering.

    My voice was full of tension.

    "I have cousins, but I don't have siblings. I thought about two or three children...Perez!"

    In the end, Perez stumbled once more.

    "If you're sick, go back quickly and ask---."

    "Not that."

    Perez's hand gripped my arm.

    "Because I've never thought of having my own family."

    "Your face"

    Finally, I could see Perez, who is prone to be so bright, turned red.


    I said, putting my hand on Perez's hand that caught me.

    "As long as I promised to marry you, you and I are family. This is how you become a family. Do you know?"

    "Over time, the number of family members increases."

    Then, I added quickly because I felt sorry for him.

    He's going to faint again.

    "Of course, if you want to. If you don't like children, the Emperor and the Lombardi family can somehow find a way---."

    "I want it."

    Perez said urgently.

    "You and my child."

    How urgently you answered.

    Every time he breathed, his shoulders were shaking lightly.

    But his red eyes were still trembling.

    It's understandable.

    Until now, in Perez's life, for a very long time, the place of a family was empty.

    "And you know..."

    I held Perez's hand ever harder.

    "I'm a person who protects my family by all means."

    My Father did it, my Grandfather did it, Shannanet did it, the twins did it, and Larane did it.

    The same was true with Lombardi.

    "That's what I did when we first met in this forest. I helped you. I promise you again. I'll protect you, Perez."

    I could feel Perez's fingertips shaking under my palm.
    At the same time, his eyes were slightly frowned.

    "That's what I want to say."

    Perez said so and held my cheek.

    Like holding the most precious thing in the world.

    "I will protect you, Tia. No matter what."

    It was something anyone could say between lovers.

    But Perez's promises aren't just empty words.

    He will protect me as he swore.

    No matter what.

    I looked at him and smiled quietly.

    Our eyes naturally intertwined.

    Perez approached slowly.

    Two people, Me and Perez, squatted in a large forest.

    At this moment, nothing in this world mattered more.

    Only we exist.

    Perez, who came right in front of my lips, asked with a drowsy open eye.


    It seemed quite shocking that I blocked my lips a little while ago.

    I smiled a little, came closer and said.

    "No way."

    The dry winter forest made a cool sound like a fresh spring breeze.

    Like the day we first met.


    (Florentia's POV)

    "Here you are, My Lord."

    John the Butler greeted me in front of the main office.

    Originally, I would have helped everyone from the time I got up and prepared to go to work.
    Since today is the first day of my official work, I asked in advance that I would like to prepare quietly by myself.

    "Good morning, John."

    I likewise greeted him and carefully put my hands on the doorknob of the office that was closed.

    Click. Creek.

    The two doors gently pushed out with a small noise, as I applied strength in both hands.

    In the quiet office, there was only the sound of my footsteps.

    I looked all the way inside the office with an indescribable heart.

    While my Matriarch inauguration party was busy outside, three days and three nights, the office was ready to welcome the new owner.

    Although the chairs and sofas that my grandfather had used for a long time were changed into new things.

    That alone changed the atmosphere in the office quite a bit from a few days ago.


    With a short sigh, my heart, which was infested with motivation, I turned and asked John.

    "What's my first schedule?"

    "I've arranged a meeting with the vassals."

    It was appropriate.

    I've known them well since I was young, but now that they are new, I'll have to look at their faces and start working.
    "When does the meeting begin?"

    "In a moment, the states will begin to arrive."

    "Okay, let's go now."

    "No one has arrived yet--."

    "It's my first meeting, so this is okay. I have to wait for the first meeting."

    In the future, when the busy Matriarch business begins, they will always be the one waiting.

    As I entered the conference room next to the office with John, I went to the top of the empty table and sat down.

    And soon after, the vassals began to arrive.

    Two or three family members who were close to each other entered the conference room together.

    "Oh, my Lord!"

    "Did you come first!"

    "I'm sorry!"

    Startled, they quickly apologized and bowed their heads.

    "There's no need to apologize. I just waited because I wanted to. Everyone sit down."

    I smiled comfortably and beckoned, but the householders seemed to be embarrassed that I was here first.

    At that time, the door of the conference room, which had been closed once, opened again and a very familiar appearance appeared.

    I smiled and greeted him.
    "Welcome, Lord Pellet."


    A/N: Ahhh! Another wholesome chapter! And Florentia might be reading Perez's red-flushed face a little differently. Hehe~ 

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