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    Chapter 243

    A/N: This chapter is dedicated to @doomsdaytower. Thank you for explaining that 'onion' part on chapter 235. 😂

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    (Florentia's POV)

    I felt queer.

    I looked at the townhouse of Angenas.

    The mansion of a size that was too large to be located in the center of the Ecliptic was already empty.

    The only items of value that had already been disposed of were furniture that the next owner of the mansion wanted to use.

    I turned my gaze slightly and looked at the people gathered in front of the Angenas mansion.

    Hundreds of people, nobles, and commoners filled the area around the mansion.

    'It feels so strange.'

    I've seen this sight in my previous life.

    A scene where thousands of people gathered to see the end of a family.

    The only difference was that the family was Lombardi at that time, and this time it was Angenas.

    And it was I, Florentia Lombardi, who made that difference.

    "Shall we execute it?"

    The officer from the palace asked me.

    Only then did I realize the countless gazes that were focused on me.

    Perez was one of them.

    Anyway, I'm the final decision maker, because it was left to me by Emperor Yovanes to clean up the Angenas family.

    "Close it."

    At my command, the Knights of the Imperial family began to move by pushing the heavy iron gates.

    The Angenas people were expelled from the mansion and arrested.

    In less than a few weeks, the rusty door quickly made a strange noise.

    As soon as the iron door closed, the soldiers with expressionless faces rushed and hung thick chains on the doorknob.

    Eventually, a large lock bearing the imperial emblem locked the door of the Angenas mansion.

    Anyone who opened that door privately without permission from the Imperial family would be guilty of treason.

    I could hear the sound of conversations of the aristocrats around me clicking their tongues and whispering, as if it wasn't the same as the others.

    "Angenas is eventually ruined like that."

    A nobleman said cynically.

    "I knew this would happen."

    There were some people who pretended to be stupid.

    I quietly tilted my head as I looked at the empty and dead mansion of Angenas.

    Well, maybe some people didn't expected this to happen.

    In the fight between Perez and the Empress. The expected winner was the Empress.

    And if you think about it more, Astana was more expected to be the Crown Prince.

    "Deputy Patriarch of Lombardi."

    In the end, the winner was this guy, Perez.

    "Are you all right?"

    It was a little absurd question that come up suddenly.

    But I know what he means by that.

    "I've seen everything I want to see, and I have to go now."

    "Hmm, my back hurts after standing for a long time."

    As Perez approached, all the nobles standing around me ran away.

    This incident has increased the number of people who are afraid of Perez.

    It was a good thing for Perez, who was about to be Crown Prince.

    Fear will soon lead to a powerful Imperial sphere.

    "Deputy Patriarch?"

    When I zoned out without answering, Perez called me again.

    It was an eye full of worries.

    I looked into those eyes and thought.

    Why is everyone so scared of Perez?

    This child won't bite unless someone touches him first.

    "I'm fine. How about Your Highness the Prince?"

    Today, when Angenas was officially sealed, was also the day Perez's victory came to an end.

    "Very good."

    Perez replied with his refreshing face.

    "In the near future, I will formally propose to the Noble Council to remove Angenas' name from the Noble List."

    Yes, that's how you are.

    It was a perfectly neat finish.

    How to cut it off completely so that revenge can't sprout again.

    I smiled while looking at Perez.

    "I'll give you my strength."

    Because the nobility conference is my territory.

    "Then can I escort you to the carriage?"

    Perez said, reaching out politely.

    I'm right near my carriage.

    But somehow, it seems that I can hear the sound of a big black tail bouncing and wagging.

    I still placed my hand on the outstretched hand.

    As we began to walk together, of course, people's eyes were on me and Perez.

    They were quite curious gazes.

    But whether or not.

    Me and Perez maintained a polite and businesslike attitude towards each other.
    "You look prettier today, Tia."

    He said that in a voice that was so small that others couldn't hear it.

    Perez asked, closing the door of the carriage I climbed on.

    "What's the rest of your schedule today?"

    "I decided to have a dinner with my father."

    I haven't seen my father's face lately.

    I was busy, but my father was much busier.

    Because it's winter, Chesail's work shouldn't be too busy.


    I thought, narrowing my eyes.

    Isn't it a bit suspicious after all?


    At the same time.

    A weekly meeting was being held in Lombardi's mansion.

    There was nothing special about it because it was a meeting held regularly every month.

    Lombardi was going well today without any problems.

    "That's very nice."

    Rulac, who had been briefed by each of the lords, said satisfactorily.

    The faces of the Vongshin family owners looking at Rulac were also proud.

    "You look better today, Lord Patriarch."

    Lemabau Bilkay said to Rulac, who looked happy.

    "Hmm, is that so?"

    When Rulac asked, all the other vassals nodded and agreed.
    "It's probably because Tia's been taking care of her work so well. Haha!"

    Rulac once again smiled contentedly.

    "It's a good thing, Lord Patriarch."

    "Of course, of course. It's a relief."

    Rulac finally looked at the householders around the long table.

    And he said.

    "Today is my last weekly meeting."

    Embarrassment, sadness, regret.

    Various emotions crossed the faces of the vassals.

    "I think it's really fortunate that I can work with my whole body and mind until the end."

    Rulac said sincerely.

    "Huh, don't make such faces everyone."

    "But Lord..."

    "I couldn't be happier than this. Why do you have to make faces like that?"

    And Rulac spoke up.

    "There was a time when I was very scared. And I always has a lingering thought, 'If I collapse, will Lombardi collapse too?'. There were many days when I couldn't relax for even a single day with because of that thought."

    Recalling the days seemed far away, Rulac smiled.

    "But I don't have that burden anymore."
    Rulac's heart was light as if floating. The ease has doubled in the past few weeks as Tia perfected the work of a Deputy Patriarch of Lombardi.

    Now there was no worries nor fear, about handing over Lombardi's householder position.

    'I'm very lucky. Very much so.'

    Rulac assessed himself that way.

    A lucky person.

    'There is no other Lombardi householder who withdraws as comfortably as I do.'

    Thinking that way, Rulac sat down and straightened his clothes before saying.

    "I really wanted to take this opportunity today to convey my heart to you. In the future, I ask you to take good care of my granddaughter."

    Today is the last day I sit here.

    A schedule that had lasted for decades was ending.

    "For a long time, I wanted to say that it was nice to be able to work with you. And, thank you."

    Rulac said so and bowed his head.

    With gratitude that he couldn't express.

    And when he looked up again, Rulac couldn't say anything for a moment.

    "...Thank you very much, My Lord."
    It was because all the vassals were standing up from their seats and greeting Rulac deeply.

    Rulac smiled all over and captured the appearances of the vassals one by one.

    "Thank you everyone."

    That's how Rulac's last meeting as Patriarch ended.

    Then, as he stood up from his chair, Rulac was surprised.

    His body was very light, as if he had really laid down his luggage.


    Rulac said, nodding his head and walking ahead with his hands behind him.

    "Those who are not busy eat with me."

    Outside the window of the hallway, he could see warm sunlight filling the mansion.

    "Today is a very good day."


    (Florentia's POV)

    "Are you ready, Tia?"

    I heard my father asking carefully in the drawing room.

    "Yes, I'm done!"

    Finally, I replied, checking myself in the mirror.

    Wear clothes that don't stand out and that don't look like a noble.

    That was what my father asked me to wear.

    So I wasn't wearing accessories, I was picking out the most modest brown dress of the Gallahan's ready-to-wear clothes.
    "Let's go now, Dad!"


    But when I finally came out of the parlor, my father's expression was a little strange.

    The slightly frowned green eyes stared at me deeply.

    "Why are you doing that?"

    "Now that I see it, Tia looks so much like her mother."

    "Do I?"

    I have seen a picture of my mother.

    She was a beautiful person, but my appearance resembled my father more.

    "Yes, very much."

    But in my father's eyes, it seemed that I resembled my mother.

    I can see the deep longing.

    "Well then, shall we go?"

    My father said so and turned as if asking me to link arms with me.

    "Then I'll have to get the carriage ready--."

    "You don't have to do that, Tia."

    My father smiled a little mischievously and said,

    "Because we are going to walk around today."

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