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    Chapter 239

    Pellet Corporation office, which has just resumed its normal operations.

    Claryvan's father, Romassie Dillard came.

    He had been waiting for a few days because it was an appointment that had already been scheduled.

    The reason for Claryvan's embarrassment at heart was not Romassie Dillard.

    "I haven't seen you in a long time, Sir Claryvan."

    It was because of Willian Dillard, the oldest son of Romassie, who entered the office with their father.

    Willian, who is two years younger than Claryvan, had a resemblance to the extent anyone could see at a glance that he was the son of Romassie Dillard.

    Unlike Claryvan, who resembles his mother and has a sharp impression of blonde hair, Willian was an impressive man with pale brown and emotional eyes.

    From beginning to end, in a polite and straightforward attitude, there is no corner in one place from his head to his toes.

    It was a face that resembled his youngest sister, Laurel.

    "Yes. It's been a while, Willian Dillard."

    Claryvan greeted each other with a clerical attitude, concealing his embarrassment.

    Judging from the fact that he was with Willian Dillard, who would soon inherit the top position of Lombardi, he decided it would not be a private visit.

    "What brings you here from the top of Lombardi?"

    I didn't have a hobby of talking aimlessly with someone sitting across from me for work.

    When Claryvan asked, Willian glanced at his father, Romassie.

    'It looks like you haven't taken over the right to decide yet.'

    It was well known that Willian, the eldest son of the Dillard family, who runs the top of Lombardi, began his succession work in earnest to take over the position of the top leader.

    And Claryvan knew that the process wasn't going very smoothly.

    It was because he was lagging behind the competition with the Pellet Corporation in several fields right now.

    However, quite a few people made it an issue.

    Because it is related to the inheritance of the top Lombardi, the largest top in the Empire.

    It was a long and laborious work, and it was already expected that the operation of the top was shaken at that time.

    I have to reject it properly.

    Claryvn thought so and clipped his hand firmly on his knee.

    I don't know if it's later.

    There's no need for Pellet to share the burden in collaboration with the top of Lombardi, who is shaking.


    Romassie Dillard took the lead.

    Claryvan's eyes narrowed slightly as he saw it.

    It was because Romassie Dillard seemed very nervous.

    What the hell is going on.

    "I came here to make a request to the owner of the top of the Pellet."

    Romassie Dillard said for a while, taking turns looking at Claryvan and Willian.

    "Please take over the top of Lombardi."

    There was a moment of silence.

    Claryvan, who was quietly watching Romassie Dillard, asked again.

    "Take over the Lombardi top? What do you mean by that?"

    "Literally. I want the top state of Pellet to succeed me as the top state of Lombardi."

    I didn't hear it wrong.

    Claryvan quietly looked at Willian Dillard.

    Recognizing the meaning of that gaze, Willian spoke in a calm voice.

    " I was the one who suggested it first."

    "...Why did you think that way?"

    Claryvan asked, raising one eyebrow.

    That's a ridiculous suggestion.

    Claryvan will succeed Romassie.

    "Isn't he perfectly serving as the deputy chief executive officer?"

    "Is it? I'm glad it looked like that."

    Willian smiled with a weary face.

    "I have tried tirelessly to take over my father's position over the past few years, but it was just a process of reaffirming that it was beyond my ability."

    "I know that the process of succession is not easy. I know what I'm capable of, but I'm not a good a enough vessel to lead the top of Lombardi."

    Willian Dillard shook his head and said.

    "I'll get used to it over time and I'll be able to imitate our father. But that's all to it. Even if I do my best, I can only keep the status quo at the top. But don't you know that a top that doesn't develop is bound to be fall soon?"

    Willian Dillard, who said so, had a very grim face for a man who was only 40.
    But Claryvan shook his head shallowly.

    "That doesn't explain it. The Top Lord have three sons."

    Not four, but three.

    Claryvan didn't count himself.

    It was natural.

    Because he was an illegitimate child who was not officially recognized.

    "I don't know how this might sound, but..."

    Willian said after a moment of blurring.

    "None of our brothers and sisters, including Laurel, has inherited our father's brilliance like you."

    Once again there was a heavy silence.

    Claryvan looked at Dillard, who sat opposite of him, still motionless in their initial position.

    And he opened his mouth heavily.

    "I refuse--."

    "Help the top of Lombardi, Sir Claryvan."

    Willian said with his head down.

    "I understand how shameless it is to ask this favor to Claryvan as a Dillard family."

    There was no sign of humiliation for Willian Dillard, even though he bowed his head to his half-brother.

    Willian Dillard was originally that kind of person.

    "Please reconsider."

    Romassie Dillard also asked again.

    Even at this moment, it was difficult to conceal the complicated feelings of the cold Claryvan.
    Claryvan was the product of a mistake.

    As a child, he learned of it and wandered for a while, but he had already accepted it for a long time.

    Romassie Dillard, did not publicly acknowledge Claryvan, but he took responsibility through financial support.

    So, he had no feelings of resentment that he had to be at this age.

    No, he just thought so.

    "Please take the top of Lombardi."

    However, there seemed to be something left in his middle-aged heart.

    Seeing how the rich man of the Dilalrd family bows his head and the bitterness he felt.

    "I have no desire to join the Dillard family anymore."

    Claryvan said with a stiff face.

    Romassie Dillard replied.

    "It's not a request to change your last name with Dillard. I'm just proposing Claryvan Pellet, who does a great job over the Pellets, to become the next Lombardi Chief."

    "But if that happens, the Dillard family will lose their rights to the Lombardi top."

    "I guess so."

    Romassie Dillard replied so easily.

    As he was prepared for everything.

    "But there is something more important than the Dillard family."
    "...The Top of Lombardi."

    "Right, the top of Lombardi should be led by the right person for the position. If there is no such person in the next Dillard generation, it should be handed over to someone with that ability. That is my duty as the Lombardi's vassal."

    It was a terrible sense of loyalty.

    But Claryvan could understand that mind.

    He would have made the same decision if he were in Romassie Dillard's position.

    "If so, there are conditions."

    "...Tell me."

    Romassie Dillard said with a small sigh, as if he was determined.

    "Even if I become Lombardi's top state, Dillard's personnel should not be pulled off the top."


    "The people of Dillard's family and the people at the top should not quit their job because just because I will feel uncomfortable."

    "Well, that's...."

    Rather, it was a request from the Dillard family.

    "But then, it may be agonizing for Claryvan."

    Willian asked, confused.

    Claryvan spoke coldly to Willian.

    "It's going to be years before the top adapts to the change if all of Dillard's people suddenly get out. I can't risk the top of Lombardi just because I want to work comfortably."
    His loyalty to Lombardi is indefinite.

    And even more if it's the future Lombardi that Florentia will lead.

    "Thank you, Claryvan!"

    As if he had a burden off, Willian, with a bright complexion, bowed his head once again and cried out.

    "Don't thank me yet. I can't give you a definite answer until I get permission."

    "Oh, then..."

    Once again, to Willian, who looked puzzled, Claryvan answered firmly.

    "Aren't you going to have to get permission from Florentia? She is the Lord I serve after all."


    (Florentia's POV)

    "What kind of a guy is he?"

    I asked coldly.


    "Where and what kind of people seduced Claryvan?"

    Oh, I'm getting mad.

    Unknowingly, harsh words made out of my mouth.

    Who dares to get over our Claryvan?

    "I'll do better no matter what conditions you put forward. Don't go."

    I sound like some crappy ex-boyfriend, but I'm serious.

    They can't take Claryvan away!

    "Wait. Are you thinking of becoming independent?"

    Then it's not good to stop him.
    You can't be a bad boss blocking your employee's way.

    "Then I'll tell you to do everything you want to do, but..."

    "...." I've been wrapping my hair for a while, but Claryvan's reaction is a little weird.

    He saw my very serious face and started to laugh.



    "Sorry, I'm sorry...ahh. Tia's face is so cute..."

    Claryvan, who was wiping the tears from the corner of his eyes, said to me.

    "Romassie Dillard's top lord has been proposing to me to take over as Lombardi's top owner."

    "Top owner?..Ah!"


    In his previous life, Claryvan had succeeded Romassie as the Lombardi Top's Lord.

    When my grandfather died, he left Lombardi and set up Pellet's company.

    Claryvan seemed to have been quite complicated at heart.

    That's understandable.

    He wasn't using the Dillard's name, but he suddenly has to took over the top of Dillard.

    "Then, you can hand over the Pellet business to Violet."

    "That's what I think. Violet would do well."
    "From Pellet to Lombardi...So Claryvan's still my man, right?"

    Claryvan, who opened his eyes wide, soon smiled and nodded.

    "Yes, that's right. The man of Florentia."

    Claryvan's face was a little red saying that.

    "Are you relieved of your anger now?"

    "Yeah, I'm fine now. I thought someone else was stealing Claryvan."

    I thought it was worth ten years.

    "Thank God."

    Claryvan smiled broadly.

    I looked at the smiling face for a moment.

    In my previous life, Claryvan wasn't that bright.

    There was always a dark, pointed corner somewhere, and sometimes he was wearing a smiling face bordering a cynical ridicule.

    "....I'm very glad to meet you, Florentia."

    He said that out of a blue.

    "So do I."

    We're sitting across from each other.

    Both me and Claryvan, how different we have become in this life.

    It was a new feeling.

    I said to Claryvan with a smile.

    "I look forward to your kind cooperation, Claryvan Pellet of Lombardi Top."


    A/N: Awweee! Claryvan and Florentia's tandem are really the best! If you will ask me, if Claryvan was a little younger, or close to Florentia's age? I will definitely ship them too. But most of the time they have this 'childhood friend' vibe around them. Maybe it's because Claryvan was there ever since Tia was small.
    Anyway, what can you say about this chapter? So far so good? There will be more later on! 

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